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Tycoon Love

Tycoon Love



A sweet and innocent woman marked by a painful past but always ready to help others. He, a powerful, imposing, and cold tycoon who does not believe in love and prefers solitude. An encounter that marks the beginning of a love story of two very different worlds, but with hearts ready to experience strange and unknown feelings, where they will learn from each other. This is the love story of a tycoon. Do you dare to discover it?
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A new day, a wonderful awakening feeling the light on my face since my sister forgot to draw the curtains last night.

I looked around to notice that that sloth was still sleeping and that if she did not get up she would soon be late for work again. I love her so much but that girl is crazy, I can't believe that she was awake with that movie marathon knowing that she had work responsibilities the next day just to have a girls' night according to her.

I'm not complaining, we have a lot of fun and despite our differences, we are inseparable.

Anyone thinks that we are not sisters, our physical differences are quite remarkable. While she went to my mother with her curly blonde hair and pale skin, I went to my father with his dark hair and skin a little darker, neither too white nor brown, a middle ground. Also, our personalities are opposite. I am calm, not very social, I love reading and animals while she is very social, crazy, outgoing, the life of the party. Even so, we complement each other in a great way. Our relationship is very beautiful and I would not want another sister like her.

I decide not to let her sleep anymore, it is for hers, good for her, so I wake her up. She is grateful she goes to the bathroom and I do the same to wait for her while she gets ready in the kitchen.

We are a very close family, I love spending time with my parents and we are modest, we do not have a lot of money but we live well, the important thing is our love and the union of all, we are happy and it gives me peace. When I get to the kitchen I find my father ready to go to work, it is inevitable not to smile at him. We are both so alike it's scary. I also hear my mother singing while she prepares the rest of breakfast and kissing my father before he leaves for work.

Another curiosity for those who do not know me is that I do not have many friends, I enjoy being alone with a book in hand or spending my time with my beloved puppy, who accompanies me wherever I go. My friends are my cousins ​​and my trust is only among my family members. I am alone by choice since I have a very sad past which I want to leave behind, living in this way prevents others from beating me again, I don't want to remember and I prefer to leave everything behind.

I hang out with my parents in the kitchen, laughing and having a little less time when we see my sister coming down quickly and muttering curses under her breath for almost falling. What happens to her for not getting up early, which confirms to me that she is not going to have breakfast with us. I watch my parents with a smile as I see them shake their heads and smile at each other.

Yes ... We are used to this image so often.

"Good morning precious, I'm late, goodbye and I love you" my sister shouted with a piece of bread stolen from my father's plate.

"Your daughter doesn't learn"

"Our love, but she doesn't know where she inherited that," says my mother laughing.

"Whatever, I'm late too," says my father, letting out a loud laugh and kissing us before going to work.

My mother and I finish eating and she also goes to her work, I stay to fix the place.

We are at the beginning of the month, and apparently, this would be a month with pleasant weather and quite calm.

At this time I was supposed to be in college doing my veterinary medicine degree, but it was not possible, when I went to enroll I was told that there was no space, I was not disappointed, the best thing is to take a year off to finish saving the money from the career and to be able to study more on my own, so when I enter it will not be difficult and I will be more related to the career that I love. I do not want my parents to overload themselves with work to pay for my studies so when I turn 18, I will soon be able to work and earn for my expenses without disturbing them. I also liked the idea of ​​staying for a while outside of the university, I can help at home while my parents are away, I can be of use since they both work a lot and do not have much time for themselves. My mother works in a restaurant as a cook right here, just a few blocks away, and my father is a driver in my grandfather's companies and manufacturers.

Oh in case you are wondering, my town is far from the city, it has a huge forest, and a large dam, without a doubt they are a beautiful landscape when you look at them from above.

Right where I want to go and hang out with my little dog ...

My town is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to live.

When I finished cleaning the room, I decided to listen to music and continue reading my latest book. Their romance was very enveloping, it made you feel like part of it, it trapped you in a spiral of emotions, I will never understand how the writers achieved such action. I also did not understand how many books told a beautiful love story, describing it with such passion, that you could feel the characters fall in love with each other with each page that turned. But in the end, it was over when they were finally together or, at its worst, one of the two died.

When that happened, only one phrase that I heard came to my mind: A good writer creates characters that readers can love, and then kill them ... This way they will never forget his book.

At my age, I still did not know what they described so much in the books, that beautiful feeling, full of beautiful and bitter sensations, that many times they described as a rose, which could wither and bloom as they treated it. All things happened in their time and I longed to know that beautiful feeling and fall in love with a incredible person, who surpasses all my dreams and expectations.

I'm sure that person will arrive.

I didn't realize how quickly time passed between my reading and my thoughts. When I came back to reality I realized that my mother had arrived and I decided to help her prepare dinner, we both chatted and waited for the rest to arrive.

We all had a quiet dinner and before going to sleep I informed them of my plans to walk my puppy tomorrow. I was excited and didn't know why, but it's better to give my hairball a little exercise and change the scene for a bit. That book made me feel nostalgic and want to experience love as beautiful as that, only that it is not possible since no one would notice me and I am focused on other things.

I think that is not the time for that yet.

With a big smile on my face, I fell asleep thinking about the wonderful day tomorrow.


What Maria does not imagine is how wrong she was. Her life was going to change completely for better or for worse, it all depends on her attitudes later on and her destiny was already warning her of the change that would come.

Her excitement was just a small hint of a new future.