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Out the Haze, In Your Love

Out the Haze, In Your Love



  At the age of 28, her life is still like a stagnant pool of water. What’s worse, due to the awful and terrible temper that her mother behaves, almost everyone thinks the apple doesn’t fall far away from the apple tree, her life turns out to be nothing dull and lifeless. Until that night-she was forcibly dragged into the car by a strange man and surrounded by his fiery breath.The man said: "help me and I can give you everything." Humiliation, pain, excitement ... After a night of entanglement, she disappeared. The red blood left on the expensive car seat was like a poppy flower. After searching all over the city, he reappeared in front of her and said, "Grace, I can give you a home." However, only after she got married did she realize what a great figure she had provoked!Whatever they have been through, they are sunshine to each other.
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Outside the window, the night sky is calm and hazy. The warm yellow street lamp in the distance is blooming with a lonely halo under the unclear night sky.

Grace, holding a book in her hand, was savoring one of the words: "life is like running water, and all of these unpleasant things will pass forever. If you are doomed to spend your whole life in this way, it is useless to be unhappy.

Someone has to admit that it is reasonable in our life.

The sound of throwing things in the living room mixed with abuse and invective has lasted for more than two hours. However, Grace has already been accustomed to this long—standing family phenomenon.

She thought of the biggest failure in her life was to born in such a family, where stands a gambling father, an extreme mother along with a disappointed young brother……

It is said that a miserable woman can reincarnate from her marriage. Grace believes it and still have fantasy with her marriage. Of course, fantasy and expectation are two different things. What she really fantasizes about is not how pure and burning love should be but a peaceful harbour where she can get rid of this endless quarrelsome family.

Finally, dragging her numb feet, Grace went out and slammed the door, leaving the endless quarrel and “peaceful” fight.

No one knows when she will go out and why, and no one cares.

Walking aimlessly along the secluded road in front of her, she walked to a phoenix tree. Grace stared at the phoenix flowers blooming all over the tree. In every May of the year, these flowers are blooming like a burning torch, which makes the whole city into a red one.

"Ah ..."

Around the silence, suddenly came a man's heavy roar, she looked around doubtfully. Hundreds of meters away, there is a car hidden in the dark and seems to be a person in it, but due to the distance, Grace has no idea of what happened.

Curiosity drove her to approach the car step by step. Even though the surroundings were dark, she could still see the man with a resolute and handsome face by moonlight, but ...

He seemed to be in great pain, with fine beads of sweat oozing from his forehead, shining brightly in the moonlight.

"Sir, what's the matter with you?"

She peered out of the car window and whispered, wondering if the man was having an attack, appendicitis, heart disease, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction...

"Help me...The strange man's deep eyes were fixed on her, and his expression was more painful than ever.

Although Grace doesn't know what help the man asked for, she still nodded sympathetically: "Well, how?"

"come in!" His voice is still very heavy, the sweat on his forehead has been plummeting, looking at him so painful, Grace opened the door and sat in without hesitation.

"Sir, do you want me to help you find the medicine or call your family?"

In the meanwhile, Grace quickly pulled out a piece of paper and wiped the sweat from his forehead. As soon as her fingertips touched his fiery cheek, the man immediately rolled over and put her down on the car seat ...

"what are you doing? Let me go! " Shocked, Grace brain blast in an instant blank!

The man seemed to hear nothing. No matter how Grace resisted and pushed, she could not stop him from tearing her clothes. Seeing her innocence was in jeopardy, she shouted desperately, "Help ..."

As soon as the cry for help spilled out, the man's hot lips pressed up. He pressed her hands tightly, like a captive beast. Whether she was in tears or not, the man just wanted to let all the fire out of his body!

Finally struggling to exhaustion, the man removed his lips, leaned over her ear and said heavily, "don't shout, I've been drugged, you must help me, I'll give you whatever you want!"

"Well ..." There was not even room to think. He leaned over and held down the girl beneath him ...