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A Mistaken Night, A Right Darling

A Mistaken Night, A Right Darling



  Yan Anshi slept with a man when he was drunk, left a hundred and two dollars, and ran away. What? This man was actually her fiance's elder brother? In a gamble, she was treated as a wager, and her fiancé lost her to his big brother. Mu Chihuo was the ruler of this city. He was a grave and evil man with a single hand that could cover the sky. Yet, he had married an unknown woman. He had won a song every night. The outside world guessed that Mu Chihuo, who wielded great power in the business world, had fallen into the trap of beauties. She asked, "Why did you marry me?" "It suits me in every way." Yan Anxi pressed, "In what way?" Character? Appearance? "Body size?" "Except for his figure." Later she heard that she looked very much like a person, a dead woman. Afterwards, it was rumored that she had knocked out the child in her womb. Mu Chihuo grabbed her by the neck and said, "Yan Anyi, how dare you!"
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Mu City, night time.

That night, Yan An Xi drank a lot of alcohol while participating in the graduation gathering. Moreover, for some reason, after she finished the wine, her entire body felt somewhat hot. Moreover, it was the kind of heat that rose from the depths of her body, causing her to feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

Yan An Xi could only find an excuse and leave.

She returned to the hotel, fumbled in her purse for her room card, and pushed open the door.

Yan An Xi walked over to the bedside and fell asleep. While she was in a daze, she heard a series of footsteps, that got closer and closer, and finally stopped beside her.

Yan An Xi lifted her head, half squinting her beautiful eyes, and only saw a tall and straight stranger man currently looking down at her from above.

"You … "Who are you …" She asked, "Are you a waiter at the hotel, or... "Or …"

Before he finished speaking, Yan An Xi paused for a moment, then suddenly started laughing out loud, and continued to do so by himself: "The service now is already so good, sending goods to my doorstep, but I … I didn't call you Young Master, I already have a fiance … "

Young Master? Did this woman treat him as a man that was being sold?

The corner of the man's mouth curled up into a dangerous smile. He bent down and pinched her chin, and said in a low voice, "Even if I sell it, I'm afraid you won't be able to afford it."

When he smelled the alcohol on her body, he frowned in disgust.

Yan An Xi was pinched a little painfully by his strength. "Be gentle, it's hurting me. You go out. "I'm going to sleep. Remember to close the door for me …"

The man snorted, he released his hand and was about to turn around and leave, when Yan An Xi suddenly took the initiative and pulled his sleeves.

"Hot, it's so hot …" Why is your hand so cold and comfortable? It's best not to let go … "

The man stopped walking and mercilessly waved away her hand without even looking at her.

However, Yan An Xi actually wrapped herself around him, both of her hands tightly held onto the man's sturdy waist, and subconsciously muttered: "Hot, I hot …"

She tilted her head back and rubbed her chin against the man's chest, causing him to stiffen.

The man lowered his head. Under the dim light of the room, he was finally able to see the woman in his arms clearly.

His cold, hard silhouette suddenly softened, his brows slightly raised. "So it's you … …"

Yan An Xi had already lost her consciousness and could only follow her instincts to stick to the man's body. She continuously tugged at her clothes, exposing her round white shoulders as she continued to pull on them non—stop: "Wuwuwu, it's so hot, why can't I take it off … "Woo woo woo woo …"

The man asked, "Who drugged you?"

How could Yan An Xi still hear what he said? Her entire body felt hot and uncomfortable.

She only knew that the man before her was able to save her.

Yan An Xi's voice was soft and gentle like a kitten's, "Help me! Why is this dress so hard to take off? Turn the temperature of the air conditioner down a little bit more … "

No normal man would be able to resist her fiery passion.

The man chuckled. His voice was full of magnetism. He reached out a slender hand, felt the zipper of her dress, and slowly unzipped it.

A graceful figure was revealed to him, and the dark eyes of the man suddenly became darker.

He turned around and firmly pressed her down, "Little demoness, since you came to deliver me, I won't be polite."

The night was full of entanglement and chaos.

Yan An Xi fell into a deep sleep of exhaustion, but the man was playing with her hair. Her handsome face was indifferent, but her eyes flashed with a glimmer of light.

The next day.

Yan An Xi woke up while holding onto her brain that was about to explode. Just as sshe turned around, he saw a person lying beside him …

A man without clothes.

The muscles in his shoulders were so strong that she wanted to poke them.

She immediately sat up and quickly lifted the quilt in front of her before covering it up with a panicked expression.

Oh my god, this … What was going on? She slept with a strange man?

Yan An Xi turned her head to look at the man beside him, only to realize that not only was this man's figure good, his appearance was also top—notch.

The way a man was sleeping now was enough for him to directly paint.

Yan An Xi bit her lower lip as she tried her best to recall the events of the night before. Drink the broken piece.

Could it be that she walked into the wrong room and used the alcohol to rape this man?

That's not right, her room card belonged to this room, so she couldn't open the door to someone else's room!

After thinking about it, Yan An Xi suddenly realized that this man, was most likely the type that he was sold for. Young master, commonly known as the Cowherd.

Well, yes, that's it.

Yan An Xi secretly got off the bed, and picked up his clothes from the floor, and started putting them on. She didn't notice that the man had suddenly opened her eyes behind her.

After dressing himself, only then did Yan An Xi turn around to glance at the man on the bed. Seeing that he was still unconscious, Yan An Xi heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

She carefully opened her bag and said to herself as she rummaged through her bag, "Last night, no matter if you made the first move or I made the first move, I still have to give you the money. I still have a thousand dollars … Ah? Where's my money? "

Yan An Xi looked at her own wallet, and was instantly dumbstruck.

Other than a one—hundred—dollar bill, she only had two coins left, and that was from taking the subway a few days ago.

"One Thousand Yuan …" I don't have any more. Sigh, forget it. I'll give you a hundred yuan. There's no need to look for it. I'll give you two coins too. I'll give you both of them. "

Yan An Xi placed the one hundred and two yuan on the man's pillow. She didn't even dare to breathe loudly for fear of waking him up.

What if the man woke up and saw that she had only given him this amount of money, what would he do if he were to make a ruckus with her? She couldn't afford to lose face like that.

Yan An Xi didn't even dare to look back as she fled the room.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, the man opened his eyes and lazily sat up.

He stretched out his bony fingers and picked up the one hundred and two yuan. The man's thin lips curved into a smile. "You're only giving me this little reward after sleeping with me?"

Sweeping a glance at the wrinkled shirt under the bed with his deep gaze, the man picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Send a set of clothes to the hotel, now."

The other party replied respectfully, "Yes, Mubai."

The man carefully dressed himself and prepared to leave, but when he saw the money beside the pillow, he turned around and picked it up. With raised eyes and tail, he said in a deep and deep voice, "I won't go to the office today, we'll postpone it in the morning. I'll go to Mu Family first."

"Yes, Mubai."

The man turned around and walked out with a steady pace. His back was tall and straight, and the noble aura he exuded made others unable to ignore him.