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Poppy had a great, loving childhood. Her parents loved traveling, so they accepted any job. She has seen most of the world, maybe all of it, but she was young. When her mother was pregnant with her brother, Jeter, they both settled down. They lived in a humble rundown house in Lafayette, Louisiana, which underwent years of renovation. It was a white, blue shutter/door, small building. There was a beautiful lake; it was surrounded by various trees behind the house. Poppy and her younger brother would swim in the lake almost every day. Unfortunately, her brother drowned in the lake. The siblings would do everything together, but having that one person gone, she was devastated. After a year or so, the parents decided to start traveling again. Poppy thought differently, so she got a job at a cafe, saved up enough and moved into an apartment in New Orleans.
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  The brown-eyed ginger; buttoned nose, gleaming smile with dimples, and oval face with pale skin wasn’t smiling. She slowly raised her head. Her eyes flickered around slowly; darkness, and trees in her vision.

  Her head throbbed. She leaned her head against the tree, squeezing her eyes shut. She emitted a groan, but it was a bit muffled due to the fabric that was around her mouth. All she could do was concentrate on the pain that was pounding deep inside her skull. Poppy pushed forward from the tree she was tied to. The knot seemed to tighten around her wrists.

  Her thrashing seemed to attract wildlife. Birds flew from the trees above. Raccoons scurried away making little noise, but the sound of dry leaves under their tiny paws. A fox curiously approached her before taking off in the other direction.

  Rustling was coming from behind the tree. Poppy felt a cold moisture brush against her fingers, and then there was a loud huff. She couldn’t control the tears that ran down her cheeks. Her heart pounding in her chest.

  Poppy flickered her eyes up towards the starry night, praying it wasn’t a bear.

  She bit her lip when she leaned back more into the tree. She didn't breathe, didn't move, but the tears kept on falling. The same feeling of moisture on her fingers. She was still looking at the sky; wishing whatever it was would do its deed.

  Poppy then fell onto her knees and hands, she was free from the tree. She turned her head looking in the direction of the thing that freed her.

  A white wolf with shining purple eyes was staring at her. She sat on her knees, her right hand holding herself up, and her left hand reached up to pull the fabric off that was around her mouth, she would just stare into those eyes.

  Poppy was weak from standing so long.

  She would slowly blink and glance around the dark woods. Poppy was unsure what to do. Would the wolf attack her if she backed away; if she could? But the purple eyes, they were so unusual.

  Her eyes flickered back to the wolf, but it wasn't there. She quickly turned her head frowning, and peered into the darkness. Nothing. No sign of the wolf.


Please don’t read this. This is a filler, it wants 500-2000 words and I have nothing else for the first chapter thingy.

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