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Love of aliens here

Love of aliens here



Love of two young people who didnt even meet other but love truly, but the problem is they didnt convey their love with other ,and the girl is hurted lost and confused because of him who is not in steady minded this makes her painful that girl is tried more hard to bring out herself from this situation but her love on him make her so hard to leave she is looking for the next chapter in her life but still she dont know whether he is avoiding her or not.she is totally in a out of mind her
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  Happiness yeah happiness it's a word who has no haters I think so!! Here is a girl who started her chapter that is next part of her life... she went to job not for gaining just money but also to gain some happiness by making others face smile..she loves to make friends around her...its a kinda enthusiasm when somebody feels good through her...that's what she thought...whenever she thought to help others she started forget her totally...its somewhat a negative thing but it makes her happy...not she is doing these things for others also she Is selfish in that way that whenever she makes someone happy she turned to happy too....This girl make all these things to gain love from others..she looks everything good and best....she is enjoying each moment in her life ....day by day... she is started to love also she started to trust every single creature in this world.

  Overall this new chapter makes her to feel like fly in the air!!!!!!

  Now her daily life starts from listening people who is travelling around her.she started her journey from early morning and keep on enjoying by seeing every single moments of all...like a smile of a baby...friends make fun of ....she is emotional when saw someone crying before her...she came to know every emotions of others...This long lonely happy journey makes her to learn about life especially she came to know the real feelings of others...she is listening every beat of life that was dancing around her.Now it's time to know her ...she is sofy... the heroin of this story...also to the whole world.