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A Temporary Wife Worth Millions

A Temporary Wife Worth Millions



  Being a paparazzi making herself into a gossip headline was something that Xiao Yue would never have thought of. On the day of Tiannan Group's wedding, his bride had been replaced! Qi Xiaoyue was forcefully pulled onto the stage by Shen Qingcheng to act as a temporary bride. Kiss, debt repayment, contracts, admission to the hospital, being taken advantage of, having children and so on … In the dark of the night, Shen Qingcheng would often ask with a devilishly cold smile, "Wife, are you satisfied with my dragon service?" Qi Xiaoyue held onto her sore waist and begged, "Chief Shen, please let me go!"
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Qi Xiao Yue was beautiful and tall, with a baby face that was extremely exquisite! Long black hair and brown eyes. Ever since she was young, every student had said that she wasn't a mixed blood, right? But was it? She didn't know.

In the blink of an eye, Qi Xiao Yue had graduated. In order to ease the gambling debt that her goddamned mother had owed her. After was introduced by her classmate, she went onto the Eight Trigrams Magazine's paparazzi team, this pirate ship!

Ever since then, he had mastered all eighteen types of martial arts! Makeup and sneaking pictures were comparable to the old agents of the Republic of China.

Qi Xiao Yue drove the dining car, passing by many famous people dressed in luxurious clothing. All of these people held great importance to them, as they had the authority to do so! Those who wanted money had money!

And all of them were gathered for one person's wedding – The leader of the Tiannan Group, Shen Qing Cheng!

That's right! Qi Xiao Yue had also come for Shen Qing Cheng, but where was the damned Shen Qing Cheng?

She pushed the dining cart forward as she leisurely searched everywhere. When she arrived at the corridor, she heard a pair of men and women arguing in the hotel room!

"I don't care, but I want it! If you don't give it to us, we won't get married. " It was a woman's voice, brash and capricious, rude and spicy, without any self—respect at all.

"Whether or not you want to marry, it's not up to a single woman to threaten me." The voice of the other man sounded out. It was as cold as an Asura's, and it seemed to have lost all patience long ago.

Qi Xiao Yue leaned on the door and listened carefully. It was a big gossip! A wedding? Is there anyone else who's getting married here today? Is this man Shen Qing Cheng? The woman should be the bride's daughter, Yan Wei Wei?

They were going to fall out. What the hell, if this were to be published in a magazine, the sales of the magazine would go up in the sky. Maybe the editor would even give her a bonus?

When he thought about the bonus, Qi Xiao Yue's eyes lit up as he continued to dream about it. Suddenly, she felt her eyes light up. With a 'hu la' sound, the door in front of her was opened. The dazzling sunlight from the French windows shone into her eyes.

His expression was cold and unrestrained, a faint unhappiness could be seen between his brows, and inside the light, Shen Qing Cheng was like a god's day! The aura was so strong that it was suffocating.

Silence! Silence! An incomparable silence!

Qi Xiao Yue, Shen Qing Cheng, and Yan Wei Wei were all stunned.

Yan Wei Wei only wanted to act coquettish towards her future husband, to play with her temper, but she never expected that! She would be slapped in the face and heard by a waiter.

How embarrassing! For face, she had to get Shen Qing Cheng to agree to her request.

Yan Wei Wei, who reacted first, shouted angrily from behind Shen Qing Cheng, her high heels striking the ground.

"Shen Qing Cheng, I'll tell you! If you don't, I'll make you regret it. If you don't agree to my request, I'll immediately find someone to marry. Do you believe me? I will make you, Shen Qing Cheng, the laughingstock of the entire world! "

Shen Qing Cheng's face turned cold, his back facing Yan Wei Wei, his lips raised slightly, a ruthless look flashing past his eyes, he sneered slightly, then suddenly extended his hand to grab Qi Xiao Yue's wrist and pulled her in front of him.

Qi Xiao Yue was pulled to the front of the group and was instantly stunned. Was she going to be silenced?

Qi Xiao Yue was so frightened that her beautiful face immediately lost color, she struggled, and shouted: "I didn't hear anything, the two of you continue, I'm leaving first, I'm leaving first."

Just as Qi Xiao Yue was about to run away, his hand was firmly grasped by Shen Qing Cheng. His big hand, which was clear as to where her knuckles were, was clenched so tightly that Qi Xiao Yue's wrist was in pain! The kind of pain that hurt to the bone!

For a moment, Qi Xiao Yue felt that her wrist was going to break, she was going to be crippled by this damned man!

Shen Qing Cheng's thin lips slightly pursed, forming a beautiful curve: "Very good, Yan Wei Wei! We're going to have a wedding, a wedding! You go find your man, she's my bride today. "

Shen Qing Cheng grabbed Qi Xiao Yue's wrist, and dragged her away.

Behind Shen Qing Cheng and Qi Xiao Yue, there was the sound of Yan Wei Wei's hoarse roars, followed by the sound of things shattering.

Qi Xiao Yue's mind went blank? What are you doing? Dead man? She was kidnapped?

Qi Xiao Yue used the Eighteen Martial Arts, she could even use it to kick and bite, but it did not affect Shen Qing Cheng at all.

She was not short, and was even taller than Shen Qing Cheng. However, the difference in strength between males and females was naturally huge, Qi Xiao Yue was simply unable to open Shen Qing Cheng's shackles!

Shen Qing Cheng dragged the woman by his side and suddenly felt that she was a little annoying! He stared at Qi Xiao Yue, his tone cold and tyrannical: "Listen to my woman, if you continue to make trouble here, I will throw you off the roof!"

Shen Qing Cheng's tone was quite scary, to the point that it made people feel cold. Hearing this, Qi Xiao Yue immediately stood there obediently, like a little child. He thought to himself, "A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. There's no one here. Let's wait for a place with a lot of people and see if I run away."

That was all she was capable of.

Shen Qing Cheng grabbed her wrist so painfully.

Shen Qing Cheng dragged her like he was dragging a dead dog! Qi Xiao Yue's face that was as if she had nothing to live for was dragged into the banquet hall! It really was a drag! Who the hell would be willing to go with this crazy guy!

She wanted to scream out for help, but the person in front of her tugged and pulled her into his embrace.

Shen Qing Cheng's inky black hair, obsidian eyes, and they were all extremely beautiful and dangerous to look at. His lips seemed to be covered by something?

Surprise! Qi Xiao Yue opened her eyes wide, looking at everything in disbelief! She was forcefully kissed! molestation!

In her terror, she subconsciously opened her mouth!

Shen Qing Cheng was startled, and then took the chance to enter.

Qi Xiao Yue had completely collapsed! She was going to become famous tomorrow. Shen Qing Cheng had kissed another woman at his wedding and that woman was her!

She was being assaulted, the one who assaulted him was the owner of the Tiannan Group, a young genius who was only twenty—six years old, the diamond king that everyone envied, Ol 'Five!

The fifth diamond king got married today, but why did his target become her?

After Shen Qing Cheng gave a deep kiss, he stood up straight and wiped the corner of his lips with his thumb. Beneath the suit, his divine day like voice sounded pleasant and warm, but it carried an unquestionable tone. "I, Shen Qing Cheng, am going to marry this woman today!"

Complete silence! A deathly silence!

All of the guests present were tongue—tied as they stood rooted to the spot with cups of wine in hand. They, who had been drinking and communicating with each other, were stunned by this piece of news.

"Are you crazy? What about Weiwei? "What about Weiwei?" Wearing a dark red attire, her beauty despite her age, Shen Qing Cheng's mother Yu Lili shouted loudly in surprise as she rushed to Shen Qing Cheng's side.