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Loving Being Your Side

Loving Being Your Side



She was nearly slept by her sister's husband. Fortunately, she escaped. However, last passionate night was so real. Then who was that man? The next morning, a limousine stopped by, got off a decent man followed a bunch of dark-suit men. They were there to ask her to register a marriage with their Young Master. So weird! She didn't even know their master. Could it be that their Young Master was the man who slept with her last night? "You have to marry our Young Master! He is responsible for you." That's right! A hoarse and sexy voice soon resounded in her ear, "I'll be responsible for you!" In the dilemma of her disappointing broken family and an unknown marriage, she chose the latter. But even after she moved to his house as hostess, the man she married had never shown up. Who exactly was this man?
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"Don't, don't bite me..." Kyrene's fingers snapped into the man's back, his voice trembled, "pain..."

Her eyes were closed, her eyelashes were damp, her long hair was scattered on the pillow, the messy black was wrapped in clean white, and her skin was better than snow and blows.

Under the light, the delicate little face was covered with light peach pollen, which was charming and moving.

"Ah!" The same pain as tearing, bursting into the ambiguous consciousness, she screamed and opened her eyes.

"I will be responsible." The man's voice with a bit of repressed forbearance, a drop of sweat from his forehead rolled down, fell on her snowy round shoulders, burning a room temperature.

In the chaos, a pair of eyes, deep in the sea, cold like a glacier.

On the road in the morning, Kyrene walked through the sun and her heart flustered nowhere.

The sour legs reminded her that last night was not a spring dream.

And she did not know who he was, she could remember only that dual and cold eyes.

Suddenly looking up, she was standing at the door of the house, hesitating for a moment, she bit her lip and pushed the door in.

In the living room, Delores and Melantha sat on the sofa and saw her come with a very tacit understanding and quickly exchanged a look, showing a smirk.

"you are back?" Delores pulled the red fringed shawl on her body and twisted it to the front of Kyrene. It meant a long way. "Are you pleasant last night?"

She squinted and looked at Kyrene up and down, and suddenly raised her hand to open the hair on her shoulder, the blue—violet trace on the white neck appeared.

Delores’s eyes sank, the triumph and anger were intertwined.

"Sure enough, there are mothers who must have their daughters!" She laughed and said, "It’s a good way to seduce your brother—in—law to go to bed."

Kyrene is an illegitimate daughter of Kyrene. When she was two years old, she was taken back to her home. Melantha and Delores always regarded her as a nail in their eyes. The cynicism was never interrupted.

In this regard, Kyrene has been "cold treatment", only liking she did not hear.

But this time it was different, she smelled something else.

"What do you say?" Kyrene suddenly looked up, shocked to look at Delores, trembled, "Is it what you did?"

She only has Delores as a half—sister, so the brother—in—law is...

Kyrene’s face turns white, thinking of Harry's wretched appearance, while intuition array nausea, body trembled with anger.

She stared straight at Delores, her eyes were extremely angry and extremely disappointing.

Delores was stared at a chill, stepping back subconsciously, but she used to bully her, her eyes flashed by and she said: "If you don't borrow your stomach, do you think I will be cheaper?"

She and Harry have been married for three years and have no children. They have just been diagnosed some time ago, and her palace is extremely difficult to conceive.

After discussing with her mother, she felt that instead of letting Harry go outside to steal, it would be better to use the ready—made home.

"How can you do this to me!" Kyrene pained out.

Even if she is awkward, she still regards Delores as her sister. How can she do this!

Delores was shocked and provoked slender eyebrows and annoyed: "What are you fierce? Why, you slept my man, and thought of selling it cheaply?"

Kyrene was beaten up by anger, and he couldn’t say a word. His heart was colder than a while.

"Do you want to rebel?" Melantha slaps on the table, and the mean lips say more mean words. "If you don't care about your sister's sentiment, do you think that such a good thing can fall on you?"

Kyrene laughed, this was really disgusting.

Thinking of being…by Harry this wretched man... She just wanted to die immediately.

"I want to tell Dad!" Her eyes were scarlet, her teeth biting the lips, "He won't let you go, it won't..."

Delores's hands rimmed and sneered: “Are you not the most filial? Dad’s heart disease can be unstimulated.”

Before planning this matter, they took the opportunity to report to Kyrene.

Kyrene's face was white and the heart was pumping a pain.

Yes, my father was sick and couldn’t help but stimulated...

The sun shined through the window, every place was a trace of warmth, but she felt that there was a chill from the bones, cold and heart—wrenching.

From an early age, she knew her identity was embarrassing, so she always kept her words cautiously, but she still couldn’t stand the martyrdom of Melantha' s mother and daughter.

But Dad really cared her, more than Delores, how can she be willing to let him worry about her?

"If you understand, you will stay at home and raise your baby." Delores glanced at the Kyrene's stomach and said with a cold face. "You'd better be sure that you will be in a hurry. Don't think about Harry."

Kyrene bit her teeth, unaware that the nails broke into the meat, compromised for a long time and then loosened a little bit, then, lowered her head: "I know..."

She had nowhere to go.

"Wife, Kyrene ran away!" Harry slammed the door open and suddenly found that Kyrene was glaring at him, swallowing and swallowing, looking at the Delores who was stunned, "wife...”

"Bitch!" Melantha's face rushed over and raised her slap in the face of Kyrene. "Where did you go yesterday? Who is that wild man?"

Yesterday, she managed to open Kyrene, but she did not expect to fail. It was hard to have such an opportunity, it was not easy, then what about her daughter?

Kyrene grabbed Melantha's arm and stared at her.

Knowing that the man was not Harry, she was inexplicably relieved and even had a thrill of revenge in her heart. She sneered, "It’s a pity, let you down!"

It’s just this wretched to the bones of the slag male, she would prefer that people do not know, better than the three men as intended.

But if not Harry, who is him?

"Mom, look outside!" Delores glanced at the window and quickly shouted Melantha.

A long—lost Lincoln stopped at the door of the house, a dozen men dressed in black sunglasses jumped out of the car and entered the living room.

"You, who are you?" Melantha looked at the people who suddenly came in.

A dozen black men stood in two rows in the living room. The leader man walked to the front of Kyrene and took off his sunglasses. He said: "Please ask Miss Kyrene to take a trip with me!"

"I don't know you." Kyrene looked confused. "What are you looking for?"

The man looked polite, but there was a sigh of relief in his eyes, he was standing respectfully in front of Kyrene.

She quickly searched her brain and made sure she didn't know him.

"When you are there, naturally you will know." The man ignored the refusal of Kyrene, a look pasted by, more than a dozen of his men stepped forward, seemed to be ready to tie people away.

Delores screamed: "Kyrene, you are a bad person, get out immediately!"

The man frowned unhappily, still maintaining a "please" attitude toward Kyrene.