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Sex Fantasies

Sex Fantasies

Author:Cess bliss


WARNING; THIS BOOK CONTAINS XTREME MATURE CONTENTS Read at your own discretion!!! This book comprises of short XXX stories BDSM, threesome, orgy, sex fight, bisexual, lesbian, gay etc. All these in one place to make you anticipate for what's in the next chapter. Enjoy!
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It was the time of the year when we usually visit the Savannahs. I've gotten everything packed up, and was waiting for mum to return from shopping with my little sister, Daisy, so we'd get going.

The weather was hot and would be nice for a swim, and that's what I intended to do. I went upstairs, put on bikinis and headed downstairs with a towel hung on my shoulders.

”Why are you undressed?". That was my dad. I turned back and smiled.

”I'm going for a swim. The weather is really nice for that. Don't worry, I'm all set, and once mum and Daisy returns I'll quickly get dressed". I assured and he nodded, and waved his hands..

”Thanks". I muttered, gave him one more glance before walking away.

My dad was very young and handsome, with his abs and all. He didn't look old at all. Infact, he was only 35, whereas ny mum is 22, and I'm 18. Weird right?

Well, that's because i'm an adopted child, but they don't treat me as one at all, and I love them so much.

But, maybe I love my dad more than normal..

With a sigh, I hurried to the swimming pool which was situated at the backyard of the house.

“Clean". I smiled as I dived in.. I was a good swimmer and the water was really nice against my skin.

All of a sudeen, I couldn't feel my legs, and I began to drown. I tried to keep my head above the water as I screamed ”He-lp". It was hard to keep my head above the water, and I was already out of breath from all the struggling.

All of a sudden, someone dived into the water. Dad! I tried to keep my eyes open as he swam towards me and grabbed me, pulling me out of the water along with him

“Are you okay?". He asked with concern, as he tapped on my cheeks.

”M-my le-egs". I stuttered. He looked down at them and swallowed, before grabbed the right one, and gave it a soothing massage. He did the same to the left one.

“Better now?". He questioned, and I nodded weakly. “Let's get you back to your room". He said and lifted me up in a bridal style..

Right now, I completely forgot that I was in the pool, almost breathlessly, and all I could think of now was his rock hard chest and his insanely alluring scent of mint and man sweat.

I snuggled up against his warm chest and he seemed to have stiffened, but continued climbing up the stairs to my room.

On getting to my room, he placed me gently on the bed. ”Get some rest". He said. He seemed to be looking for something. Water!

“Let me.. get you some water". He said and left the room, while I watched his back.

I felt so itchy on the wet bra and panties so I took them off, and sank under the covers. It seemed he wasn't coming anymore anyways, so I relaxed and let my body sink into the depths of sleep.

All that was interrupted when the door clicked open few minutes later. I opened my eyes lazily. “Water". He showed.

He walked to the bed and helped me up. I forgot I was naked underneath the sheets and I sat up without holding onto the sheets, exposing my bare breasts to him..

He gaped at me, his eyes wide with shock. I was confused for a second, but then I realised what he was so surprised about..

”I'm sorry". I stammered as I lifted the sheets to cover my body. He looked away, but then his eyes remained fixated on the floor and I wondered what the matter was now. I looked down and realised he was looking at the bikini I had thrown carelessly on the floor..

”I'm .. sorry". I tried to lean down to pick them up, but ended up brushing my breasts against his back.

“Ashley". He called out. Was he angry, cause I didn't understand his tone at all..

“Yes daddy?".

I heard him swallow. ”Call me that".

“Huh? Call you what?".


”Daddy!". I said, and like flash, he turned back and took my lips in his.

He tentatively moved to kiss my neck, he brushed a loose tendril of hair back. I titled my head away to give him better access, that was probably the invitation he was hoping for since his kiss seemed so weak and unsure.

“If we go on, we won't stop midway". He warned, and I sighed as I pressed my lips against him, then pulled away slightly to reply “I've wanted this a long time". That was a confession. It was true. I've wanted this..I've always fantasized about us doing stuff like this..

He moaned into my neck. My flesh was hot to the touch, my cheeks were probably looking flushed, and I was wet down there.

He planted soft grazing kisses up and down my neck, behind my ear, and up to my hair line, and his tongue tasted my skin.

He roughly pulled the bedsheets off my body and flung it down leaving my bare body to his view, and he seemed to like what he see.

He groooed my boos firmly. “Always wanted to touch these". He mumbled as he bent forward and took a nipple into his mouth.

“Nice". He muttered as he suckled them, pulled backwards and let go of them with a loud sound. ”So good". He moaned as he took the other nipple into his mouth. His left hand found my right breaths and he played with them, while his free hands roamed all over my body, heading south. His hands found my pussy, and he rubbed my clits softly.

”You're so wet". He said and I moaned as I replied

“Yes daddy". It sounded so seductive even to me, and he groaned as he pushed me down and hovered above me. He caught my nipples in between his teeth and he bit them softly. It sent a tingling sensation all over my body, and more fluids released from my pussy. He repeated the actuon as he pinched the other nipple. I moaned, and his hands flew to my mouth, two fingers entering them. I swirled my tongue around his fingers and he took them out, only to bring them to my pussy, pushing deep into it.

My eyes rolled upwards at the pleasure it brought. He pushed his fingers in and out of my wet core, and I moaned loudly.

He brought those fingers to my lips and made me suck them. When I did, he brought his head up and gave me a slow, sensual kiss. My body wanted more. More!

“What do you want Ashley?". He asked..

“I want to your cock into my mouth. Daddy". He smirked as he rolled over. I fiddled with his belts, and took it off as quickly as I could.

I pulled his trousers as well as his breifs down, and his throbbing cock sprang out in aall its glory. I looked at it. It was glorious, just like it's owner. “Suck it Ashley". He said in form of a command.

I grabbed the throbbing cock and spat on it, making it wet, then I moved my hands up and down, slower at first, but then I increased my pace while watching his facial reaction.

I then, leaned forward and took the monster into my mouth. I tried to make it fit, as I had a small mouth. Then, I began to bohboe my head up and down as I sucked on his dick..

”Faster, Ashley". He commanded as he spanked my ass, and I obliged as I moved faster. My actions paused midway as he plunged his fingers into my pussy.

He increased his pace. “Uhm… yeah".

”Oh, yes". I moaned as I struggled to keep sucking on his cock.

He pulled me up and flipped me on the bed, making me kneel, then he pressed on my back. He then positioned his dick, as he kneel behind me.

“Virgin?". He asked.

“No". He said.

”figured". He said and pushed his dick into me without warning or mercy..

I moaned loudly, as he moved in and out of me. As he moved in and out of my pussy, lt made a sloppy sound, and the slap-like sound when his thighs meets with my ass.

”Faster, daddy".I said and he groaned and held my hair, moving faster, grinding harder..

He flipped me over, making me lie on the bed, and he pushed his dick into my pussy.

”You like this huh?". He asked as he squeezed my boobs while slashing my pussy.

”Yes, daddy". I moaned. ”More". I said, and raised my upper body so I could reach his face and kiss him.

His lips had been drawing me in ever since, and I felt satisfied after exchanging a good amount of saliva.

As he moved in and out of me, he used his thumb to rub my clit, moving around in citcles, then horizontally..

The pleasure was driving me to my peak. “Daddy, I'm gonna come". I moaned as I bucked my hips forward as he fucked me.

“Oh, yes". He quickly pulled out, bent down and sucked my pussy whole. His tongue circled around my clit, and his left hand stuck right into my wet hole, whereas the free hand stroked his dick.

I took over from him, driving him to his peak, as he was driving me to mine. “Oww, fuck". He cursed as he cummed on my hands, and I came into his mouth. He sucked them up, while I licked my hands of his come. With his hands still fingering my pussy, he brought his face to mine and we shared a long lingering kiss.

“Get dressed". He said, spanked my ass before leaving the room.

Thirty minutes later, mum and Daisy arrived.

“So sorry for taking so long guys, you must have been so bored". She said, and my gaze shifted to daddy who was seated casually, arms and legged crossed. Nah, I wasn't bored at all. ”So, are you guys ready to go?". She asked and I nodded. I was probably more excited now, cause there sure would be more of ‘that' when we get there.