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The Lost King

The Lost King



Growing up in foster care never knowing who his real parents are or where he comes from has always been hard for Kason especially with his mind and body going through weird changes. He has been hearing voices in his head since he was a boy. Being afraid of being looked at like a crazy person he keeps it to Himself only speaking on it with the women closet to his heart. Little do he know he's not going crazy and those voices are never going to go away.... Then there's Sasha, growing up spoiled she thought she had the world figured out. With her parents hiding a serious secret from her and feeling rebellious she sets out on her own path in life. Thinking she found the love of her life she leaves home after a big blow up between her and her parents. Little doesn't she know she's With a wolf in sheeps clothing. She unfortunately had to learn the hard way everybody who say they love you really do. Fate has a way of bringing people together, what happens when these two paths cross. More importantly what happens when they find out They were made for each other. Will the fall for each other or is this a disaster waiting to happen? Follow Kason and Sasha on their journey to find family, love and most importantly themselves.......
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  Beep beep

  Smack is the sound made when Kason hand landed on his alarm clock. Rolling over he let out a long sigh. Another day he wasn't looking forward to, another day he had to go to that horrible place called school. Another day of getting picked on because he didn't have the latest and greatest. Sure he would love to have the latest shoes or the new iPhone that was coming out but he didn't simply because he couldn't afford to.

  Growing up in the foster care system limits you when it comes to things like that. Not that he was complaining he loved his Gma. She's the only person to ever come in his life and not leave. The only person who made him feel loved and wanted. Gma took him in when he was 5 after he was kicked out his last home for sticking up for the other kids who wouldn't do for themselves. He could still remember it like it was yesterday the anger and the voice in his head telling him, urging him to hurt the boy and hurt him bad. The power he felt during and after the fight was scary. Something 5-year-old Kason didn't understand.

  Neither did his foster mother who threw him out without blinking an eye. Simply labeled Him a trouble maker and said he had to go. Now Gma on the other hand, took him and nurtured him as a mother would. Even with his mood swings and voices in his head Gma never turned him away. She always said he was destined for great things and for him to not fight with the voices but to listen because they would never steer him wrong. Whenever he would ask more about the voices and why he heard them the only answer he would get was in due time all things will make sense. He never really pressured her for more answers because he was happy and grateful he had somebody who was there for him no matter what.

  Finally getting out of the bed stretching his 6'5 frame before gathering his things he would need to get himself ready, he couldn't risk leaving anything in his room having to go back and get it would only make him lose his turn in the bathroom. With four other teenagers living there plus 5 smaller children leaves you with little to no hot water and a limited amount of time in the bathroom. So you have to get it while you can when you can. After going into the bathroom and handing his business he was dressed and ready for the day.

  He was never the dressy type being that he couldn't afford it so he pulled on his usual which was an all-black sweatsuit and black Nikes to match something quick and simple. Making his way downstairs the smell of bacon welcomed him into the kitchen. There standing over the stove was Gma in all her glory. With her shoulder-length brown hair with strings of gray mixed in, long oval face with high cheekbones gracing her chocolate skin, still pouty lips and beautiful hazel eyes she was a sight to see. Even though she was in her 50s, she didn't look a day over 30. When they made up the saying black don't crack they must've had Gma in mind.

  "Are you going to come and sit or are you going to keep staring like a creep. I know I look good no need to stare" Gma said turning around with a smile on her face and a hand on her hip. He never knew how Gma always knew he was there but she did. No matter where they where she always was able to spot him even before his growth spurt. It was like she could sense him. Smiling he made his way to the old table that was on its last legs and took a seat.

  "Good morning lady, I see you woke up on the right side of the bed" Kason said taking note of the happy mood she was in while going over and placing a kiss on her cheek then going back to take his seat.

  "That old thing please” she said waving him off.

  “I'm lucky to even make it out of it in the morning with the way it pokes my back all night. I just have a feeling about today. Like something going to happen. What I don't know just something” she said turning back continuing to cook breakfast.

  That made him sit back and think. Whenever Gma got a feeling it was always right so he was going to make it his business to go to Prison aka school and come straight home which would be easy since he don't participate in any extracurricular activities. If it wasn't for his foster siblings he would be lonely.

  The stomping of feet let him know that his siblings had arrived. There were 10 of them all together with him being the oldest at 17. then there was Derrick and Errick the twins who were 16, and then there was Jabar and Kyron who wasn't twins but they were both 15. The youngest of the siblings Sade, Mia, David, Jayden, and Rian. Who ages ranged from 4-8. Without them, he don't know what life would be. He loved them like family without a doubt but sometimes he wondered who his real family was and why they didn't want him.

  Eating breakfast quickly before the younger kids since they're only 5 seats at the table they had to eat in rounds and quickly so they all could make it to school. The metro came at 730 and if they was going to make it on time they had to hurry.

  "Have a good day y'all and be safe" Gma said as they all made their way out the door kissing her cheek as they passed. Here we go Kason thought as he stepped out the door.