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Be You Wife

Be You Wife



One midnight, when I was drawing a comic book in my bedroom, a thick smell of blood came into my nose. Unexpectedly, a man with a gunshot wound suddenly broke into my bedroom. Outsides, a dozen people jumped off a helicopter to search for him. However, he put something hard against my waist and forced me to be quiet. “If you dare to make any sound...” The gun in his hand was loaded. In the moonlight, the man was handsome and grim enough to be the male role in my comic book. However, when the hunters left, he suddenly kissed me as if his mind was totally controlled by drugs!
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Walton Hotel. Room 315.

Through the gap in the door, April Mara glanced at the clothes that were thrown all over the room.

"Henry, Henry..."

This voice, April Mara was too familiar with it!

April Mara looked at the two who were entangled on the bed, and felt that the sky had turned dark!

"Henry... How about dump that slut? You have been together for a year with her and she has never let you touch her. She doesn't care about your feelings at all … Unlike me, I truly love you from the bottom of my heart …" The brutality of the man made the woman moan nonstop.

April Mara's eyes turned blood—red. She could not believe everything that had just happened before her eyes!

Today was the birthday of her boyfriend Henry Rogers. The surprise he spoke of, could it be that he wanted her to come and see … This filthy scene?

Henry Rogers was her senior at university and he had a gentle personality. There were many people in the university who pursued her, but he was the only one who moved her.

He had never lost his composure in a year of dating. He was considerate, gentle, and funny.

She had always thought that after graduation, she would marry Henry Rogers …

But she didn't expect that... Today, he gave her a big slap in the face.

April Mara's heart hurt so much that it was about to split open!

"Henry Rogers —" April Mara kicked open the door!

The two on the bed were startled. The man stopped and turned his head to look at her with great dissatisfaction.

He stared at April Mara who was standing at the door wearing a white dress and looking like a goddess. He shook his head with all his might, his handsome face wrinkling into a frown.

The alcohol numbed his senses, and his vision blurred.

"Henry, ignore her!" The seductive woman on the bed turned around and sat on Henry Rogers's waist. Without the slightest of shame, she turned her head and stared at April Mara arrogantly, her face revealing a proud and cold sneer.

She intentionally left the door of the hotel room unlocked. She was also the one who fuddled Henry Rogers and sent the text message to April Mara telling her come here for the birthday party.

Heh … Everything was arranged by her! How about it?

The man, she got him.

She slept with Henry Rogers, how could he ignore her?!

Humph! April Mara! So, what if you're the goddess of the whole school? The male god is in my hands! Hurry up and get out of my way!

"Henry, continue..."

Henry Rogers tried his best to push her away, but he couldn't.

Camila Moore stared at him in dissatisfaction, she turned and shot a sinister glance at April Mara, "April Mara! You saw it too, Henry is my man now. If you have a face, stop pestering him! "

April Mara's bloody red eyes stared intently at the two people! Gritting her teeth, she walked into the room step by step. It was as though an immense force was generated beneath her feet!

"Pa!" April Mara slapped her. Camila Moore fell onto the bed, her face quickly swelling into a red bun!

She covered her face in shock! April Mara's eyes were terrifyingly cold! She looked like a devil that had crawled out of hell!

Camila Moore trembled in fear.

"April Mara —" Hearing the familiar voice, Henry Rogers woke up from his stupor and quickly covered himself with a sheet. His head was heavy as he sat up and reached out to grab her. I'm sorry, I'm drunk... Listen to my explanation... I didn't know it was her …"

"Don't touch me! Take your dirty hands away! " "April Mara flung herself away with all her might and sent a slap across Henry Rogers's face! "Pa!" Henry Rogers's ears buzzed!

April Mara clenched her teeth and asked: "You didn't know it was her? You want to do this to me? "

"April Mara..."

Henry Rogers felt a splitting headache!

Weird... Camila Moore... Why she was in his bed?

April Mara bent over and picked up a mobile phone, then took a few photos of them.

"April Mara! What are you doing? " Camila Moore jumped down to the ground and pounced forward to grab the phone, but she was kicked away by April Mara.

April Mara was like a demon god and her entire body emitted killing intent. She walked to the window and casually threw all their clothes and their phones out.

April Mara sneered and glanced at Camila Moore, "Didn't you say you want to be seen by everyone? I will make you satisfied …"

April Mara took big steps and walked out!

These two flies made her feel disgusted just by looking at them!

Exiting the hotel, April Mara hugged her head, and squatted on the side of the road. She needed to go throw up a little.

Not only she felt painful, but also she got sick.

At the age of ten, she had become an orphan, relying on herself for everything. Accepting Henry Rogers was also because he was an upright and considerate person. However, she didn't expect him to do such a thing when he was drunk!

And Camila Moore! They were bestfriends! How could she?

April Mara was in so much pain that her whole body was about to split open!

At this time, Camila Moore, who was standing by the window, cursed fiercely: "April Mara! I curse your entire family! Your whole family will die a horrible death! "

April Mara stood up and stared at the stairs. The night wind tore at her hair and skirt! A hint of chilliness flashed through her clear eyes! She can bully her! Why did she curse her entire family?! Her parents were dead. Did she plan to dig up them and scold them?

Camila Moore! You are too vicious!

April Mara held the phone close to her ear and said each word clearly, "911? There is prostitution in room 315 of the Walton Hotel! "

After a while, a police car stopped in front of the hotel.

Two policemen solemnly entered the hotel. The two men upstairs had no clothes, no cell phones, no ID cards.

Soon, the police escorted the two wrapped in bath towels into the police car.

April Mara watched everything, gritting her teeth, enduring the anger! She endured until her heart ached, endured until her eyes began to ache! However, she was stubborn and strong enough to not let herself shed a single tear!

She was very tired, and she really wanted to find a big bed to lie on while she slept … But no... She wanted to make money! She wanted to survive!

By the time she got home, it was already deep into the night.

Under the dim yellow light, April Mara was drawing a map earnestly. Suddenly, a tall shadow flashed across the balcony.

Someone came in from the balcony?

It was so late. Who was that?

A thick smell of blood... Came into her nose!