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Mr. Jones, Be Gentle

Mr. Jones, Be Gentle

Author:Lanqing He


A stranger sneaked into Grace's tent and made her his woman after he had drugs. Then, she got the baby of the stranger. She went to find that man but failed. Although she wanted to quit the child, she still backed out. Five years later, to raise her little boy, she became a paparazzi and accidentally caught in the scene the hottest movie queen seducing the most powerful CEO in this city. She could get a promotion or pay raise from this photo. But unfortunately, she got caught by the domineering CEO. She thought she was facing an imminent catastrophe, but what he just said to her? "How about I arrange a better job for you, and... you stay with me tonight?" Why did it sound like he was flirting with her?
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  At half-past four in the morning, the day was just dawning.

  It was a high-rise resort in the Northern City.

  On the endless lawn stood several tents, which were well-arranged. It was a must-have experience for a couple in a holiday resort.


  Suddenly, a woman's scream broke the silence of dawn.

  Grace Smith suddenly opened her eyes and shivered. Who was quarreling?

  There seemed to be a quarrel outside, and it was gone after listening carefully.

  Grace moved her body slightly and felt a splitting headache. Her whole body was painful and her body seemed to be crushed.

  Oh, they had finally done it.

  Grace recalled that she had finally done the most intimate thing with Simon Brown.

  Last night, when Simon prepared a campfire feast to confess to Grace, her elder sister Marry Smith, with a pale face, congratulated her and Simon.

  When Grace drank a glass of wine passed by her sister, she passed out.

  Later, Grace had a dream and took the initiative to pounce on Simon.

  "I don't know—" Marry 's aggrieved voice suddenly came from outside. "Simon, I really don't know how it can be like this?"

  "Shh! Keep your voice down. Don't let Grace hear you."

  Simon's voice sounded angry.

  Grace felt curious. She immediately put on her clothes and climbed out of the tent to find out what was going on.

  At the entrance of another tent, Simon stood there in a mess. His clothes were not worn, and there were nail marks on his smooth and sturdy back.

  Grace walked over quickly and questioned. "Simon, why are you here?"

  Before Grace could finish her words, she froze there after seeing something.

  Through the crack in the tent, Grace saw that her sister Marry was naked, and there was a trace left on her body. Grace clearly knew that it could only be seen when men and women did something intimate.

  Grace felt nervous suddenly, and an ominous premonition came.

  "Grace." Simon could not remain silent and explained hurriedly, "I drank too much and thought it was you, but..."

  Like a shocking thunderbolt, Grace felt that her head was going to explode. "So, you two really had sex?"

  It was obvious that Simon was ashamed.

  Marry was also in a hurry to explain, " I didn't mean it. I really don't know it."

  Grace was confused: If they had sex, who could she sleep with last night?

  Grace was terrified and ran back to the tent, she found a wad of notes lying on her sleeping bag. The bloodstains on the sheets were very heavy, and it suggested that something else had happened in Grace’s first time.


  And there was a note with bloodstain along with the money—

  Miss, if the money is not enough, you can come to Hart Villa District to find me.

  There was a phone number on the note.

  The two lines of words were vigorous and messy. This guy should be a wild and unrestrained man.

  Grace clenched the pile of money and was angry. Did this guy think she was a prostitute?

  It was too humiliating.

  When Grace came out of the tent again, Simon and Marry were waiting for her.

  Marry went forward to hold her hand and apologized. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I really don't know how it happened."

  Grace was stunned.

  Marry 's eyes suddenly glanced Grace's neck, and she found the traces on it. She suddenly exclaimed, "Grace, what are the traces on your neck."

  Grace was stunned, and her black eyes met her sister's shocked eyes.

  Simon rushed to Grace and looked at her neck with wide eyes as if to confirm something.

  The next second, Simon held Grace’s shoulder excitedly and said, "Say, who were you with last night? What happened?"

  Grace wanted to say, "I had thought that the man was you."

  However, was it still useful to explain now?

  Grace simply kept silent.

  Simon saw her silence and could not help growling in a low voice, "Tell me, who is it?"

  "Does it matter who it is?" Grace said indifferently, "Simon, we can't go back anymore. Just forget it. I will bless you and my sister."