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The Tough Love

The Tough Love



  She was caught having adultery with her friend’s fiancé.With her reputation destroyed, her clan went bankruptcy, she had no choice but to beg the man she once despised.He ruthlessly tortured her, when his lover appeared with pregnancy did she realize he could be gentle. As well as pregnant, her fate was to look at her baby aborted on the operation platform. She thought she could cut off all relation with him, but he did not let go: “ You haven’t paid your debt.” That night, angry and sad, she jumped into sea…
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Sore, pain...

It was like being run over by a truck...

With a glare of sunshine, she slowly opened her eyes. Swarovski crystal chandeliers, extravagant bedding, and elegant antiques, everything was reflected in her eyes, the strange environment made her confused for ten seconds before she considered the condition at the hotel.

"Oh." Moving, the soreness of the whole body made Lillian White unable to scream.

Last night, at a friend’s bachelor party, because she was happy, she drank a few more cups, but she didn’t expect that she would be drunk since she had a good capacity of wine. She remembered that she did not drink too much.

The hangover afflicted the head of Lillian White, holding a heavy head like a pound, just wanting to get out of bed and take a bath. She felt that the abdomen was a bit heavy, as if she had been crushed by something, so she opened the quilt and looked at it. The bronze arm was ringing her white waist, and it immediately shocked her, and the original turbid brain immediately woke up.


Fortunately, Lillian White responded in time and stopped her scream immediately.

She stared at the man's arm and stared at hers. For a long while, she could only found her own thought. She slowly put down her hand holding her mouth, swallowed it, carefully opened the thin quilt covering her body, but after seeing the scene under the sheet, suddenly her face brushed.

How could this be……

Under the sheet, her white body was covered with glaring red marks, and the whole body was smashed, and the soreness was bursting from her waist.

The shocked eyes inadvertently picked up the blood on the white sheets. As long as the woman knew what it meant, in an instant, the eyes of Lillian White immediately became a mist.

How could she go to bed with a man? Although the head was still painful, Lillian White clearly remembered that before she lost her consciousness, it was a room that a woman sent her back... But why was it now?

The thick shock was in Lillian of Lillian White, and her absent mind moved from the blood of the beach to the man behind him, and for a minute, she bit the lower lip and carefully put the arm. She took it from the abdomen and opened it to one side, then quickly pulled the quilt out of bed and picked up the clothes scattered on the floor and quickly wore it for herself.

After a minute, she repeatedly determined that she was dressed correctly and then slowly turned around and looked at the man in the bed who was facing her.

Even if she was lost, she should know who he was.

Thinking of this, Lillian White no longer hesitated to bite her lower lip. She took a deep breath and walked around the bed to the other side. However, when she stared at the man who was still asleep, she heard her heart squeaking and shattered. The next second felt only a cold heart from the soles of her feet, and her heart was hairy.

How could it be him?

The man closed his eyes and fell asleep. Under the black hair that was messy and scattered, it was a handsome, well—defined face, but the reason why her heartbeat missed a beat was not his excellent appearance. It was his identity.

Jesus Au, the CEO of the Au Group, was the youngest diamond bachelor in the city. He is also Yarina Ching, her good friend's fiancé, her husband, and her boyfriend Karl Ching's good friend.

Looking at his tired face, Lillian White was shocked and forgot to breathe. When she was not easy to react, Lillian was sore and the breathing was heavy. It was as cold as the whole person is immersed in the millennium icy lake, from head to foot, and infiltrated into the bone marrow.

In her mind, her friend’s smile, with a happy smile, was white and the face was white.

Today was the wedding of a friend, and she went to bed with her husband.

What if she was known?

Lillian White was messy.

No, she must not let others discover this! Yarina was her best friend, she couldn't let her cancel the wedding because of this.

Thinking of this, Lillian White's eyes were flushed with a firm touch. In order not to let people discover it, she decided to turn and leave. But at the moment she turned and was about to leave, a rough big palm grabbed her wrist.

In an instance, Lillian White was like an electric shock, and it was in the same place.

In the ear, it was the sound of Lillian's "plopping". For a long time, Lillian White endured the inner fear and looked at the powerful palm on his wrist. Lillian "squeaked" and followed the hand back. Look, a pair of dark—eyed eyes are staring at themselves with a smile.

Just as Lillian White took a breath, a light and pleasant voice suddenly sounded. "Lillian, are you awake?" Accompanied by this, the door was pushed open.

Lillian White turned back and even browed the opportunity to stop, and saw that the door was suddenly pushed open, and a beautiful smile with Li Yan appeared behind the door.

It was too late to block Jesus Au on the bed. This scene had already fallen into the clear pupils of the other side, and the smiling face solidified. Two seconds later, it shocked and occupied the entire face.

"You...you..." The bloody face of the self—exposed person faded. For a moment, Yarina Ching’s face was pale as white paper, and the big eyes were lost. She just couldn’t believe it.

How could she imagine that her fiancé who she had been looking for a whole night last night would appear on her best friend's bed!

Looking at the other side of the body that began to tremble, the blood of Lillian White almost stopped flowing. She quickly opened the big hand of Jesus Au holding her wrist and walked a few steps to keep him away. Anxiously explained: "Yarina, things are not what you see, you listen to her explanation..." She softened her tone and wanted to calm her friends first. However, after a sentence was not finished, she heard Yarina Ching’s tip. Called, her explanation was drowned in her panicked screams.

"Ah!" A scream attracted to the person standing outside the door, a long black shadow flashed in from the door.

"What happened?"

When Karl Ching rushed in, he saw that Jesus Au, who was lying on the bed with a slap in the face, looked at Lillian White with his own guilt, and Yarina Ching, who had a painful and backward face with her hands on her chest, immediately understood what it happened and eyes turned red.

"Jesus Au, what the damn you did to the Lillian !" He rushed to the front of Jesus Au, and gave him a punch regardless of the old friendship.

On the bed, Jesus did not hide. He sat under the hard underarms and punched his heavy punches. Afterward, he touched his hot and painful cheeks, and the darkness of the night was covered with a bunch of ice. Cold and cold spit out a sentence: "We are even."

"What?" Karl Ching was furious because of his words. A pair of fire—breathing screaming eyes did not show the slightest remorse of Jesus Au. His hysterical roar screamed: "You bastard..." When the starting hand was about to give him another punch, Yarina Ching on the side rushed over.