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Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Make You Shriek for More

2023-01-16 13:59:53
  • The Rejected Moon

    Selene Souchon

    Mira Savera is a daughter of a beta. She was born perfect and everyone admired her. She's kind, beautiful, smart, and the most powerful in her pack. She has everything she wanted until that fateful day happened She's accused of betraying their pack losing half of their population including her parents and their alpha and luna. Werewolves loathed her and they thought that killing her is a show of mercy so instead they abused her. Mira took it all hoping that her mate would come to save her, but will he? Hope gone, secrets unravelled. How long would Mira last in a whirlwind that keeps pushing her to the bottom of her life?
    Werewolf ★ 4.6
  • Caged By The Possessive Alpha


    [R-Rate] [No-Rape] "I don't make love, I just fuck." He was the dominant Alpha King of Phoenix who never had ever felt emotional conflicts towards a woman. He was heartless, emotionless except for the enthusiasm of his body. Though he hated women, he knew how to please himself without even laying a finger on. It was this way until he met a girl. A girl from nowhere. She was the one who could please him, satisfy him the most but to her, he was never the one – never even once. Yet, he wanted her and that was a reason why he had to cage her and teach her the art of seduction. [I don't own the cover] Note for readers: Please don't judge after reading the first few chapters. The male lead is eviler than you can ever think of but he will be improving in every chapter.
    Werewolf ★ 4.6
  • My Match


    When Hanna Moore literally runs into Max Thomas, she never thought that it'd trigger a chain reaction of events that would flip her life upside down, squash it, and run it over with a giant concrete churning truck. Unexplained events start to happen. People are getting hurt. Old enemies come back, new allies arise, and long-buried secrets threaten to haunt her and the new family she's found. Will they ever get their happily ever after? Or will the ghosts of her past manage to push her away from her loved ones and Max, her perfect match?
    Werewolf ★ 5