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Love me, Lost me

Love me, Lost me



  When Angela Smith lost everything, Jack Roberts appeared as a savior. Later, they got married with their own purpose, but after the divorce, they were still tangled.
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At night, the mammoth rain was washing down like a pour. All of a sudden, the lightning that had slipped through it was filled with thunder, making the whole world shrouded in treacherousness.

There was no light in the dimly lit room, and the heavy curtains obscured the faint light from the night light in the Presidential Suite.

On the luxurious king—size bed, the two people with their necks engaged in the most primitive exercise ...

This night, it had become the biggest turning point in her life. In the end, she used too much to honor all of this.

When she woke up after the effect, Angela Smith’s whole body hurt as if she had been crushed. Once she was aching, she seemed to be falling apart.

Her hands slowly raised his teeth as he bit his lips.

Suddenly, her nose was sore and uncontrollable. Her eyes were already wet.

Because of panic and fear, she couldn't wait to see the man who was sleeping with her back. She gritted her teeth and got out of bed. She picked up the clothes on the floor and then quickly left.

With a thunderous thunder, Angela walked in under heavy rain as if she had lost her soul, but her body was already drenched.

The tears had already flooded the moment they came out ...

They all said that it was best to cry when it rained. Once you stand in the rain, no one knows your weakness.

Angela smiled and cried ... Seemingly under the dim streetlights.

She didn't know how she walked back. Looking at the lights at home, Angela was momentarily absent—minded ...

It was already early morning when she left the Sophia Hotel. Why did the house still light up after so long?

Angela did not dare to go in. She stood at the door and looked at the house ... The pain in her heart instantly pressed over the body crushed by the man.

The door was suddenly opened. Even if she wanted to hide, it was too late.

"Miss?" Anna from Smith’s family came out. When she saw her, she was stunned, then hurried up. "Miss, where have you been? I couldn't get through the phone one night ..." Her voice was urgent. "Something is wrong!"

Angela's heart sighed and she gently lowered her eyelids.

Anna did not notice Angela's embarrassment but thought that she did not bring an umbrella. "Mr. has fallen from the building site ... is being rescued at the hospital. Young Master's phone is not reachable either, neither of yours can be reached ... He had a heart attack again. "

Anna said that what Carlos did not understand clearly was that when she heard the word "fall", she instantly "buzzed" in her mind. It was empty!

Anna saw that Angela was frightened and silly, and she did not care about anything else. She pulled her hand and walked towards the car by the side of the road.

She did not care about her loss, so she looked at Anna with red eyes and trembling: "Anna, you, you" Because of fear, she could not even utter a complete character. And said, "What did you just say?"

The driver was Anna's husband, Cole. He looked at Angela from the rearview mirror and drove carefully towards the hospital.

Anna's expression turned even heavier. She said in a sigh, "There was an accident on the construction site, saying that it was Mr. accidentally falling into a building. She was being rescued.

Without saying anything.

When the car reached the hospital, both Carlos Smith and Taylor were on the rescue.

The empty corridor was especially treacherous in the rainy night as if there was a breath of death everywhere.

Angela stood at the entrance of the operating room wet, her eyes looking at the "in operation" lamp without any expression ...

Cole stepped forward and took off his jacket to cover Smith’s body. "Miss, Mr., and Mrs. are so nice, they'll be fine."

"What about Carlos?" Smith’s eyes did not move, she just asked coldly.

Cole sighed, his face was helpless and heavy: "Young Master did not come back ... the phone could not be reached."

The corner of Angela's mouth sneered, her eyes slowly spilling out of hatred.

Instantly, something cold exploded in the heart, her eyes red, and she gritted her teeth. She forced the tears back.

Why did she believe that Carlos was going to give her that money tonight?

She obviously knew that a gambler could not be saved anymore ... but she still believed it. Even she was framed by him and lost her precious first time.

Angela's hands were tightening tighter and tighter as if as long as she used less strength, she would not be able to support her ...

Time seemed to have been slower than ever before, so Angela stood there and waited until the rain stopped outside, and the sky became brighter.

The wait was long, but there was no news, but at least he could hope.

However, at the dawn of the day, Angela felt that the world had completely abandoned her.

"I'm sorry, we've done our best."

Carlos thought she would break down, but when the doctor mechanically said this, she was extremely quiet. "Doctor, what about my mother?"

"Mrs. Smith’s condition is temporarily under control, but ..." The doctor looked at the girl in front of her.

"It's fine, I can take it," Angela said quietly, but the tension in her eyes had betrayed her.

The doctor sighed, "Mrs. Smith’s heart is too much to bear. When she was rescued, her heart stopped beating a few times. Although she was already under control, she might not be able to wake up, not necessarily."

Angela only felt that her legs were weak, and the whole person had no supporting force ... Suddenly, her eyes suddenly were dark, and she almost did not faint.

"Miss, Miss ..." Cole and Anna hurriedly held on to Angela, and her tired face was completely worried.

Angela closed her eyes and stabilized her eyes. She opened her eyes and said hoarsely, "I'm fine ..."

Her eyes trembled, and Angela wanted to be stronger ...

She looked at the bed being pushed out, her hands trembled and gently pulled open the covered white cloth. Looking at her father who had no signs of life, she could not control anymore and cry out.

"Daddy ... Daddy ..." Angela cried in tears as she hugged Carlos. She kept on shouting "Father", but she didn't know what else to say.

Anna wiped her tears secretly, and Cole looked sad at Angela ...

"Good home, why are you suddenly ..." Anna was already in tears. "What's wrong?"

The doctor looked at this scene and sighed, then turned around and left with the death report ... Seeing so many lives and deaths, but every time he saw such a farewell scene, he was worried.

However, the doctor had not yet walked far away. Suddenly, there was a terrifying voice behind him ...

"Miss, Miss ..."

The doctor turned around and saw that Angela limp on the ground and fainted.