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Mommy, Run! Daddy  is Coming!

Mommy, Run! Daddy is Coming!



Susan never believed in love or men. But she loved babies, and wished she could have a baby of her own. So she lured a handsome man named Frank into bed so she could steal his great gene and bear a baby with him. Six years later, she met with Frank again, Susan recognized the man was the one she slept with that night! Susan found out he was the CEO of the biggest business group in town! But Frank didn't know Susan was the woman who had a one-night stand with him that day, and they even had a cute adorable son. A series killer kept murdering people, as the best Forensic Doctor in the city, Susan was in charge of the cases, but it turned out those cases were related to Frank...
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The moonlight is cool, and the water silver moonlight sprinkles into the dim hotel room.

In contrast to the cold moonlight was the room's temperature. indescribable ambiguous feeling silently spread throughout the room.

A woman in a fiery red dress stood by the bed. She anxiously started to undress the man on the bed, her eyebrows lightly knitted and her tender lips muttering: Susan, Susan, you have read so many ancient medical books, it's all in vain! Wasn't he just a man!? After seeing so many male corpses, didn't you overcome as well? What was there to be afraid of in front of this living man? Susan, you can do it! "

The woman talking to herself at that time was called Susan Jones. She was the only descendant of the medical family called Jones Family's thirteenth generation! It wasn't easy for her to choose the man in front of her. No, in fact, it was his sperm that seduce her! So she did something to get him here.

"Emma? The man's sword like eyebrows were raised and his vision was blurry. He could only see a fiery red figure moving around in front of him. He could also feel a pair of cold little hands unbuttoning his chest.

Hearing his moans, Susan was thrown into a state of confusion.

Really? What she gave him was nothing more than a sleeping pill! She had accurately calculated the composition and dosage of the medicine! In order not to harm his body, but also to not let him wake up in the process!

Now, could it be impossible that this man was about to wake up?

A blurry image appeared in Frank’s mind. However, his body was still numb and he could not use much strength.

"Woman, you don't want to live anymore. What exactly do you want from me?" The man's voice was clear and low, but it had an unquestionable conviction. Even after being drugged, the domineering aura exuded from him did not decrease in the slightest.

Susan pouted. She saw that the man could only speak and did not even have the strength to sit up, so she was not worried!

Her seductive lips curled up into a sly smile. "I want to live! I only tied you up here because I wanted to live! As for you, don’t worry, I'm not even interested in throwing your life away! I'm only interested in stealing your sperm! "

She wasn't interested in men, nor did she feel that men were reliable creatures!

A man in clothes, a man who only knows how to speak flowery words, a man who doesn't wear clothes...Sorry, she, Susan, felt that she knew men better than men. She could even close her eyes and point out some parts of a man's organ and what they could be used for. She could even expand her focus to include disease, its cause and treatment!

It was true that she didn't like men, but as a top medical family, Susan’s family couldn't afford to lack descendants!

That was why she wanted to get the man's sperm and give birth to a baby!

This was the first time Frank had heard such outrageous words from a woman's mouth, but under the effects of the medicine, his vision was still blurry, and he could only make out a few beautiful images, "Woman, stop right now, I can only consider letting you go! Otherwise...”

Frank had not finished speaking, but Susan took off his clothes.

"Why are you so girly, man?" Susan interrupted Frank and said majestically: "Be careful, you are in my hands right now! Take it easy, after getting your sperm, I will let you go! Now.....”

"Woman, are you playing hard to get?" Frank frowned as he felt the cold fingers of the woman brushing against his chest. He suppressed his trembling and said in a hoarse voice, "If this is your new trick to seduce me, then let me tell you, you are very special, and you are also the first woman who dares to treat me like this! "

"I'm not trying to seduce you!" Susan immediately retorted, "I only want your sperm. As for your other things, I'm not interested in them at all!"

Just as she finished speaking, Susan had already taken off her red dress.

Her small face was as red as a fire, so red that it seemed to drip blood. When she pressed her cold little hand against her cheek, she could feel her own face burning.

This was her first time!

Although she had read countless medical books and dissected countless male corpses, she hadn't even kissed a man, much less done this kind of thing with him! Now they were in actual combat, she could not suppress the guilt in her heart and felt dizzy.

"What is it? Aren’t you continuing? No? Or are you afraid? “Frank’s cold and charming voice rang beside Susan’s ears, catching her in reality from her imagination.

"Who, who's afraid!?" "Who wouldn’t?" Susan was seen through by Frank, she retorted subconsciously: "I'll show you right now, you will see whether I can or not."

With that, Susan bent down and pressed her lips against his.

As she kissed him, Susan realized that something was wrong.

Didn't I take the initiative to kiss him? How come she was dominated by a man? The key point was that her heart was still beating erratically from the kiss. Her head was numb and her body was swollen. She didn't seem like herself at all.

Frank had no idea that when he gradually came to his senses.

He held the woman in his arms between his body and the bed.

"No matter what method you use, it's all because you want to stay by my side, isn't it?" Frank’s body had already begun to move, but his mind and vision were still not sharp enough. "However, this kind of you is very fresh and tasty. I will allow you to stay by my side."

"I won't!" Susan was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She really only wanted the sperm, and not some bad intentions towards him!

"Woman, it's not good to not say anything!"

Frank’s breath landed on her face, causing her to fall into a state of confusion again.

Suddenly ...Susan stopped speaking stubbornly, her eyebrows wrinkled as though they were knotted, and her eyes started to tear up. She was clearly in pain, but she was able to endure it and not cry out, cursing in her heart: Damn it! She had read the medical records, and they said that the first time would be painful!

However, why did it hurt so much!?

"You? Is it your first time? "