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One Night Stand With A Mysterious Male Escort
One Night Stand With A Mysterious Male Escort
Charlotte opened her eyes in a daze. She saw a blurry image of a man’s back and the vicious wolf head tattoo on the small of his back. It was a tattoo of a howling wolf with its jaw wide opened, like it was going to devour its prey anytime. She felt her heart racing in fear at the sight of that tattoo. … Charlotte had a dream. In it, she had turned into a vine that was entwined around a colossal tree, unable to break free. When she regained consciousness, her body was aching terribly. Charlotte sat up in bed with one hand on her head, trying to soothe her splitting headache. She saw the mess on the bed and a torn men’s shirt on the ground. Freezing in shock, she racked her brains trying to remember last night’s events. At her engagement party, her fiancé had betrayed her. She was on the verge of breaking down when her cousin, Luna White, brought her to Sultry Night to drink her sorrows away. Utterly wasted, she announced she wanted to take revenge on her fiancé. Luna immediately arranged a male escort for her. As last night’s events hit her, Charlotte clutched her chest in shock. Oh God! I lost my virginity to a stranger! She grabbed her hair in frustration. After a long time, she finally snapped out of her trance and hurriedly put on her clothes. When she rushed out of the hotel, a bunch of reporters clamored around her. Accompanied by the blinding camera flashes were the reporters’ harsh questions. “Ms. Windt, is it true you spent the night with a male escort from Sultry Night because the Sterlings called off the engagement?” “Ms. Windt, are you aware that the male escort is a transvestite?” “Ms. Windt, did you know your father has gone bankrupt?” “Ms. Windt, we’ve just received news that your father had committed suicide. He jumped off his company’s building.” Charlotte’s mind went blank as if she had just been struck by lightning. At once, she ran out but was knocked out cold by a car. The next morning, the headlines were ablaze with the news of Charlotte and her father. Richest Man in H City Richard Windt Goes Bankrupt and Commits Suicide. Hector Sterling Dumps Daughter of Richard Windt – Charlotte Windt Spends Night at Club With Transvestite Male Escort. Both pieces of breaking news immediately made it to the headlines. Once a wealthy heiress, Charlotte became a despicable and immoral b*tch overnight. She had lost everything from her family to her reputation. … Ten months later, loud cries from babies could be heard in an unremarkable clinic in the countryside. Mrs. Berry held a baby in her arms as she rushed up to Charlotte elatedly. “Miss, congratulations. You gave birth to triplets. Two boys and a girl!” … Four years later, at H City’s Train Station. Charlotte arrived in the city with her kids. Fate brought her here again, what tragedy is going to unfold now?
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