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Shades of life

Shades of life



They had seen their future in each other's eyes along with their dreadful tragedy. They were fighting enough for themselves but their destinies were well determined to tear them apart. Being brilliant in studies and loyal to one's words brijesma had alwyas held her head high. Sayyan had silently fallen for her..... With laughter with joy with love they kept on moving
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  Brijesma.. as her name she had always been strong and faithful to her words. She never new to cheat and indulge in cursing others. Life was going on smooth or should i say she was pretending to make it smooth. She was a medical student and knew how to labour and keep righteousness in her character. However the time water use to fall on her body making her whole body wet should never stop herself from crying. She would howl but words were not heard. She would scream but only in her heart. She never knew to express herself ... Damn the life..

  May she was being carved to get something better thus she never complained only cried in silence.

  She preferd to write and read romantic novels she prefered to watch romance but wasn't it weird that she had noone with herself to share that.. mentally broken physically tired those were her characteristic features.

  Even if she was injected serotonin intravenously that wouldn't work.

  Yeah you guys can imagine how broken she was.

  She took shower and just had opened the gigantic book of physiology that was way too heavy for her to carry single handedly. Damn she dropped it on her foot and her tibial nerve got stimulated but her brain showed no response. She took the guyton and started studying the physiology of heart. Wow heart.... What a loving word.. seems like the world had just found its womb in this muscular pouch.. she kept on studying but couldn't figure out that she had enetered her own heart and had seen her miniself crying.. crying..

  She couldn't figure it out nor did she dared to ask her miniself why was she making another Pacific there.

  Anyways..herminiself accused her for not being tru to herself for not protecting her for being so loyal to others that she had betrayed herself... She was accused of every possible things but kept silent. She couldn't dare to even clarify her miniselfSuddenly she remembered her past that kept on popping every single time with no reason. Her heart kept on bleeding and she kept on smiling. She remembered whe she was in her eighth how she was proposed by a guy two batch senior to her. She had had the feelings in her heart but was scared to pour them nacause of the family pride . She had rejected the one whom she loved whole heatedly. And it was sayyan...... The only senior she had good terms with. Both were very understanding to each other and had a feeling of respect. They spent most of their free time together.

  I want to see the innocence in your eyes going deep into it, holding her hands sayyan spoke.

  Brijeshma kept on blushing without uttering a word. She was sure that her silence would pave them a way for their first kiss still she didn't dare..

  Knowing the meaning of her silence sayyan pulled her towards himself holding her waist ... They were hiding and talking in the consty building of their school thus were sure that noone would come...... Adolescence was taught recently to them and both of them were reluctant to feel the heaven.

  He leaned to her she kept her lashes down . Their heartbeats rose and they could literally hear them out . Finally their lips met and their eyes weren't allowed to see those incomplete pillars. They were shut immediately inorder to feel that heaven. Both of them sucked each other with tenderness. Sayyan pushed his tongue into hers and she didn't deject. Voluntarily she opened her mouth and their saliva was exchanged. Sayyan didn't know when did he pull brijesma towards him. As he was confessing his love towards her by kissing her he dares to linger his fingers towards her neck and after no rejection his hands were on the place where they always wanted to. He had successfully led his hands into brijesma's tshirt and felt her developing breasts. They were soft and he couldn't restarain himself from feeling them. They kept on kissing and he kept on feeling. After some time brijesma got scared that they would be watched and thus suddenly retreated herself. Sayyan was yet wanting to freeze the moment but no they should know that they staying in the hostel and should abide by the strict rules and they ran out of there.

  As they ran out , suddenly brijesma found herself in the hostel room of her medical college. A tear had already rolled and she had already poures herself for the day.