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Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

2023-02-16 14:56:08
  • The King's Protector

    Eve Cheney

    In the world where humans are not alone on earth, living among magical creatures.. only one true King may unite all kingdoms. A prophecy exist where it states a human King will rise uniting all kingdoms, with the help of a powerful Protector from the North, a ruler Queen. No one knows who she is.. as the North never been ruled by a Queen. Will King Aidan Storm, the chosen one, a fearless and handsome human King from Storm Clan, fulfill the prophecy and find his Protector? Or will he choose the woman he loves? When the beautiful warrior Princess Aria of Beastia first laid eyes on King Storm, she could not understand why her heart flutters. She was tasked to kill him.. not love. Would she kill the man who gave her first kiss? Will he ever accepts her being the enemy of the human race? A Beastia has never fallen in love with a human before. It is impossible. To Beastia, humans are weak. To humans, Beastia are merciless beings that should be eliminated from earth. But.. after the Great War between kingdoms happened, will King Storm fulfill his destiny? Follow the story of war and romance.. and we shall figure out the answers.
    Fantasy ★ 0
  • Mated to the Alpha King


    “Sleep,” I hear my husband growl in my ear. Goosebumps shower my neck and I cannot help but ask, “Y-You’re not.. g-going t-to..?” “Don’t worry, sweet wife. I’m not gonna force you tonight,” he answers, his deep voice sounding so tired. “I.. I don’t know w-what to say..” I murmur. A part of me is glad he’s respecting my feelings. “Don’t get your hopes up,” he retorts quickly, sounding so sure. “You’re still my wife and I’ll soon have you begging for me to fuck you,” he promises. “You can’t resist me forever.” For years, I’ve seen the war that destroyed my pack. Warriors died on the battlefield, never returning home. To save the pack, my father, Alpha Robert, sets me off to marry the infamous Alpha Blake, the enemy pack’s most arrogant and dangerous Alpha.
    Fantasy ★ 4.8
  • You Should Not Pamper Me

    "Your Highness, p-please forgive me... Don't feed me to the tiger..." In the Monster Coliseum, Yue Qianli, the Crown Princess, couldn't help trembling while a fierce tiger was approaching her. Yue Qianli was born in a noble family. After her father died, her uncle inherited everything and adopted her. Since then, she was bullied and tortured by her uncle's family. When she married the Crown Prince, she was framed by her younger cousin, then her husband sentenced her to death in the monster coliseum. The miracle came as a soul was reborn in Yue Qianli's body after she died. She was a modern military doctor, who was good at fighting and medicine. "Let's wait and see. The pain you inflicted on her will be returned ten times to you!"
    Fantasy ★ 4.8