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Mansion Keys

Mansion Keys

Author:Kesong Natunaw


It is about Kim Dahyun who is a humble schoolgirl, she works hard as a shipper(delivery girl) by day and café waitress by night. Dahyun has a simple life with her loving family but she's happy with it until she unexpectedly learns that she's an heiress..
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  The pleasant sound of whistling can be heard in the bustling streets of Seodaemun-gu, a pretty schoolgirl whose skin was more radiant than the sun itself rode on a cute brown bike while dinging the tiny bells, she was the one whistling. The schoolgirl was in a hurry so she spoke:


Ring, ring

"Excuse me please, coming through!"

  The people went away from the main road where the pretty girl was driving in, she was in such a hurry.

  She was pedaling with all her might to catch the green light, a few seconds came and:

  "Nooooo..! hmp!"

  The school girl shook her head in disappointment because she didn't catch the green light but the red light instead, several cars were waiting along with her; but she was the most frustrated of them all.

  She looked at her wristwatch frowning:

  "Aigoo, why does red lights have to exist?!"

  Besides her already heavy black backpack full of textbooks and homework, she also has a big woven basket on the back filled with non perishable goods ordered by her customers; waiting to be delivered after school.

  The girl looks like she's going to cry as she mumbled sadly:

  ".. I'm gonna be late, my teacher will kill me for sure!"

  Once the green light appeared again, the schoolgirl was the one who sped ahead of the other cars. She thought jokingly: "If my biking speed can be counted, I'd win the Olympics..."

  Soon enough, she luckily reached the school which was Changgu Highschool.

  The girl hurriedly got off from her bike and parked it nicely somewhere secluded, she took her stuff from the tiny bicycle and stuffed them in her already filled backpack; most of her classmates have their own cars or are driven to Changgu high school by their luxuriant chauffeurs or they had their own cars.

  The girl made a hasty run towards the huge highschool building when a random girl stopped her out of nowhere by standing in front of her despite of her obviously running; she had flowing, medium cut, wavy red hair, an oval-shaped face with smooth porcelain skin and delicate facial features—while she might be very pretty but she still looks intimidating, she was also taller than the other girl. The other girl looks so mean.

  The poor schoolgirl who was stopped had no time to waste, so the she politely spoke:

  "Miss, can you please excuse me? I'm really running because I don't want to be late.. I'm sorry, thank you.. "

  ©Kesong Natunaw