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Under the sea

Under the sea



The terrible history of the Famenzo shipcrew facing the giant mystery of the seas. Face the darkness of this book and the darkness hiden inside it. The terryfing creatures which these man and woman will face will haunt you.Hope you all luck in this miserable journey of the deepness and the bloody creatures
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  It all started there and then it made sense ,all they wanted was to put him down. He rushed in the hallway .Screams were filling the hallyway, running through it was she Daphnee the one filling his mind . He passed through and found him self in front of the sea . He realised that the only one who was close to him all his life was it , the sea.That day he found himself it was that Nicholas was made for the sea.

  He sighed in his heart and said

  "As long as you're near me I will do the same"

  But it was she the one he liked but he just in a miserable mood went home.Nothing hurted him that day , mom arguing with dad,she slapping him no matter what happend to him he only had two words in his mind Daphnee and Sea . He needed to choose.

  His family was not a rich one and they were heading bankrupt . All he was left was the sea and there was where he headed to. It was clear he went to the sea

  and filled up his hands with water washed his face and returned. The only thing he rembered was him being laid in his bed.He felt that he was going into a revene.Lost ,found, Daphnee,sea all this world were making a big whirlpool on his head and he suddenly gfainted in the darkness .It was cold but there was a light but he couldn't move so he sat starting crying while looking at the light .It was not easy to die, neither to lose your mind then he got flooded in tears and woke up.It was a dream. He rushed to school and gave his drop out rushed to the Sunderland port .All he had been expecting was there guns , fruits , barrels of wine his life now had changed . He became a sailor.As one of the ship captains Alex chossed Nichola becouse he had a great body , and mentality so it was not difficult to surpass him on the technichue.Part of the crew was John , Samantha , and William they all were muscular and the energy in them was endless, but Samantha was a change she had a pure body and white pure skin . She was a porcelain vase in fron of Nichola. He compared her to Lee Daphnee and of course the love of his heart was Daphnne . Samantha as a beatiful girl in fact had an impression on Nicholas muscular , young ,handsome and a look of nobelity and pride was in his eyes . She felt for Nicholas , maybe from the weather being hot ,but if she knew what Nichola was thinking she would laugh, the sam would Nichola.