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Werewolf romance novels:the top stream in the world of romance novels

Werewolf romance novels:the top stream in the world of romance novels

2023-01-13 10:16:05
  • Moon And Mistake


    A voiceless young lady has long struggled to forget what happened to her ten years ago, but her memories continue to haunt her. Well, destiny is really mischievous when she sees a strange creature that is huge, jet black in color and has fierce gold eyes. She could not even be scared, because that's exactly what she saw when she was young. She wanted to run away when it mentioned the word 'Mi Luna.' But how far could she run, if it's the man who's destined to answer the questions that had long troubled her? Can her cold heart penetrate the burning truth into them? Or will she just let him chase her until he gets tired and gives up? It's not just a mistake, is it?
    Werewolf ★ 0
  • The Alphas Prize

    Ella Bujold

    A war broke out between the Harvest Moon pack and the Rogues, also known as the Dead pack. The Rogues are winning and are brutally defeating the Harvest Moon pack. The King of the Rogues Alpha Cain, decides to propose a treaty between the rival packs, in order to end the war. But in exchange for ending the war, he wants Alpha Vale’s Daughter, an outspoken 19-year-old woman, who has been fighting alongside her pack during the war. She caught the eye of the Alpha and now he wants her for his prize.
    Werewolf ★ 4.6
  • Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    caroline above story

    "Her name, werewolf!" the man snapped, forcing Kris's attention back to himself. "Give it to me." "...It's Claudia Dale.” It happened so fast. The Scarlet pack werewolves came for me, forced me to stand on the platform in front of everyone. Alpha Evan stood in front of me... and leaned in, taking in my scent with visible relish. (It's her,) he thought, and it seeped into my mind uninvited.( It's her. The girl from nine years ago. This is that same scent. I've finally found her.) No one would guess I could read minds. In fact, no one ever had. But what? Nine years ago? Was he insane? I would have been eight years old, what could I have possibly done wrong to anyone when I was just a child? Then suddenly, another thought...another voice. That sounds like his wolf. (But she's not our mate. I can't sense it.) Yes! Now let me go, I thought. But instead, Alpha Evan lifted my face, warm fingers under my chin. Oh, Moon Goddess. He was tall, huge werewolf. He lowered his head and put his lips to my ear. "You," he said, "are going to my personal maid from now on."
    Werewolf ★ 4.5