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Under the Conspiracy

Under the Conspiracy



  Kidnapped after drinking, she is sent to the mysterious man's bed as a snack. With a narrow escape, she tried to forget the crazy night. But the unexpected pregnancy, let her involved in a larger conspiracy, she had to be forced to run away.
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This must not be true!

Handcuffs? Ankle straps? Her back was against the soft big bed, and the transparent mesh that was as thin as a cicada wing, covering only the important parts. What the hell was that?

Alice Bakes struggled a few times, and her pain came from her wrist.

Not long ago, she was still celebrating her birthday with her classmates at KTV.

She thought it was a gift from a friend, but she did not expect her to be invited into the luxury car by several strong men in black clothes.

When she realized that she had been kidnapped, she began to struggle. In the end, a handkerchief with a fragrant incense covered her mouth.

Then, she knew nothing.

When she thought about this, Alice could not help but shiver. A cold sensation rose from her back. She started to look around uneasily.

Luxurious bedrooms, each of them worth a price.

The veil was light and the large empty room was even more weird because of the silence!

"Hello ... is anyone?" Alice wanted to call for help, but only a weak, broken voice came out of her throat.

She was shocked by her body's strangeness. It was really hot!

The strange heat flowed inside her body.

A thin layer of sweat had leaked out of her skin, and she felt her brain faint. Her limbs were soft and weak as if she was drunk.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

With a snoring, Alice trembled as she heard the urgent and noisy footsteps.

Then, the shadows shook as several servants—like women walked over. They quickly opened her handcuffs and straps, and tore her nets, which she could not cover.

"Save me…" Alice said, but she heard a shriek.

The servant did not seem to hear her voice, dimmed the lights, covered her with a thin blanket and quickly left the room.

"Don't go!" Alice’s powerless body propped up.

Alice almost sat up with all her strength and panted against the soft bed.

The door was suddenly pushed open.

She thought that the servants had returned, but she did not want to walk in several men in black.

They respectfully stood in two rows to welcome the young man who appeared in the end.

The man walked to the bed with his elegant steps, his tall and straight body, and that powerful and cold atmosphere instantly filled the entire bedroom, giving him a sense of oppression that was almost choking.

"Is it her?" The man said, his voice low and slightly unhappy.

"Yes, Young Master, the Lord personally picked it for you. It must be the best one for you."

The man stared at the person on the bed for a few seconds and said, "Are you an adult?"

The middle—aged man behind him quietly wiped his forehead and said, "Young Master, today is her 18th birthday."

The man was silent!

After a while, he waved his hand. After everyone respectfully saluted, they left the room again.

Alice’s eyes were blurred. She shook her head and wanted to see the man's appearance.

But the shadow hit her, her petite and weak body, instantly fell into a generous embrace.

Before she could react, her nose was filled with a good masculine smell.