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Cherished Royal Bride of Divorced Kimg

Cherished Royal Bride of Divorced Kimg



The King rumored to be cold, handsome and cruel divorced his first wife after she tried to rebel against him by sentencing her to isolation palace. Then he made a request for a new bride by trial. A noble Cinderella, Celine, have accidentally stumbled onto his view at the royal potential bride viewing as a lady in waiting to her adopted sister and he have selected her.
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  A dark stormy night as a woman with long black hair as black as midnight and ruby red eyes glared up at the window, awaiting trial. She has been locked in the tower as she wonder of her fate. "Queen, Lilith, the king is here to see you."

  The queen's face twisted from pitiful to hopeful as she commanded to open the door. A man with red hair and amethyst jewels for eyes stood in the doorway obviously wearing the king's clothes as to who will imitate the king but the king himself.

  "My king, I know you couldn't send me away, I just-." her eyes widened at the divorce paper and she snatched it as the king stayed motionless. "This has to be a mistake. I didn't know I would be a figure head for a rebellion. my king have mercy! Derrick, how can you do this, do you not cherish our love for so many years?!" The queen knew all her luxury and attention will fade from her grasp, as she try to grab his hand. She watched as a girl with long periwinkle hair and green eyes snicker, she adorned a white priestess outfit, her name was "Fantasia Abelle" the priestess and childhood friend of King Derrick.

  "What love? Fantasia, strip the queen of her powers, I released the seal on you." said King Derrick as he snatched his hand from the woman he once love grasp as she fell onto the floor.

  Fantasia nods and pressed her thumb against the queen's forehead removing the magical symbol shaped like a peony that the queen wore. The Queen Lilith eyes went blank as a release of magical energy releases from Lilith back into Derrick. Lilith fell onto the floor and Fantasia smile turned a bit sinister as she watched Lilith convulsed from the reaction of the ritual. Fantasia walked over to Derrick and out of spite told him. "Lilith, might need a royal doctor, heck she might no live, might as well execute her. She once claimed she was pregnant, it might not be yours." said Fantasia as she smiled sadisticly.

  "Alrighty we'll give her a full check up in the morning, then straight to the chopping block."

  "Fantasia, prepare an annoucement, all maidens between the age of 15-18, rich or poor, power or no power to come to the royal ball. I will select a new, Queen. said Derrick as he slicked his red hair back and his purple eyes shot daggers at the former queen who is still convulsing on the floor as a doctor rushed in and attends to her.

  "Don't disappoint me, Fantasia."

  Fantasia grit her teeth and kicked the doctor. "Stop treating her!" Fantasia rage could not be contained as she thought to herself while biting her lips hard that she drew blood. "I should have been queen from the start!" Fantasia stormed out the room and as she did the storm rages.

  Meanwhile in the Town of Iustita, the Duke Ferdinand mansion, a girl with eyes bearing of  silver and long silver hair like the duke's was humming away in her attic loft bedroom as she brush her long hair.

  As she walked to her bed and prepare for her slumber, a marking on her forehead appeared a mark of a Peony.

  A new bride has been found.