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The Cornia Diaries

The Cornia Diaries

Author:Desdemona Drusillia


A set up to play match maker turns into a romance from the lock down due to a global outbreak. Can it last when lock down is lifted? Forgive or be grateful to the friend's that conspired to play match maker? Only time will tell.
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  "I own a cottage that would be the perfect place to set up Keith, the question is who would be a good match?"

  Richard looked around at his friends at the table, in one of his favorite restaurants, he spend many weekends here with his friends touching base and what went on in there lives, but Keith wasn't there again, lately he hasn't really hung out with any of them, this gang from high-school, some of them a little longer than that.

  "I think I know some one, my fitness couch Laci, we have become friends maybe we can hire her for a retreat and hope sparks fly" Rachel glows at the idea and shows everyone photos on her phone of Laci.

  "She does look like his type" replies Joseph, Richard's younger brother, "but how would we talk him into a fitness retreat? It really isn't his thing, not to mention it is to soon, he is still grieving the sudden death of his fiance."

  "Yeah I guess your right brother, but this won't happen just yet, we need to plan this right" Richard replied.

  The waiter came with the food, pausing every ones thoughts. "Who ordered the nacho pizza?" She asked, Joseph raised his hand and she smiled placing his platter in front of him, "here you go sir enjoy your meal, and who ordered the cheeseburger pasta dish?" , Rachel smiled "that would be me miss", the waiter still smiling places her order in front of her, " Enjoy your meal, I will return with the rest of the orders."

  "I like the idea of the retreat, but if we get him there how do we get him to interact with this Laci" Melveena chimes in, to which most of the group just nodded.

  Two of their group members were eating and thinking, the waiter came with 2 more platters of food, "Who order the wing deal?" Smiling graciously at our group, "That would be me" as Andrew raised his hand, he has been mainly silent at this gathering, after all Keith had been engaged to his sister Victoria.

  "Next I have the honey garlic ribs with garden salad." Looking for a sign of who ordered it, "oh that's me" Melveena had been in thoughts of how the match making would work, "looks and smells so good, thank you", grabbing her fork to start on the salad first, " I'll be back with the last two orders soon any drink refills in the meantime?" Our waiter politely asks, we look at each other and reply "not at the moment but thank you", she leaves the table and we return to planning.

  "I think, we should just keep inviting him out to our gatherings remind him we are here for him, did you plot anything for me?, she was my sister remember, I don't really like how this feels" Andrew finally breaking his silence, he just started coming back to our get together after taking some time away to grieve but was feeling lonely and needed to get out.

  "Hire him!" Rachel blurts out, "we hire him to be the videographer to document the retreat", every one looks at her, "that's how we ensure interaction between the two of them"

  Melveena finishes chewing her mouth full of salad before adding to the idea " We hire them both for a retreat, at Richard's cottage for next spring, if both are still single by then" she looks at Andrew, he nodded "I can agree to that, seems reasonable" he reached for his beer, he only agreed to a point, not necessarily the whole match making but how rushed they all wanted to set him up.

  The last two orders came and Andrew asked for a refill on his beer, Richard ordered a refill on his coffee as he was the designated driver.

  They all ordered refills of their drinks and focused more on eating and drinking then planning, a small relief to Andrew, Richard had been writing some things down and checked out Laci's website and Facebook pages, every one noticed him writing down costs of just how much it would be to hire them for a weekend.

  Andrew could feel himself getting to upset, maybe he should have taken a pass on this, but he had missed them and had looked forward to hanging out, they all lead busy lives and this weekly gathering at different restaurants or bars around town was so they never lost touch, but none of them seemed bothered by what they were planning, but that was his sister, that was Keith's high-school sweet heart how could they feel it as deeply as the two of them did, he quickly finished the rest of his meal and second beer so he could walk home.

  While Andrew was planning on going home, the rest of them put aside the planning and started talking about their week, no one knew how much Andrew was just wanting to go home.

  Rachel was talking about her promotion at work, she has worked her way up the ladder from the time we were in high-school, she started at the job at camp when she could no longer attend as a camper, the camp does have a policy in place that aged out campers get priority hiring after the complete a training over the winter months, she was able to do the training while in her first semester of college for business management and she plans on staying there until one day her dream of becoming the camp director comes true, so administrative assistant does seem to be a step up on the way to that goal. Means more paperwork but the camp is cool we all went together, for many summers of trail rides, swimming, all the fun camp stuff you look forward to, so she gets to join the campers in the summer and look after all the paper work needed, it's a fun job for the most part.

  Richard took over for his Dad, he has been groomed for that since he was born, now the ceo of the family business he has managed to grow it, they make cleaning products but he added skin care to the mix, knowing how harsh Cleaning all day can be on the skin, he is working on a beauty line too, so you can look good while you work without damaging your skin.

  Melveena took over the animal hospital, they hired her after she volunteered every weekend to help out with the animals and get the volunteer hours for school, they made arrangements to heave do her coop placement for senior year with them and been there ever since, it was during her last semester at university the couple that owned and operated it for, to be honest I don't know how long they ran it but they got devastating news, Mr Williams had M.S and slowly he wouldn't be able to care for the animals let alone surgeries, so they made her a deal become a partner and take over as the main vet as needed so her could still feel useful as long as possible and as able both of them would help her with the business, lately he has gotten worse so it is mainly her clinic now.

  Joseph helps Richard run the company as a vice president, or vice ceo I guess, he looks after the factory in town, and from time to time travels to the other two locations, one just out of town a small factory run out of a converted farm their uncle owned and grew some of the ingredients needed, their aunt mainly looks after it, it produce smaller batches, the newer one is a bit bigger a few towns over, mainly local.

  Pearl and James, twins had some success as child actors , as babies you couldn't tell them apart until a diaper change, so many films and TV shows wanted them for the scenes that needed babies their parents put all that money aside, invest some as well and it did very well, they both ended up with reoccurring roles in a few tv series, they ended up with connections and are still working in the entertainment industry, Pearl decided on costume design and James an assistant director.

  Pretty much every one in the group had done well, Keith and Andrew went as well off financially, Keith loved photography and bwing a videographer, documenting and preserving special moments, he has a passion for it, he may struggle at times with money, mostly winter, as weddings are his main income earner but he never complained Victoria his sweet heart loved baking and the were going to create package deals, cake smash photography, catering and event videos, they were so excited, so in love and the only couple in the group which was one reason Andrew didn't understand every ones need to try and set up Keith.

  Andrew enjoyed working with his hands, doesn't own his own business yet but hopes to one day, he was thinking of going in with his sister, make something like sets, or props, hopas or arches for couples to stand under for ceremonies, he could work with just about anything, didn't see himself as a Artist more of Handy Man. Most jobs in this town for him home renovations.

  As soon as he finished his last bite and took the last sip of beer he had figured out how muched he owed and left about ten dollars more then what his total should be and told everyone he had a early day tomorrow for a complete gut job out of town and he wanted to get some sleep and left.

  Richard felt bad, he started that conversation, but Keith had been so happy, now he wasn't hanging out, just working and staying home, he began to feel bad, "are we wrong? Andrew is right it has only been a month, no ome can replace Victoria, are we wrong to plan this?", every one looked at him and said " maybe", "let's wait and see" Rachel added "I just miss him happy" Melveena spoke softly, truth was none of them knew how to help him or Andrew though the grieving process, they themselves also missed her, collectively as a group they realized maybe they were in denial themselves, maybe the hook up was them feeling like they were helping, but they'll hold off for now.