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Almost Obsessed

Almost Obsessed

Author:S.S. Collins


Madison was never interested in Noah,until at a party she witnessed him with a girl in a very intimate moment. So she cant stop to think about him. Then she decides to make a proposal for him. A proposal that will benefit both.
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  I was sixteen and was at a party at my colleague Abby's house. It was supposed to be a nice night and I was walking down the hall with several bedroom doors, in order to find Sebastian to make out.

  He said he would wait for me in the room at the end of the hall. Not that it would lead us to anything more intimate, after all I was still a virgin and I made that very clear to him.

  He said he just wanted us to be more comfortable, because down there it was very crowded. I agreed. I just forgot to ask which room specifically he was in. I went into a room at the end of the hall as he said and waited.

  I just turned on the lamp to create a cool mood in half light. We had been staying for more than two months. As it took a while, I decided to go to the bathroom. Anxiety makes me want to pee all the time.

  As I washed my hands, I heard voices near the bedroom door. I heard the door being opened and on impulse I turned off the bathroom light and was quiet. I was a freshman in high school, I moved to the city two and a half months ago and I didn't want people to think I was weird right away.

  I opened the door slowly, just enough to see a couple kissing. What the fuck! How am I going to get out of here now? It was a hot kiss, not too silent and interesting to look at, so I kept watching.

  I couldn't recognize who those two were. The only thing I could hear was the sound of their kiss popping around the room and some moans from her. The girl had curly hair and it was the only thing I could see.

  So she finally sat on the bed, letting me see the guy's face. I realized that I knew him, if only by sight. It was Noah Brown, in the third grade class.

  He was on the school's fight team and hung out with the popular in high school. But my thinking was soon interrupted when I heard the zipper of his pants being opened.

  I held my breath and closed my eyes. I hadn't even had the courage to see a full porn movie yet and now I would have to see one live.

  I took a deep breath and kept my eyes closed, but the way he breathed heavily, I felt more and more like looking.

  So I did. And I saw them there, he had his eyes closed and his head up, so when he looked down biting a smile, while stroking that girl's hair and she was sucking it, I dropped my eyes too.

  Unfortunately, I couldn't see anything, because she was in my field of vision. I never wished so much, in fact I never wished to see a boy's dick like I wished to see his.

  I started to feel a strange tightness in the middle of my legs, so I realized that I was very horny watching that scene in front of me. In the same way that I was when I saw a movie with erotic scenes or a video.

  But this time it was more intense, I don't know if it was because of the danger or simply because his panting breath made me imagine him close to me, panting in my neck ...

  As she increased the pace and he moaned making me imagine even more things he could be doing to me, my desire to be in her place also increased. My hands seemed to have a will of their own as it slowly moved down my body, going under my shirt and moving lower and lower down into my panties.

  I started to touch myself and realized that the sensation of doing this looking at him, was better than doing it imagining anything like that. It was so intense and different, that I felt that if I continued, I would probably be discovered there and I had to stop and keep silent just watching and that's when I saw him get there.

  And I realized that I wanted to be the reason he felt that way. He lifted the girl up, smiled and kissed her. Minutes later they went out the door. I got out of the bathroom, but that squeeze was still between my legs.

  I needed to make someone feel that way for me, I needed to relieve myself in some way. When Sebastian came into the room saying he had been looking for me everywhere, I just pulled him close to me and minutes later we were naked.

  I didn't do to him what that girl did to Noah. This would have to be with just one person. It would have to be with Noah Brown.