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Diana's Love Life

Diana's Love Life



  Diana’s first marriage was with a dead man in a powerful family. However, she found that she once been involved in something unspeakable with the brother of her husband. What’s more, she had been the brother’s secretary arranged by the family. Things went on in a strange way...
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The lights outside were brilliant and the atmosphere upstairs was quite harmonious.

However, all this excitement did not belong to Diana.

The unmarried couple holding the engagement ceremony upstairs was her good friend and ex—boyfriend. Originally, she was going to make a scene today, but when she reached the banquet hall, she realized that she couldn't even enter there. What an irony!

She looked at the blue enchantress in her hands. They were sent by a girl when she was not looking good enough in washroom. It was a pity if she had thrown it away.

With the flowers, she was ready to leave this hotel that made her feel unhappy.

The elevator door opened, and subconsciously she prepared to enter. But when she realized that it was going up, she immediately stopped.

A man in black stood in the elevator. The man saw the flower in her hands and was surprised, "You're Doris? Our boss has been waiting for you for a long time. Why are you here?"

Before Diana Wood

hereinafter referred to as Diana

reacted, she was pulled into the elevator by the man in black.

"You misunderstood someone." Diana struggled.

The man said, "Dear Doris, do you know where this layer of fabric outside the flower in your hands comes from? If I were you, I would not waste any effort. Since you have already received the money, please obey the necessary professional ethics."

What? What happened? Who is Doris? What's the charge?

Diana was confused and a bad foreboding came into her mind.

Until she was thrown into a stunningly luxurious bossial suite, she could not escape the man's restraint.

What was hateful was that in order to get into the banquet hall, she had specially put on a small dress and took a handbag today. She did not even bring her ID card. So now, she couldn’t identify herself.

In the magnificent living room of the bossial suite, there was an imposing tall man. His facial features were deep and his look was extraordinary, but his eyes were a little cold.

"You would take my money and break the date? Your boss taught you like that?"

After initial trance, Diana roughly understood what was going on. She could not help but want to laugh. It seemed that the problem was most likely with the blue enchantress.

It turned out that she had been pitted by the girl who looked very pure.

Why was it so coincidental? Diana believed that it was God's will. So why didn't she indulge herself? Anyway, her fate might be miserable since tomorrow. Even if she wanted to find someone to have an affair, she couldn’t find it.

Thinking about this, she subconsciously looked at the man.

In all senses, the man was the best among handsome guys. As she looked at his bloated body under the shirt, her eyes flashed a little ... She was going to marry a dying person tomorrow, then she would probably be widow for the rest of her life. To have sex with this handsome man was worthy.

"Hey." Louis Miller

hereinafter referred to as Louis

seemed to be dissatisfied with the way Diana behaved, so he said much coldly.

Diana was not afraid of him for he was not her customer, so she did not need to be careful.

She lowered her head and smiled softly, "I'm sorry, it's my first time so I don’t know how to do."

This lowered smile made the man's pupils shrink as if he was instantly hit by a stream of heat.

"Come here." He asked in a hoarse voice.

Diana was actually flustered inside, however, she thought that her expression was very comfortable. In order to make herself be more experienced, she even deliberately made a provocative expression. She walked to touch the man's face with fingers and appraised, "nice."