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How is it possible

How is it possible



He is a monster I would never waste time on a snob, I will not now down to no arrogant man, how could my parents think this is the right man for me or any woman for that matter, hate these old school ways of some men.
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  Just another day nothing interesting happening, I woke up how is it Monday again adulthood is so uncool, wish I back at college stay out whenever I don't feel like attending.

  Getting this job was a great opportunity being able to be independent not having to worry about my parents money was a good advantage I had "thought May" hate those brats that thinks they are better cause they have money

parents money


  May arrived at Cruz Corporation she would always be the first to arrive good head start, she spoke Lacy Jo her best friend they spent their breaks together Lacy worked just opposite their building, Lacy and Thom had a quarrel she needed my friendship now so glad I don't have boyfriend drama I'm not ready for any guy, I like my life the way it is, not perfect but a working progress.

  May never had a boyfriend she's 21 now, didn't see the need of having one either.

  After work a few friends got together we all kept a tight knit still after College we made Monday's our night just to unwind after a long day we made it our Thing, Lacy, Tom, Steph, and Jay were already at Chill why Not


the owner Josh always looked at ease great aura that's what attracts people to the place always greets with a smile.

  As the group were enjoying their meal and good company it seemed Lacy and Tom are on good Terms again, May went to the ladies on her way back someone knocked into her without apologizing she uttered "hey watch where you going" she saw it was Emmet Cruz, he smirked as he just he said " whatever" what a prick she said, May was not one to back down or not speak her mind if something was a miss she sure as hell were not gonna let some arrogant brat like Emmet intimidate her with assh*le ways.

  She met up with gang again and told them what just happened Steph was stunned but they expected that kinda behaviour from Emmet they were more excited to know what May said she explained he rushed off before she could fully give him a piece of mind.

  Emmet was 25 and the Vice president of Cruz Corporation his brother Sean was the President 30 raised with the mentality that females are there just bare the children he has 2 boys with his wife Cathy she studied a well educated woman gave up her career to be a stay at home mom not that there's anything wrong with that hopefully she's happy.

  The next day May followed her same routine went about her day she came back to the office after her break spent with Lacy, the rest of the day was dragging all she wanted was to go home and relax she loved the peace and quiet at home, for someone that loved partying and just a free spirit during her College days she had calmed down a lot.