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The Toy-boy

The Toy-boy



  Every day, my roommate took different man home, while in the evening the sexy voice came from the next door, which led me to explore the mystery. Inconceivably, I discovered new door of my world after peeping, and finally I indulged in it --- being a pimp.
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I was Fergus Smith, an unlucky college graduate.

I just graduated from university, but didn't find a job. What was worse, my father was hit by a car in a car accident. The driver had no money. Although the man was already in custody, my father was still in the hospital and was in urgent need of the money.

I borrowed money a whole day, but unfortunately, I didn't get it.

Back in the room I rented, I fell on the sofa and I had a headache.

But at that moment, I heard the light sound from the east bedroom.

The east bedroom was Sharon Moore's. She was the female tenant who shared the room with me. She claimed to be the accountant of a company. But it was only four in the afternoon when she should have been at work.

I quietly moved the stool and stood on the it, and then I looked into Sharon Moore's house through the gap on the door.

In the room, Sharon Moore was kneeling on the bed to face me. She was pain and her body was still naked, her sexy body was revealed completely. Behind her was an old man with a big belly.

I was shocked. What was even more shocking was the fact that there was another man in the room. After the old man was done, the bald scoop went up again, and Sharon Moore did not refuse!!!

Sharon Moore was beautiful and her body was very charming. Her voice was magical, which attracted me.

But I still couldn't believe that she, who claimed to be a white—collar worker, would actually do the same thing with two men at the same time!

It wasn't until after the bald scoop was over that the old man threw a handful of money at Sharon Moore's face. Now, I realized what she really did.

I quickly took the stool and stomped away. I hid in the bedroom next door and gently closed the door.

Until I heard that the two left, Sharon Moore entered the bathroom to take a shower, so I dared to return to the living room, pretending to look like I didn't know anything.

After Sharon Moore came out of the shower, she looked at me. "Don’t pretend, I saw you through the door."

Her words made me awkward.

However, Sharon Moore did not say anything more. She drank a cup of sailor and caressed her wet hair and asked, "How's your father? Do you borrow the money?"

I shook my head and told her about the situation.

Sharon Moore was silent for a while and then sat beside me.

"I have a way, although it's a little… but at least it's a way."

Then she told me that she could introduce her boss to me, I would borrow money from her boss, and then pay the bill with my body. In brief, it was to be the pimp.

Sniffing the fragrance of Sharon Moore's body and seeing the hazy body through her thin nightgown, I could not help but feel a little dry.

"But I've never done that kind of thing not once. It needs some skills to do it. I don't know. I don't know what to do ..."

As I spoke, I felt embarrassed to continue. I could feel my face burning.

Sharon Moore was surprised. "You're still a virgin? Virgin is more valuable and don't need any skills at all. If you knew you were a virgin, I might as well take initiative first!"

After hearing Sharon Moore's words, my face became redder, and my heart was stunned. I didn't know whether I did it or not.

Just then, the phone rang. It was a call from the hospital. The doctor told me that I should pay the money as soon as possible, Otherwise, not only could Dad's legs not be saved, but even his life would be in danger.

This call confirmed my determination, so I agreed Sharon Moore’s advice and asked her to contact her boss.

Soon, Sharon Moore's boss, Catherine Green, arrived. She was a very beautiful woman, and her makeup looked demon.

She looked at me up and down, then deliberately flirted with the fullness of her chest, making me blush. While my body had some changed by her flirtation.

"It's really a virgin. It's not bad. I accepted you."

Then, Catherine Green took out her phone from her bag and made calls one by one.

After the call, Catherine Green put her phone back in her bag and ordered me to follow her.

We went downstairs and got into Catherine Green's car, then she dragged me away, while I didn't know where to go.

On the way, she gave me two pills, saying that I ate them before serving the distinguished guest later.

I didn't know what the function of that pill was, but I knew the English, Viagra.

Looking at the two pills, I pondered that I might meet an old woman in great need later, but for the money, I recognized it.

After a while, Catherine Green pulled me into a five—star hotel room. She asked me to wait a while.

I honestly waited, I was afraid.

Soon, Catherine Green came with the distinguished guest. After I was told to entertain, she left the room.

The distinguished guest who was brought into the room dressed in luxurious clothes with long wine—red hair and a pair of sunglasses that covered half of her face. When she took off her sunglasses, I couldn't help but tremble in my heart. She was very beautiful and charming, so I saw that my heart was beating so fast, I had never seen such a beautiful woman. And looking at her, she was only a few years older than me.

I gave it to such a beautiful woman for the first time and still earn money. I was satisfied and I was willing to do it.

She held the big sunglasses in her hand, her beautiful mouth covered her temples, and looked at me up and down for a while, then let me do the thing.


I was stunned. I didn't know what she had asked me to do.

Then she laughed and spit out her temples. She said, "You take off your clothes."

I just came back to myself and took off my clothes. But in the process of taking off, I accidentally gave away the two pills that Catherine Green gave.

"Catherine Green says that I should eat these two pills before I serve for you. I forget ..."

I was embarrassed. I wanted to find some water to eat the pills quickly, but she didn't give me a chance at all. She just crushed the pills by her high—heeled shoes, then she smiled and threw me a dress to wear on.

It was a piece of leather with a legging and only two hands exposed, which I felt uncomfortable with.

I just put it on, then she walked behind me.

In the next moment, I felt that high heels were resting on the poles of my back spine. At the same time, the ropes on my leather clothes were being tugged tightly and tied me like a mule.

As she stood on the floor, she sat on the bed beside her and took off her silver high heels, revealing her little feet wrapped in black stockings.

I swore that I had never seen such a beautiful foot. It was whiter than many girls' faces.

It was white and tender, and even a few of her nails were dyed red, making them look especially sexy.

Through the thin black stockings, I could see that there was no dead skin on that little foot. It was very clean and tender. It was really beautiful.

When I was immersed in her beautiful feet, she suddenly spoke to me. Her voice sounded very good, it sounded like nature, but I was surprised by her words.

"You crawl over and lick my feet with your tongue."