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Billionaire's Fiancée is a Famous Doctor
Billionaire's Fiancée is a Famous Doctor
Six years ago,she saved his life. And for six years,he had searched desperately for her but it was as if she disappeared from the face of the world. Just as he was about to suspect that it was all just a dream, she unexpectedly walked up to him and said, "I am Andrea Aguero, your fiancée." *** Andrea Aguero, the world-renowned mysterious doctor, embarked on a journey alone, carrying a memento, to fulfill her grandmother's last wish by seeking out her arranged fiancé. Deep down, she secretly hoped that the man would reject her. However, when she actually met him, everything spiraled out of control! *** Andrea swallowed and looked up to Sebastian,then she asked."Mr Munoz? Will you marry me?" She was still anticipating the man's rejection. "What if I'm not interested?" Internally ecstatic, Andrea managed to keep a calm exterior and said, "Though,this is my grandmother's intention,but if you are unwilling,I won't force you to marry me.I'll return the pendant to you and the marriage contract will be null and void." The words were expressed with great politeness—excellent, mission accomplished! However, suddenly, Sebastian moved closer to her, a small smile playing on his lips. " family is extremely heavy on integrity.Since my grandfather already made this deal, it'll be disrespectful for me to refuse and my refusal would make it appear that my family does not keep to their word." This statement immediately put Andrea on high alert, her brows furrowing as she asked, "So you..." "So...Let's get married." Sebastian dropped a bombshell in a soft tone. How could this be!
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