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Top 10 Must-Read History Romantic Novels That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Top 10 Must-Read History Romantic Novels That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

2023-03-20 11:03:33
  • AURELIA AND THE KING { The Runaway Princess }

    Scholastic Treasure

    Aurelia Cressida Bahrain is the favourite and last child of her father – a great and ruthless king – King Bancroft Hugh Bahrain and third. She was the king's favourite princess and her other step sisters were all jealous of her. She loved her father too, just the way he loved her. One day, the king got poisoned and the antidote was in the hands of Aurelia but she had to pay a price. Aurelia was suddenly thrown in between saving her father's lives or loosing her happiness forever. The king did not want to die and so, he begged Aurelia to pay the price. Finally, because of the pressure, she ran away from the palace. What happens when Aurelia is in a land she does not know about? Will she survive in another kingdom? How will she cope? What about her father, the king? Will he survive?
    History ★ 0
  • My Agent Concubine

    "Chu Han, don't blame me. You shouldn't have gotten in my way." Chu Han was engaged with King Che, her half-sister's crush. Therefore, her half-sister drugged Chu Han and asked two men to ruin her innocent. According to her plan, their father would see this steamy scene and knew that Chu Han didn't deserve to marry King Che. Unexpectedly, Chu Han didn't fall into the dirty trap. She drugged her evil half-sister as revenge, making their father see how she screwed with other men in an abandoned temple. After venting her anger, she needed to release her desire. She randomly robbed an incredibly handsome guy and slept with him, who happened to be her fiance, King Che...
    History ★ 4.7
  • Chase After the Reborn Doctor Concubine

    What the hello kitty! She travelled across time, right? After experiencing an air crush, she awoke to discover herself in a large bridal sedan chair wearing a traditional wedding dress. She was informed that the Crown Prince had rejected her and that she would now wed the dying and ailing Prince Xuan. The Crown Prince? Prince Xuan? Who the heck were they? What dynasty was that? Who could identify the man wearing the silver mask for her? Her spouse? "The responses are irrelevant. Why don't we complete the marriage now, my lady?" On the couch, the man pushed her down...
    History ★ 4.4