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Match You to My Love

Match You to My Love



  A week ago, she was forced to divorce, her ex-husband said: "You are sick, I can't let you become my stain!" The ex-husband hooked up with supermodel, rolling sheets and show love, is not a stain? A week later, she married a second time, stuttering uncle said: "You, you, your disease, I, I, I cure." He was picked up by the old man and successfully pushed to the old man's side … There were no obstacles. She smiled faintly. Since she didn't have any extravagant hopes for love, then she might as well live a dull life! Half a year later, the ex-husband of the scum frequently appeared. "You are my wife. Even if you are not my wife now, you will be one in the future." Uncle's dark green eyes were filled with malice. That night, she was grinded to death by him, "If you ever see your ex-husband again, I'll let you … "Hehe." They were both mentally ill, struggling through the spells and demons of their hearts until they met each other, when he said, "Either we torture each other or we redeem each other." This article's main body and mind are clean, one-on-one, the author is good, please do not worry about falling into the pit.)
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The sky was gray and bright. Jun Ruo sat up straight, her eyes swollen like a goldfish's.

She lingered in the dark room, her eyes fixed on the large photo on the wall, and stared at it for a long time.

Sweat trickled down his forehead along his cheeks.

He took out his cellphone, unlocked it and displayed on the interface:

Time: 10: 15 AM yesterday.

Sender: Yi Tian

Content: Let's get divorced.

In the short span of five words, the fish bubble in Jun Ruo's eyes once again splashed water.

Tears streamed into his mouth and his throat choked with pain and saltiness.

She sniffed with her thumb, but she didn't press the button for a long time.

As she landed heavily on the bed, Jun Ruo covered her face with her hands. Her nose was trembling from her snot.

She curled up into a ball of trembling, whimpered for a moment, then abruptly sat up and picked up the phone once more and resolutely dialed her first contact.

Unable to stand such cold violence, she wanted to get to the bottom of this!

After a long while, the call connected, "Hello?" Hello? Who is it? Hello? Please speak. "

The soft, feminine voice of a child drifted over. That lazy, muddled tone of her made Jun Ruo feel as if she had been struck by lightning!

Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of yesterday's entertainment newspaper. The headlines shouted loudly, "Amazing!"

The heroine's face was smacked in the mosaic, making it hard to see her face, but the article detailed how the male and female protagonists, from "looking at each other" to "being together," had a romantic love story.

No! This is not true!

Absolutely not! Jun Ruo was deceiving herself.

Her tears flowed silently.

"Who is it that doesn't say anything even if they're connected!" The woman pouted coquettishly, "Hey, Tian—ge, tell him not to disturb people's sweet dreams so early in the morning."

"Be good and stop messing around." Yi Tian's clear voice was extremely discernible. At the same time, there was the sound of a gentle slap.

Adultery! As she thought about it, she couldn't stop her anger. She was so angry that her eyes were bloodshot and her breathing was ragged.

He covered his mouth, afraid that Yi Tian would notice him crying.

"Ruo Ruo?" Yi Tian shouted.

The familiar tone, the familiar tone, even the image of him calling her appeared in her mind. She could no longer hold back her grief and anger.

"Don't cry." Yi Tian was calm and collected. He didn't show the slightest embarrassment or nervousness from being caught cheating. "Ruo Ruo, don't cry."

"Zou Yitian!" What have I done to let you down, and what right do you have to do this to me! " Jun Ruo was curled up on the floor, as if the cold floor gave her a sense of existence.

"Yi Tian, who is it!" When the woman heard the female's voice, she became restless and came up to YiTian to pester him.

Wu Nong soft words, acting coquettishly and bewitchingly, no one can do under the willow!

Through the phone, she could clearly hear the two of them kissing and forget about each other. She was stunned, her mouth half open as she quietly wept while holding the phone.

She thought of that bashful Yi Tian, who was as clear as a fairy.

And this, she was sick.

After a long while, the two finished their bickering. Yi Tian said, "Ruo Ruo, let's get divorced!"

"Who is she?" Her breath was stuck in her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. She raised her head to take a deep breath, but the lump of air stuck in her throat.

"It's none of her business …"

"It has nothing to do with anyone!"

No, that's not right. She was despicable. She shouldn't be so despicable as to fall in love with him!

"Have you forgotten what you promised? On the day you graduate, you said that when you have a successful career, you will welcome me into the Zou family in front of all the fans! You swore to give me a lifetime of happiness! Zou Yitian, how long had it been? You just can't wait to find a woman! "

Jun Ruo was hysterical. She hugged the phone as if grabbing onto the last straw of hope. The veins on the back of her hands were bulging.

Her face was covered in sweat, her lips were pale, her pupils were gradually losing focus, and her eyes were starting to fade.

"Don't cry, calm down."

"How the f * * k can you tell me to calm down! My husband is hanging out with other women now. Do I even have the right to cry? Zou Yitian, let me tell you, there's no way you can get a divorce! I want to let the fans of famous celebrities see what kind of heartless, irresponsible men they really like! "

Jun Ruo stood up with a stagger, and started rummaging through her things.

After a moment of silence, Yi Tian's helpless voice came through the phone, "Ruo Ruo, you won't."

These words caused Jun Ruo to collapse even more, and made her suffer even more.

She loved him, she loved him.

He knew her well enough to be sure that she would not ruin his career.

"I have made up my mind." He calmly asked, "Have you gotten sick? Go take your medicine, and I'll call Dr. Liu. "

The sound of the phone being hung up seemed like it was about to burst his eardrums.

For a moment, Luo Huan felt as if her chest were about to explode. Her lungs began to contract and expand at a faster rate. It felt as if her throat was stuffed with oak, making her unable to breathe normally.

Hatred began to grow, and the intense emotions caused her heart to beat faster. Her eyes gradually lost focus, and her pupils spread out from the center like a flower bud blooming in a flash. It was so beautiful, so beautiful that she lost her mind.

Finally, she found some medicine on the bedside table, swallowed two of them carelessly, and stumbled out the door. She almost fainted as she rushed into the elevator, falling into a slightly cold embrace.

"Go, Hearts …"