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The Mask Of Sorrows

The Mask Of Sorrows

Author:Nicholas Di Angelo


Meet Nico Kay, a 21 year old college student living in the small town of Maplewood with his friend and roomate Leo Thompson and his newborn daughter, Jessica Kay. When Nico, Leo and Jessica are tortured by night terrors, Nico begins to wonder if they might be caused by the mask he found on the street the other day... ;)
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  Nico sat at his dark pine wood desk once more, about the fifth time tonight, and sighed. He had been trying to do his homework for a while now, but just couldn't gather enough energy to even read the first problem, let alone a whole page. He pulled out his sleek black phone and unlocked it, opening his Facebook account and going through his feed. As he scrolled through pictures of families at Christmas, babies taking first steps, beaches, vacationers, he glanced over at the white and pink crib in against the wall behind him at his daughter, Jessica. He had raised living heck to be able to keep her here in the dorm with him, but it hadn't been easy since then. He thought back to when he had had Jessica...

  His older brother Jack had just called him, inviting him over to Ireland for a drink at the local bar to celebrate Nico's 21st birthday. Nico, being as family oriented as he was, said yes immediately and flew to Ireland. Once ata the bar, Nico had gotten so drunk he let some blonde chick do him. After that, Nico had learned that the girl's name was Cara, and they were going steady for a short while, until Cara found out she was pregnant. She started going to bars more often, abusing Nico and hitting on other guys. When the baby finally came, Cara didn't even want to hold their child and dumped her with Nico. After a few months of grief and heartbreak, he had gotten back on track with his life, deciding that now that he had a child, he needed to get his life back together, so he threw it together as best he could. He named the baby Jessica, after his mother, who had died years earlier along with his father, Henry in a terrible fire that he and his brother had miraculously survived.