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The Notorious Forensic Doctor: Sophia

The Notorious Forensic Doctor: Sophia



  She had never expected that she would slept with her deadly enemy, but it turned out to be a good match for both of them. While after marriage, his indifference finally angered her. “You damn bastard!”
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Sophia put down the anatomical knives and carefully slapped the white cloth.

After getting out of the dissection room, Sophia took off the white plastic gloves for the first time and carefully clean them in the sink.

Behind her, they waited for a long time, but knowing the habit of the famous female forensic doctor in the city procuratorate, they quietly waited for her washing hands. After all, she was a notoriously neat freak.

"Forensic doctor Sophia, the case of the second confirmation of the deceased, how to say?" Sir Lau with the criminal police bridge came forward and asked.

Wiping the hands in Sophia, looking up, some accidents.

Sir Lau of the Criminal police bridge has been following up the case, and the man standing on the side of the pen, if not mistaken, seems to be the squadron leader of the Criminal police bridge, Dennis.

I have seen one side before, because I look good, so I have some impressions.

"It is indeed a death caused by suicide, and no suspicious substances were found in the body," said Sophia faintly.

Just the corpse, also at the age of seventeen, was examined by a special forensic doctor at the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The family members did not believe that they committed suicide, and they were unable to make a fuss, so they were sent to the procuratorate for confirmation twice.

Sir Lau embarrassedly touched his head and said, "Dr. Sophia, it is troublesome for you, and the weekend will let you come over."

Sophia hooked the corner and said, "Nothing."

Dennis’s heartbeat was a little faster. This case did not need him to follow. He heard Sir Lau contact the procuratorate’s phone in the office. He heard the name of Sophia and he was a little bit tempted.

From the first time in the scene of a major criminal case, she saw her in white, and she looked at the blood in the pool without hesitation. He remembered the woman firmly, and the ghosts followed him.

"Hello Dr. Sophia. I am Dennis."

The man in front of him politely decapitated, wearing a police uniform, a god—shaped pen, commensurate with his profession, the five senses were also very tough, it is worthy of a joke in the criminal police team.

Sophia smiled and was very satisfied with the other party’s move without shaking hands. "Hello, Captain Dennis, I've long been looking forward to meeting you."

Dennis had long been clear to inquire about her situation, of course, know her over the top, see a bit of a smile in her eyes, feel that they do homework also not wasted.

"This time Sir Lau's case is troublesome for you. If you look at it, there is no time, I am..."

The phone in Sophia pockets rang when the words were not finished.

Sorry for Sophia, I took the call and went to the corner.

Sir Lau saw her go far and pushed her captain. "The captain didn't look at it, everyone went far."

Dennis screamed, "I am waiting for her here, you should report the situation first."

Sophia’s mother was on the other side of the phone.

"The festival, this time the blind date is introduced by your Aunt Rhoda, the work was a little ordinary, but he was very good and practical, do not tease him once more."

Sophia sighed. "Mom, another date yet. I am only twenty years old and I don't want to get married."

"Why are you early, if you have done this, I need to be so anxious! You look at you, look good, study well, how can you not want to learn what forensic doctors..."

Sophia knows that my mom has to start thinking about how to make a speech at the beginning, and quickly slam the match, and then dare to scare away one.

"Okay, I know, I will go on time."

At the reply, Sophia’s mother was slightly satisfied and hung up after a few words.

She had an idea in her heart, and when she was ready to change her clothes, she saw that Dennis was still standing outside the anatomy.

"What's the matter with the Captain Dennis?"