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They accused her of being a murderer They tortured her with anger He hated her for what she did to her parents She loved him beyond words He used her and threw her away She accepted his flaws He rejected her She ran Lunaire, a girl on a journey that required for her to be fierce. A simple, kind-hearted girl who was accused of killing her parents at the age of 10. Tortured, bullied and abused by her 4 brothers and pack members, she broke and kept to herself waiting for her mate to come and save her but little did she know her mate was going to be her future Alpha, Zane Villain. Zane Villain, the future Alpha of the Black Rose Pack. Ruthless, merciless and high tempered is what people would call him. A man who only lusts after power and girls. When he finds out that Lunaire is his mate, he feels disgusted. He doesn't want a weak, ugly and useless mate, he wants a hot, sexy and strong mate like the Queen-bee in his pack. After rejecting her and throwing her out of his life, what will happen when he realizes his mistake? What will happen when he realises his mate isn't as weak as he thought she was but rather stronger than any Alpha he has ever met or heard of? What happens when he realises she is not just a strong wolf but the future queen of the supernatural? What will happen when they meet again after many years? What will happen when the pack members, her brothers and her mate beg for forgiveness, desperate for her attention, love and protection? What will happen when they notice she isn't the same Lunaire anymore but something much stronger and colder? Will she forgive all and return back home? or Will she remove them from her life forever? To find out more, join Lunaire's journey of love, betrayal, adventure and freedom
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