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The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

2023-03-21 14:10:11
  • Our Love Has Died

    She is a humble maid in the palace, has regarded as a woman disaster who has been accused of betrayal, which caused 100,000 soldiers’ death in the exotic country. He is the supreme emperor of this country. Although, he has saved her life from the fatal charge because of love, he also has been torturing her into the ice-cold hell because of her disloyalty. The night, he married his queen, she was not only heartbroken serving in front of their bed, but also found that she had fallen into a terrible conspiracy and trap...
    History ★ 4
  • The Kungfu Lady


      Reincarnated, the former master of marital arts gang was turned into a dumbass young lady. Acquiring magic weapon, becoming the invincible number one in the world… It seemed to be her fate, while she did not know how to deal with her effeminate fiancé: “You were my wife at our previous life, we are destined to be together…”
    History ★ 0
  • Reborn to Be the MS. Doctor Divine

    "I was reborn!" Ashley Gilbirt secretly exclaimed as she woke up. The interior decorations were the same as the palace she saw on TV. She was reborn to the ancient times! More shockingly, a slender man with mask was undressing her. Ashley tried to fight, but she could not move at all. Her acupuncture points had been sealed. She could only feel the man inside of her. A few moments later, the man left after handing over her a red gem, claiming he would marry her someday. It was too ridiculous! Before Ashley could figure it out, memories flooded into her mind. In ancient times, her name was Leylani Millington. Leylani's mother died when she was a kid. Since then, Leylani had been bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. Leylani was known as stupid and coward, ended up in miserable death. "The old Leylani was gone." Leylani smirked coldly.
    History ★ 5