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Love, Wanna Play?

Love, Wanna Play?



  When she discovered that she had been cheated of her marriage, she thought that a divorce agreement would give her back her freedom, but she didn't think that the man had already set up a trap and was going about it step by step. "Looking at the missing signature on the white paper, she was furious." Bai Ziyan, you went back on your word! I want to divorce you! " He smiled and said, "If you want a divorce, that's fine. Sir, please serve buns." However, after being pushed down once more, she rubbed her sore waist and angrily said, "You are a perverted big wolf that can never be fed!" He smiled. "Honey, do you know what a wolf is?" He said, "Painting is a prison, loving your wife to the bone."
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Baijiang City

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

"Are you sure it's here?" Su Mu Ran carefully looked at his surroundings, afraid that others would notice them.

Her good friend Mi Se nodded heavily, "That's right, I heard about it from Old Qiu. In the past two days, many famous people have been holding meetings at this hotel, and your husband, Bai Zi Yan, has also been staying with a woman named Liao Xi Yue."

Old Qiu was a senior reporter from Mi Se's Editorial Office, and was also known as the paparazzi team. He was extremely familiar with the entertainment and business circles.

In fact, when Mi Se went out to shoot some famous stars, she accidentally found her husband and a woman walking in and out of the hotel, so he directly called her. After that, the two of them squatted for a few hours.

"As a paparazzi, I've never been as professional as I am today. If my chief editor were to see me like this, he would definitely burn incense and worship Buddha."

Mi Se had majored in journalism and was hot—blooded enough to think that she would be assigned to the social pages as a reporter after graduating from university. Who knew that even though he was unwilling, he would still become an entertainment reporter?

"Have you seen that woman?"

"Before you came, I had seen that woman before you, she was a fox spirit with a face like an angel and a voice like a baby, her entire body was almost sticking to your husband's body. Hmph, this kind of person is a stomach full of black water, Mu Ran, you better be careful."

Listening to her good friend's persuasion, she fell into deep thought.

When he first met Bai Zi Yan, he only spent a few weeks to get married. The deepest scene that he remembered was his handsome face, smooth and elegant demeanor, and mature and steady demeanor.

If she could marry him, Su Mu Ran felt that she had gotten lucky. Even if she was allowed to choose again, she would definitely make use of this opportunity.

Furthermore, at that time, she was in a desperate situation, so she didn't have a second choice.

"Ah, it's out, it's out." Mi Se exclaimed. When Su Mu Ran heard about her reputation, she saw that her husband was dragged out of the hotel by a devilish figure of a woman.

"This is going to be a big battle!" "They even hire bodyguards." Mi Se curled her lips, "Mu Ran, you saw it yourself, right? Furthermore, I heard from Old Qiu that the two of them were originally schoolmates, so there's no need to talk about their feelings. The most important thing right now is to take out your attitude. If one day Liao Xi Yue and your husband lies on the same bed, I can't even cry in time. "

Su Mu Ran looked at the two's figures that gradually disappeared into the distance, feeling mixed emotions in her heart.

Seeing that she did not react at all, Mi Se gently pushed her and asked out of nowhere: "Hey, have you gone stupid from anger?"

Su Mu Ran slowly shook her head.

Even if it was just a hasty engagement, she wanted to properly manage it. After all, she couldn't help but be tempted by an outstanding man like Bai Zi Yan.

However, the appearance of the other woman made her feel that her marriage was too weak to withstand a single blow.

Inside a three—storey house in a secluded suburb, a handsome man wearing a white coat was enjoying the warm sunlight with his eyes half—closed.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard. Assistant Li Ya walked to his side with her phone: "Boss, there's a call for you."

"Mm, got it."

When Li Ya walked out, the man picked up the phone.

"Old Bai, I recently found out that United States bought a few small companies, and all of their internal members have moved in, and they hold the main positions that holds the economic lifeline of the company. If the current situation continues, United States will very soon be devoured into nothingness." The partner, Qin Qi, was unavoidably worried.

"I got it, you continue to monitor the movements over there, especially Bai Zi Xiang's every move."

The man hung up the phone, clasped his hands by his mouth, and smirked. It must be the work of his old witch that caused such a huge change in the company's personnel.

It had been many years since her parents had passed away. She finally couldn't hold it in anymore and was ready to make a move.

Just as he pulled out the drawer, a marriage certificate fell out, opened it, and a coquettish smile appeared on his face.

His fingers subconsciously caressed the girl in the photo. Suddenly, his fingers stopped moving, and a glint flashed across his eyes.

It seemed that the plan had to be brought forward.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

The assistant Li Ya held up a document and walked in: "Boss, this is the price list for various countries, please take a look."

"Mm, you keep it."

Bai Zi Yan said as he took off his coat and walked out, "Who else called me today?"

Li Ya quickened her pace to keep up with his, flipping through the report on their conversation today: "At 9 in the morning, the third young miss of the Song Family requested for the reservation of the latest set of skin protection equipment, at 10 o'clock, Miss Li asked about the matter of the member renewal card, and at 2 o'clock, there was a call from the Miss Su, but she did not say anything."

"Miss Su?" Bai Zi Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing him to almost crash into the boss, and looked at him suspiciously.

"Yes, she said she's Su Mu Ran." The assistant flipped through his notebook and asked, "Do you want to call back?"

"No need, go do something. Give me your phone." Bai Zi Yan sent the assistant away, and after looking at the two call records, his gaze grew deeper.

Although they had been married for several months, because the marriage had not been made public, they were merely strangers to the outside world.

Su Mu Ran was just about to deliver her resume when her phone suddenly rang. When she saw the caller ID, she started to feel uneasy.

"I heard from the assistant today that you've been looking for me?" Bai Zi Yan's low voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Oh, I just wanted to discuss divorce with you." Su Mu Ran made up her mind and said: "Before marriage, we agreed that as long as you help me leave that family, we will part ways peacefully. Alright, Bai Zi Yan, since my adoptive parents are no longer related to me, and the actual meaning of our marriage also doesn't exist, if it's convenient for you, when will I go to the lawyer's office to get a divorce?" She finished what she was thinking in one breath.

Bai Zi Yan had a headache, he rubbed his forehead, "Your husband is mentally and physically healthy, and did not intend to get divorced or marry again."

Su Mu Ran was confused, was this man deceiving him, or did she speak the truth?

Listening to how certain he was on the phone, could it be that he was really mistaken?

Bai Zi Yan said in a low voice: "Be good and wait for me to return home. We'll meet again, hm?"

After hanging up the phone, a blush appeared on her face. Damn it, she really had no prospects. Why did she meet him when he was whispering to himself? She couldn't even give a reasonable reason.

… ….