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Oh, This Woman

Oh, This Woman



  After an inexplicable death, the Mo family's most spiritual clan head turned into the Mo family's most useless trash. They had been plotting to track down the truth of his death, and their love had betrayed them. On the road to vengeance, he would cut down on thorns and dregs. A trash that defied the will of the heavens; there was nothing that could not be accomplished by refining medicine through the spirit. If you dare to provoke me, I'll make it so that you won't see the sun tomorrow! He, the king of the evil races, looked down on all living things, but he was only infatuated with her. He had used a life and death contract to buy her life, but he didn't want to lose it to her for the rest of his life. On the night of their wedding, she brazenly and naked threatened, "If you dare to be disloyal, I'll make sure you die without descendants …"
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Saints, capital's Mo Mansion, northwest, in a deserted courtyard, three little servant girls looked around while carefully walking into a room, their expressions sneaky.

"She died really quickly. That medicine was delivered in less than half an incense stick of time."

"This is the kind of person who usually doesn't die from sickness. This time, the poison that Eldest Miss gave him is fierce, so he'll definitely die soon."

"All of you stop talking, in case something that you shouldn't have done, hurry up and drag this corpse to the cemetery, then we can go to Miss to receive the reward."


As Mo Ling laid on the bed, she could only feel a burst of noise beside her ears, making her very annoyed.

She struggled to open her eyes. Her vision was blurry for a long time. Finally, a pink corner of her clothes appeared. The owner of the clothes was reaching out his hand to grab her shoulder.

"Ah — —" Yu'er originally wanted to drag the person to the ground, but at this moment, her eyes met Mo Ling's. She was so shocked that she trembled, staggered backwards, and screamed out.

The others followed suit and looked at the bed as well, all of them were intimidated by Mo Ling's cold gaze. Their legs went soft, and they all fell onto the ground.

Yu'er was a little braver, and she muttered under her breath, "Third Miss, we don't harm you, if there's a debt that has to be paid, you can take your life … …" Don't ever come looking for us. " As for the remaining two, they were extremely scared. Their eyes were already rolled back as they fainted on the spot.

Although the current Mo Ling's brain was still unclear, looking at Yu'er who was kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to him and begging for mercy, she immediately understood the overall situation.

As the saying goes, don't worry about something and don't be afraid of knocking on the door. These three people must have not done anything good just because they saw her wake up.

Mo Ling's face was ice—cold, she coldly reprimanded, "Scram!"

Yu'er looked at Mo Ling in shock, she never thought that the normally weak and incapable Third Miss would have such a harsh expression, and felt that the current Third Miss was a devil who had crawled out from hell to seek revenge. Otherwise, how could she feel cold hair on her back just by looking at her?

The more Yu'er thought about it, the more her hair stood on end. She scampered out, shouting as she ran, "Someone help me! What a fake corpse, the Third Miss has lost its corpse! "

Mo Ling, however, did not have the time to pay attention to the commotion outside.

Mo Ling's hands were white and tender, and because she had never had to do manual labor since she was young, she merely took the books and medicine bottles. But the pair before him was rough, thin and black, and still very young. They looked like the hands of a twelve or thirteen year old little girl, and shouldn't have belonged to a twenty—three year old adult girl.

Soon after, she stood up on the ground and realized that not only her hands, even her height had shrunk. Just what was going on!?

Mo Ling held her forehead and tried to think back, but suddenly felt a headache. Soon after, a large amount of memories that did not belong to her flowed into Mo Ling's mind.

It turned out that she was in someone else's body.

And the original master of this body, was Mo Family Mo Ling Yan. Due to her low status and the early death of her mother, she had been bullied ever since she was young. She was thrown into this abandoned yard and no one questioned her. This morning, someone brought her a bowl of poisoned broth.

When his memories reached the moment of Mo Ling Yan's death, the pain in Mo Ling's body began to overturn the seas and rivers, as though he was experiencing the same thing with Mo Ling Yan.

Just as Mo Ling was clenching her fists to suppress this pain, her heart suddenly shivered, as an unbelievable information surfaced in her mind!

Twelve years ago, he was the first and only female Family Head in all of Mo Family's history.

She herself had. Dead, twelve years dead!

In the current Mo Family, the person in charge of the family was Mo Ling Yan's father, Mo Yi.

Speaking of this Mo Yi, Mo Ling could not be more familiar with his. He was his uncle, but he was also her defeated opponent back then. As the direct descendant of the Mo Family, he had missed out on the position of the Family Head because she could not compare to him.

Thinking of this, Mo Ling slowly narrowed her eyes.

She was a medical genius, and was also an expert at using poison. How could she not be clear on the difference between poison and elixirs? But back then, she died from taking poison. She was certain that it was absolutely not an accident. She had clearly been tricked!

If one were to say who the most suspicious person was, it would definitely be Mo Yi, but how could he have that kind of ability? Not to mention the Mo Mansion, even in the entire Saints, there were very few people who could poison under her nose.

At this moment, the two little girls who had fainted on the ground suddenly woke up. They raised their heads to look at Mo Ling, and trembled to the point where they couldn't even speak properly. Third Miss, spare me! "

Mo Ling opened his eyes and looked down at them, "Who sent you here?"

The two of them felt the air turn cold, and trembled a bit. The Third Miss in front of them was completely different from the Mo Ling Yan in their memories, and they did not dare to hide anything, "This is all big miss's idea, it's not our fault, we definitely do not dare to harm you."

After Mo Ling heard this, the corner of her mouth hooked into a sneer.

Even though she was in a coma just now, she had heard their words very clearly. At that time, how could they have any respect for Mo Ling Yan, and even said that they wanted to bury her, it was obvious that they wanted to drag her away to the unmarked cemetery.

At this moment, they had pushed all the blame onto their masters. They were truly a group of tricky slaves who were afraid of death.

When she was in power, these lowly servants would always be expelled from the mansion. It was absolutely intolerable for them to bully the weak and fear the strong and rely on others.

Mo Ling lifted her hand, wanting to take a good look at the door, but unexpectedly, a creepy voice, that caused goosebumps to rise all over her body, sounded out from outside the door, interrupting her actions.

"Third sister!"

Mo Ling turned her head to look, only to see a woman with a jade hairpin standing in the courtyard with seven to eight servants behind her.

Mo Ling leisurely walked to the door and saw that the woman had delicate features and an extremely beautiful face. Her every move carried a noble aura that couldn't be ignored, but her eyes were unfriendly. This was the young miss of the Mo Family, Mo Ling Xuan.

Mo Ling Xuan saw that Mo Ling was standing steadily in front of him, with her eyes filled with uncertainty, yet her expression was still as gentle as water, "Aiyo, third sister, just now, I heard from my servant that you were severely ill, so I anxiously rushed over. How are you feeling?"

As Mo Ling looked at the nervousness and size in the depths of Mo Ling Xuan's eyes, the corner of her mouth lifted, and she said indifferently, "Is Big Sis here to visit you, or to collect Little Sis's corpse?" She looked at Mo Ling Xuan who had obviously changed her expression, walked over with slow and deliberate steps, but her words were actually as sharp as knives. are you here to silence me? "