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Be My Naked Model

Be My Naked Model



  You want the A.I. Chip? Be my naked model! You want to chase after me? Be my naked model! Want to get married? Be my naked model! To have children? Just be my naked model! "Master Mu is rumored to be extremely powerful and ruthless. From now on, he will walk further and further on the road to being naked." "Woman, I did not sleep for nothing." Didn't I draw one for you? Not satisfied? "I think the topic of bathroom realism is a good one. Master Four will have to take a shower for a while, but not for long, three hours at most." "Woman, do you know what is this grandpa's favorite thing to do?" "What?" is to pamper you to the point of being lawless. "
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The night was dark, and a black car drove through the dark forest, finally stopping in front of a mysterious castle.

"Sir, they are here."

"It's her?"


The man at the window turned, his eyes cold and hard in the dim light. Even his subordinate, who had followed the man for many years, could not help but lower his head respectfully, not daring to meet the man's gaze.

Within a room on the first floor of the castle.

A woman in a T—shirt and hot pants was lying on the snow—white bed.

No, a girl.

She looked very young, with long black hair spread out on the pillow. Against the black and white background, she looked even more charming and delicate.

The man's gaze moved from the girl's bare feet all the way up, past the long white legs, and finally stopped on her face.

After a while, the man ordered, "Get out."

Everyone respectfully left the room.

All that was left was a suffocating silence.

Only after staring at his face for a good three minutes did the man sit down on the bed. He raised his hand and touched a piece of soft and smooth skin with his fingertip.

As if stroking a precious treasure, the man's finger lightly traced across the girl's facial features, the bridge of her nose, and his thumb brushed against the girl's pink lips …

His eyes became deep.

The temperature in the room was very low. The girl slightly frowned, "Cold …" It was as if he was talking in his sleep.

Seeing her lips opening and closing, the man finally couldn't hold it in anymore. He bent down and held those two pink lips.

The fragrance that was unique to young girls filled his nose, causing him to be unable to stop.

The man tasted the delicacy that belonged to him. After a good while, he suddenly withdrew.

He kissed her red and swollen lips, and the man's thin lips curved into a beautiful curve. His voice was low and hoarse, and carried a fatal sexiness. "Long time no see, my darling."

Because of the drug control, the girl will not wake up.

The man opened the medicine chest on the bed and took out a pair of scissors.

The T—shirt had been cut open, revealing a cute white undergarment underneath.

Ka—cha! * The underwear was ripped from the middle.

The scenery was so beautiful that the man's pupils suddenly turned deep.

The hot wet kiss went all the way from her navel to her lips.

The girl was lying on the bed with her back white and beautiful.

The hot wet kiss went from the nape of his neck all the way to his waist. It was not erotic.

With a cold hand on her waist, the girl had a slim and elegant waist.

With his other hand, he took a disinfected scalpel and gently cut the skin on the girl's waist.

Crimson blood spurted out from the wound, and the girl's body was struck by the pain.

He still hadn't woken up.

The blood quickly blossomed into a coquettish flower on the white bedsheet. The man's gaze was still cold and merciless.

However, he moved very quickly. A small and delicate chip was pushed into his flesh. He pinched the wound and quickly sutured it.

Stop bleeding, disinfect, bandage, the girl frowned.

A flash of affection appeared in the man's eyes, so fast that it felt like an illusion.

The girl became even colder as she moaned in pain, "Cold …"

The man began to undress.

The girl was wearing a black shirt. Because the shirt was too big, it made her look even more pitiful and petite.

The man hugged her, his expression cold.

"Sir, it's time." Someone urged from outside the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and a group of people entered. They all looked at the man with grave expressions.

"Send her back, don't lose a single strand of hair."

"Yes sir!"

His arms were empty. Under the light of the lantern, the man's bare upper body stood tall and straight.