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Fantasy Novels with a Twist: A Guide to Surprising and Innovative Stories

Fantasy Novels with a Twist: A Guide to Surprising and Innovative Stories

2023-02-16 14:56:12
  • Vampire's Love


    “Diana, sweetheart, come here," Danny called out before Diana popped up from her seat and sat on his lap. She slide her hair to a side and he immediately started licking all over her neck hungrily and seductively. I blushed slightly when a moan escaped through her lips but at the same time, it disgusted me. His eyes turned a shade darker and I watched his fangs graze against her skin before I quickly turned away.   "Let the real dinner begin!" Danny exclaimed and the girls hurried out of their seats, picking one of the handsome guys to sit with. It wasn't long before moans and screams filled the room as the guys ruthlessly dug their fangs inside the girl's neck, sucking the blood out hungrily. I wanted to run but I am terrified to move now. The door suddenly flew open and I turned to look at a bunch of girls walking in a bra and panties. --------------------------------------------------- Katarina, a normal 18-year-old girl wants nothing more than to go to Harvard University. But her life changes when a short-tempered sexy arrogant pureblood vampire Alexander took a liking to her. She gets selected as one of the prospective brides for him. She despises the vampires but now how will she react to be living with them. Will she fall in love with him? Can a vampire's love overcome the past betrayal?
    Fantasy ★ 4.5
  • My Grumpy Alpha Bear

    Twinkle T

    PS: For 18+, contains matured scenes: One was a Fallen Angel waiting to find out her truth while other was a Bear shifter.. She was Bold, beautiful and fiercely independent young Woman, yet she got sold by the man whom she trusted the most, the love of her life... He was cold, arrogant and uncaring of any woman in distress, all he knew was to use women and discard them.. yet he bought her Jiana never imagined that her simple life would turn topsy-turvy when she would be sold and bought like some commodity, especially when the man who bought her was none other than a beast in disguise.. Aaron Bernard She thought that as a slave her life would be all about cooking and cleaning, getting beaten and molested, after some pointless resistance, she managed to come to terms with the bitter truth of her life and decided to accept her fate but just then came another storm in her life, the dark truth He had bought her for a purpose, The purpose was to marry him... Aaron, the cursed Werebear of Urmawood, so that she could be used as a sacrificial lamb Jiana knew she would die soon after this marriage yet she agreed as she knew she was his only redemption, and as a Fallen Angel, she could not refuse to help.. especially when she discovers a Big Secret, one that would change the course of tides Aaron didn't want to sacrifice her, yet he had no option Two broken souls come together in this beautiful, fantastical journey of Love, Lust, Betrayal and Magic Fall in love with bold and beautiful Jiana with this crispy, crunchy and fun Romance
    Fantasy ★ 4.7
  • Sacrificed to Her King

    Meike Snoeijs

    *18+ only. Contains mature content ''I was just wondering what the midsummer celebration is that everyone is talking about?'' I answer. Roan looks at me and says, ''Ow yeah. Every year we celebrate midsummer the lightest day of the year. We have a ceremony where we bless the crops with magic.'' I go sit on his desk and reply, ''Sounds fun, what happens at the ceremony?'' Roan gets a bit red when he answers, ''Well it's a fact that with sex a lot of magic comes free. Traditional the King opens the feast by having sex with a virgin by choice in front of everyone. Afterward, everyone will look for a partner and also have sex. '' ''So who are you gonna have sex with this year then?''I ask. Roan looks a bit unhappy when he answers, ''I would want to do it with you but it's not the most romantic setting. It has to happen on the sacrifice altar and everyone is watching of course. That's maybe not what you want for your first time.'' The thought of that does not make me very happy indeed so I answer, ''No I don't think I can do that after the attack from those dark humans it would remind me too much.'' My heart drops a bit when I ask, ''So you are gonna have sex with someone else in front of me?'' He takes my hand and says softly, ''I don't want to but the ceremony has to be opened it's tradition. I am sorry Noelle.'' I pull my hand back and grunt, ''I don't know or I want to be there then.'' I feel tears coming up so I walk out of the door. Roan calls my name but I don't wait for him to come after me. ***** Noelle lives a boring life at the orphanage but everything changes when she becomes 18 and get's selected to be sacrificed to the King of the Sea. The king of the Sea is rumoured to be a giant man with no kindness in his heart. Every year he selects an 18 year old virgin but no one has ever returned. Noelle has no idea why she got picked and what will happen but she sure as hell knows that no one can put out the fire in her heart.
    Fantasy ★ 4.5