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Be Careful, My Fifth Little One

Be Careful, My Fifth Little One



  As soon as the modern plastic surgeons crossed over to become the most despised bastard in the Prime Minister's Palace, my aunt hung her up and beat her. She stuck a long needle into the seams of her fingernails and peeled off her flesh, forcing her to be the wife of a fifty year old general!A sudden imperial decree to marry the Prime Minister's daughter to the cruel and heartless Xie Wang had ruined one of his eyes!In a moment of fear and trepidation, she was tied up with a bridal sedan and married into the Evil King's Mansion.It was rumored that Xie Wang had four wives in a row, and none of them had a chance of living past a month!When Xie Wang's fourth wangfei died yesterday, the emperor ordered for Xie Wang to marry the fifth wangfei!Everyone thought that she wouldn't live past the night of the wedding, but on the third day after returning home, she returned to the Prime Minister's Estate. She repaired the concubines, beat up the servants, and stirred up the Prime Minister's Estate until it was in chaos.
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It was night, and in the rustling autumn wind, a crescent moon hung in the cloudy sky.

A mournful and miserable scream came out from within the house. The sound was horrifying and horrifying, as if it had come from the ghost of a pot of oil in hell!

Everyone who heard this felt their hearts go numb!

A fifteen—sixteen year old woman. Her hands and feet were all roasted by iron chains. Her ragged clothes were covered in red whip marks.

The two servants grabbed the girl's arm that was as thin as a stick. Between the skin and bones of the ten fingers were ten thin and long needles.

Every needle that was deeply embedded into the gap between his fingers had already been inserted into the nail.

As long as he lightly touched it, he would feel the pain that was deep into his marrow, as if his skin was being ripped apart by his bare hands!

The woman's hair was disheveled and she was tormented to the point where she could only breath. Her face was already pale like a piece of paper, without a trace of blood. Her entire body was covered in cold sweat as if she had just been fished out of the water.

The blood and sweat mixed on his body flowed down like a rain of blood; he was in an unspeakable state!

In the face of such a terrifying scene, the Seventh Madame sitting opposite of him still sat firmly on Mount Tai, raising his eyebrows slightly, "Wei Yuanwei, are you going to marry her or not? "If you don't marry, I can torture you with a hundred ways to make you wish you were dead!"

A slave servant held a long needle, aimed at the girl's index finger, and fiercely stabbed it in.

"Ahh …" Immediately, another miserable scream came out of the woman's mouth. It was as if she had used up the last bit of her strength, and her body that was locked in the iron chain lost all of its strength in an instant.

Seventh Madame stood up and pinched the skinny chin of the woman, "Are you really like your mother, crying before you see the coffin? If you marry into General Li's Estate and become the Madam Chuan, won't you be able to live a life worse than a dog's life in Prime Minister's Mansion? Didn't you also look at your identity? You are a bastard born from the union of your mother and a man outside. Even the maids in Prime Minister's Mansion can ride you under their feet.

The eyes of the woman who was being pinched by Seventh Madame were unfocused, but the gaze she used to look at Seventh Madame was clearly full of hatred. After a long while, the woman finally spat out a sentence from her lips which had been bitten by Seventh Madame: "Then why don't you let your daughter marry him? You want me to marry you? "

When Seventh Madame heard this, he was angered and poured all the tea she had on the lady's wounds.

The scalding water poured onto the open wound, causing the woman's entire body to spasm. The intense pain made the woman's face turn sinister and terrifying.

"Wei Yuanwei, I already have no patience with you, since you refuse to give in, then I can only use the most despicable method!" Seventh Madame's eyes were filled with sternness, "Give this knockout drug to her and let General Li take your innocence. Then, you won't be able to refuse to marry."

After Seventh Madame had finished speaking, a servant girl brought a medicine bowl over and pinched the girl's mouth to give the girl the medicine. The girl struggled with all her might and did not open her mouth.

The servants saw that they could not break the needle, so they directly pinched the woman's finger that was pierced through the nail.

The tearing pain nearly made the girl faint. As soon as she opened her painful mouth, a large amount of knockout drugs were poured into her mouth.

The woman, who had not eaten for a few days, felt a burning pain, so painful that her mouth was wide open, but no sound came out.

He could only stare with wide eyes at Seventh Madame's complacent face fiercely.'s face slowly turned blurry, and then completely disappeared … …

Wei Yuanwei was awakened by the pain in her body!

The moment he opened his eyes, he realized that he was being held down by an old man who was full of wrinkles.

"Scram..." Wei Yuanwei immediately became nauseous, only to discover that her hands and feet were tied to the bed, unable to move.

Furthermore, his ten fingers were in extreme pain, as if they had been doused in fire oil!

"This general likes your wild nature!" The ugly old man chuckled, his yellow teeth making her nauseous. His rough and big hands made her skin ache, and with a tug, Wei Yuanwei's clothes were torn apart like thin paper, revealing a bright red undergarment.

General? Wei Yuanwei took a closer look and discovered that something was amiss. The person in front of him was wearing a long robe and had long, gray hair. Even the furnishings in the room looked ancient.

Could it be that the plane accident had allowed her to cross over?

In an instant, countless strange images poured into Wei Yuanwei's mind!

It turned out that the real mother of this body was originally a noble daughter of the Prime Minister's Mansion, but because she was born unmarried, she was refused the marriage by the prince, causing the Prime Minister's Mansion to be greatly humiliated. The Prime Minister immediately broke off his father—daughter relationship with her, and chased her out of the Prime Minister's Mansion.

Not long after her birth, her mother had passed away, and the Prime Minister's wife could not bear to have her stay in the outside world, starving to death. In the end, the Prime Minister agreed to bring her back to the Prime Minister's Mansion to raise her, but no one in the Palace treated her as a human being. Even though she was brought back to the Prime Minister's Mansion to live, she ate and slept with Ma Tong, and not a single Ma Peng appeared for more than ten years!

Aunt, Aunt, Cousin, and even the maidservants treated her like an ant, allowing her to be trampled upon and humiliated by them.

The maidservants would often drag her away from Ma Peng and ride her for fun. Every time they fed her, they would intentionally make her eat from a horse, causing the horses in the middle to stick out their stinky tongues to lick her whole body.

Normally, when a servant girl was punished and angered, she couldn't help but come to Ma Peng to teach him a lesson. Thus, her body would often turn green and purple. Once her old wounds healed, they would then be treated with new ones.

It goes without saying that the aunts, aunts, and cousins would naturally not come down to Ma Peng to humiliate her. On New Year's Day, however, they would tie a rope around her neck, letting her learn to crawl like a dog, to imitate a horse, to act out how the horses ate, and to use it for their amusement.

However, he only dared to do so after the prime minister's wife had passed away, so he took advantage of the fact that the prime minister had gone to the palace to attend a banquet.

Just a few days ago, a 50 year old captain went to Prime Minister's Mansion to ask for his hand in marriage, begging for his daughter's hand in marriage. Seventh Miss cried and refused to marry, so Seventh Madame immediately focused his attention on her.

He then carefully washed her and brought her to the 50—year—old captain and general.

Her mother was famous for being a beauty in the Eastern Chu State, and after dressing up, her beauty made the 50 year old Captain General drool all of a sudden.

In the end, the Seventh Madame had no choice but to faint her. Afterwards, she tied her hands and legs on the bed, and told General Li to immediately take her innocence. At that time, even if she didn't obey, the Prime Minister naturally wouldn't agree to this marriage!