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Romance in The Big Mansion House

Romance in The Big Mansion House



  One of them was the Ninth Master of the Military Intelligence department in Kyoto, the other two were the girls who specialized in criminal psychology. [I'm going to do some information, but you're going to paint a mental picture of us as a match made in heaven …] At first she played a part with him, and he lost a sapphire earring. This is the fee for sealing your mouth? No, this is my token of love for you. When they met again, she discovered that she only had two options regarding his shocking secret. Either follow me or silence her. Should I go or not? When they reunited, she was wrapped in a red dress that had been gifted to her by another man. She was breathtakingly beautiful, but she was carried away by him and his legs. The dress had been taken off! Why? The dress was too dirty, it was time to change master's suit! They tried to love each other, broke the case, hid the marriage, and finally ate it all. This grandpa doesn't want to get married. Let's get married!
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There was a muffled sound of thunder, but the rain still did not fall.

At the Royal KTV High Clubhouse.

Su Mu Er blinked hard and managed to suppress the moist sensation in her eyes. She pushed open the bathroom door and looked at herself in the mirror. She tugged at her skirt that couldn't be any shorter. She fiddled with her messy hair and left the room with a sigh.

As soon as she opened the door, a fragrant scent of cologne wafted into her nose.

The next second, caught off guard, she fell into a warm embrace.

It was a man, and his shoulders were broad and narrow, and he had a good figure!

Heavens, what was she thinking at this moment?

Su Mu Er subconsciously raised her hand, as she prepared to slap him. But the man seemed to know what she was doing. She bent his elbow quickly and placed it on her shoulder.

Her raised hand suddenly lost all strength as she stared wide—eyed at the man's broad chest, pressing against it until she felt the pain of his back hitting the wall.

He had not only put his elbow on her, but he had also used his free hand to strangle her restless little head.

"You …"

Her slightly opened cherry lips were suddenly blocked by her moist and fiery lips.

Su Mu Er opened her eyes wide in shock, her watery eyes hazy. Because she was too close, that unspeakable face was wild with an extremely arrogant and noble aura enveloping her. A pair of dark, gem—like eyes, suffused with a soul—stirring cold light, swept across her face with a sharp, merciless gaze.

"Close your eyes!"

He was low and hoarse, his cold voice short and strong. The commanding tone of his voice stunned Su Mu Er.

"F * ck …" Before the word 'scram' could be uttered, his lips moved to the side, right next to her earlobe. He used his thumb to rub it, neither fast nor slow.

It felt as if a silver needle had been stabbed into her red, dripping earlobe.

"Pure enough, and tasty enough."

The low and magnetic voice lines, the intimate posture that made one's imagination run wild, spat out these words.

"Pa ~ ~"

A slap finally landed on his face. The man retreated a few steps, and a bloodthirsty killing intent exploded from his hawk—like eyes!

Escaping from the oppressive atmosphere, Su Mu Er breathed in large mouthfuls of oxygen, her face burning up. She was actually kissed by a strange man, and had a blushing face!

Ahh, what a disgrace.

"Aiyee!" Ninth Master, what happened to your face? " A man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks wearing a flowery suit ran over quickly. He glanced at Su Mu Er who was blushing and immediately shouted out anxiously, "Aiyo, I'm sorry to bother you with this matter!"

The man glanced at the monkey—gilled man, and in an instant, the murderous aura he released disappeared. He furrowed his brows in annoyance, then leaned against the wall and ripped open the collar of his shirt. His exquisite and seductive collarbone was faintly discernible.

"F * ck off."

The monkey—gilled man hurriedly bowed and left.

The remaining two people fell silent.

The man unhurriedly tidied up his ink—black shirt and tore off his tie. The look in his eyes was clear and cold, dark and profound, with an unfathomable meaning as he examined Su Mu Er's face in front of him.

"You can go now."

After coldly saying a few words, he strode away.


With three crisp and powerful words, Su Mu Er stopped him.

"Why?" The man tilted his head slightly, the corner of his lips slightly pulled, bringing with it a unique, biting cold. An unparalleled pride and dignity, an indifferent tone, and a cold tone, made her feel that this man was extremely haggard, so cold that he didn't seem like a human at all.

Furthermore... How base!

Su Mu Er took a deep breath calmly and pointed his index finger at him, "Apologize to me!"

After a few seconds of silence, Su Mu Er stretched out his hand in the air. His hand was sore, and the corner of the man's mouth hooked up in an evil smile, making him smile strangely. She lit a cigarette, tilted her head, lowered her eyes, and took a deep breath.

"Tell me how much you want!"

"Say what?" Su Mu Er was surprised.

"Name a price."

Hearing his words, Su Mu Er angrily retracted his hand. What did stealing her first kiss have to do with money? Did he know how important a first kiss was to a girl?

"A nouveau riche is rich and willful, right?" Su Mu Er snorted, glaring at him.

The man's face darkened as he took a step forward. A domineering aura instantly enveloped her. His pair of sinister eyes were filled with the savageness of a beast devouring itself, as if he would tear her apart in the next second.

"A nouveau riche?"

Compared to his tall and slender body, Su Mu Er's aura immediately vanished like smoke into thin air. He took a step back and pressed his body against the wall.

Seeing her step back, the man scoffed and spoke very softly. He reached out an arm and indistinctly passed it through the hair at the back of her neck, tilted his head, breathed, and whispered in a low voice, "What is it? You want me to take responsibility? "

Su Mu Er choked on the smoke coming out from his lips, her face turning ugly.

She clearly knew that this man was teasing. No, he was acting!

Even that kiss just now, the kiss that seemed to be drunk and in chaos, they were all acting. Hehe, that was a really good act.

But why? This man was going to act out such a show in the KTV corridor?

There were many guesses in his mind, Su Mu Er coldly pulled his hand from his hair, raised his eyebrows and asked, "Wrong, this line is my turn."

Her sudden calmness surprised the man. He raised his brows and narrowed his eyes.

Su Mu Er laughed, "What? Scared? "

"Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you if you have the courage?"

Knife—like gazes gouged out her smooth face one by one like a cacophony.

"If you have the ability, try and kill me!"

Su Mu Er forced herself to raise her chin. In this broad daylight, she didn't believe that this man had such a big plan to kill her!

"Do you think I am joking?" The man broke the cigarette in his hand and let go, causing the cigarette butt to fall to the ground. With a flash of light, the cigarette butt was ruthlessly crushed to death.

Su Mu Er chuckled, "Although your acting is not bad, there is still a flaw. First, there was a thick cocoon around the tiger's mouth, which was obviously left behind by someone holding a spear. Second, he knew military fighting techniques, so he must have received professional training. Third, the skin of a regular soldier wouldn't be so white, so you shouldn't be part of the army, hmm … Let me guess, Special Forces? "

Staring directly into his eyes, she could feel that those dark eyes had become somewhat deeper. Her expression no longer had that of frivolity or ambiguity, and had become more interested and inquisitive.

"Fourth Bro!"

A tall young lad suddenly appeared from the shadows, and said in a low voice, "Ninth Master."

"Take her away from here."

Su Mu Er's nervous state of mind suddenly relaxed. She had thought that this man was going to kill her to silence her. She shook her hands and said carelessly, "Aiya, it's fine. I have hands, feet, and I'm not crippled. I'll go by myself."

Then, just as she was about to turn around, her body suddenly fell uncontrollably backwards. The back of her neck felt a chill, and her hair was grabbed by a powerful hand, and her left earlobe looked as if it had been pierced. Su Mu Er screamed in fear as she covered her left ear, and stared wide—eyed at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" He felt a not too big, not too small, sharp angle on the earlobe... What, ear nail? Did he give her a ear nail? How strange.

"Shut up." The man narrowed his eyes and stared at her. The maliciousness in his eyes didn't decrease in the slightest, and his voice was hard.

Focusing his eyes, the man stared at Su Mu Er's jade red earlobes that were dripping with blood. A sapphire ear nail was shining with the dark and mysterious light of a demon!

Su Mu Er touched her earlobes, looking deep in thought. Just a moment ago, this man was smiling frivolously, and now, he was so cold and resolute. Just what was his true nature?

Ah, forget it, what does it have to do with her!

Just think of it as her wasting her expertise to analyze a mentally challenged criminal. Su Mu Er shrugged and laughed, "Thank you, I will accept it. "Since you've already taken someone's soft hand, I'll give you more free analysis. With your personality, it's not easy to find a girlfriend, it's easy to find a solitary person …"

The man's expression immediately changed. He clenched his fist and with a "peng" sound, he smashed it against the wall. His entire aura exploded into flames like a mad lion, raising its thick and hard mane.


"You're welcome, we'll meet in the future … "No date."

Su Mu Er laughed merrily, and left satisfied.