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99 Times of proposals

99 Times of proposals



  Mu Shaotan was a new upstart of Nanling City. He was cold and low-key, cold and proud. In his heart, there was always a woman that everyone in Nanling City knew. However, he happened to run into another woman that was even more greedy than him, causing his mind to be thrown into chaos. With a flip of his hand, he turned the world upside down into a treasure of his heart. It was no love at all for her to marry him. He wanted her. Originally, it was a long-planned revenge, but it eventually turned into another deep-rooted love affair. " "It's just a small matter." A certain man raised his eyebrows indifferently. "Young Master Mu, madam will accept the flowers of a man, the bar will only get drunk." As long as she's happy. " "A certain man's heart ached as he silently cursed himself for being despicable." Young Master Mu, this is the wife's divorce agreement. A certain man went on a rampage, "A woman who gains an inch at a time, I want to flatter her to the point that her mind will always be obedient …" Thus, overnight, the people of Nanling City all knew that she was his nemesis.
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Nanling City.

It was already deep into the night, and the late autumn wind carried along with it an exceptionally cold, damp atmosphere.

"Sis, wait a moment, I'll take you home."

"No need." Ye Zi Su walked out of the hotel and waved her hand. Then, she rubbed her swollen forehead and said, "Go ahead, I will take a taxi back!"

"Alright, be careful on your way." Looking at her sister's back, Ye Qi Qi's exquisite face revealed a sinister smile, and quickly dialed a number.

Ye Zi Su wobbled her way to the side of the road. Her head was dizzy and sleepy, when she accidentally grabbed her right leg with her left leg.

A blinding strong light shot over, Ye Zi Su's heart suddenly leaped into her throat, and she did not have time to cry out.

Creak …

Along with the screeching of brakes, the speeding car suddenly came to a stop fifty centimeters away from her.

Boom! *

Ye Zi Su's small body was flying on the front of the carriage.

secretly cursed as he frowned and struggled to stand up straight.

He didn't wait for the frightened driver to start cursing.

"Driver, please go to the Lucky Garden District." Ye Zi Su burped as she stumbled onto the car door, opened it, and climbed in.

Inside the car, the atmosphere was stifling and strange.

In the driver's seat, the terrified man kicked the brakes.

Once again, he tilted his head to look at the cell phone that was still ringing.

His indifferent eyes swept over the jumping number. After a moment of hesitation, he picked it up, "Hello, grandpa …"

"Come back and see me right away!" The roar from the receiver was like a clap of thunder.

"... "Got it." The man's originally handsome face darkened. He turned off Bluetooth and was about to start the engine.

A pungent smell of alcohol wafted through the air. Following which, a shadow flashed before his eyes and a drunken woman collapsed on his shoulder.

"Hurry up and drive …" What are you talking about? It's not like I won't give you money. " Ye Zi Su used all his might to lift his eyelids up, and urged him on.

"Down!" Mu Shao Ting tilted his head and shot a cold glance at the woman leaning on his shoulder.

Boom! *

When Ye Zi Su's hand that was holding the money was just reaching out to him, she was caught off guard. Her neck felt a piercing pain, and her head smashed heavily into the car door.

Struggling to sit up, she grabbed the man in the driver's seat by the collar.

"What's with your attitude … …" "I want to report you..."

"Let go, get down!" Mu Shao Ting looked disgusted as he grabbed her wrist and kicked the door open.

Just as he was about to throw the drunk woman out of the car, his cold eyes caught a glimpse of a blood—red mole on her wrist. He suddenly stopped and a trace of gentleness flashed across his cold eyes.

Subconsciously, his thumb gently slid back and forth on the red mole.

The man's throat slid up and down a few times, and he slowly lowered his hand.

Ye Zi Su laid on the man's shoulder, tiredly closed his eyes and muttered, "You … With so many people pouring into me, one... This is truly disloyal... "

Sheng Ge Hotel.

Mu Shao Ting parked the car and carried the drunk woman to the private elevator.

"... Good day, Mubai! " When the Manager Wang on duty saw the scene in front of him, he thought that he was hallucinating and was stunned for a few seconds before quickly greeting him.

"Yes, open the presidential suite on the top floor."

"Yes, yes, yes." Manager Wang tensed up and respectfully nodded.

At the top floor.

Mu Shao Ting strode into the room and threw the drunk woman onto the bed.

He turned around and walked onto the balcony, stretching out his arms. His handsome facial features matched his tall and straight figure. Standing alone in the night wind, he gave off a charming vibe.

Outside the room, Manager Wang was lying on the door like a gecko and eavesdropping. He secretly cursed in his heart, the Mubai had always kept a low profile and there had never been a woman by his side before. Why was he hugging a woman today …

Ka—cha! *

The tightly shut door suddenly opened.

Manager Wang, whose head was filled with gossip, staggered and fell into the arms of the man.

"Curious?" Mu Shao Ting stood at the door like an ice mountain, his low and cold voice tinged with anger.

"Cough cough cough, I don't dare, I don't dare." Being caught red—handed, Manager Wang trembled as he lowered his head, wishing that a crack had appeared beneath his feet and he could immediately burrow in.

"Send two female attendants over and serve them well." Mu Shao Ting snorted coldly, and flashed away.

"Yes, yes, yes." The Manager Wang nodded his head like he was pounding garlic.

To be able to get Mubai to carry a woman in, how could he dare be negligent? Mu Shao Ting was their CEO, as close as a brother.

In the entire Nanling City, the only woman that could enter his eyes was probably this person in the room.

"Also, she pays for everything." Walking to the side of the elevator, Mu Shao Ting cast a cold glance at Manager Wang behind him.

"Ah... It was … Mubai, take care. " When the elevator closed, Manager Wang was completely confused for a long time.

Self—payment? Mubai, what kind of play is this?

Song of Life was the most luxurious hotel in the Nanling City, and the presidential suite cost over 10,000 RMB per night.

How it is charged is a question worth pondering.

The next day.

Ye Zi Su was woken up by the sound of the phone ringing.

Opening his eyes, he felt a splitting headache!

Struggling to half sit up, he took out his mobile phone from his backpack, and just as he pressed the answer button, Du Chen's hoarse roar entered his ears, "Ye Zi Su, where are you right now? "Get the hell back here right now..."

The thunderous roar woke Ye Zi Su up from her stupor.

Did she get shot with gunpowder or was she bitten by a mad dog in the morning? Of course she was at home …

Ye Zi Su held her forehead and glanced at the thin blanket on her body.

The next moment, she jumped up from the bed.

Where is this place? Why was she in her hotel room? Yesterday, she only remembered to drink some wine for her sister …


Today was the day of her and Du Chen's engagement ceremony!

Ye Zi Su stared at the phone that was hung up, she was so shocked that she broke out in cold sweat, and in the next second, she ran into the bathroom to comb her messy hair, turned, and ran out the door.

Ye Zi Su rushed out of the room like a whirlwind and bumped into the person outside.

She stumbled back a few steps, grabbing the door handle to steady herself in her panic.

"Hello, here's your list of lodgings. Please follow me to the front desk to settle the bill." Manager Wang who had not slept for the entire night was knocked around a few times, while the servants behind him, who were quick on the uptake, hurriedly supported him.

He composed himself, did not dare to hesitate, and stepped forward respectfully.

"Oh …" Startled, Ye Zi Su stepped forward and took the document. Ten thousand? The first two words almost blinded Ye Zi Su's eyes, causing her to instantly feel a headache.

Last night, she clearly got into a taxi to go home. Why did she suddenly run over to this sky—high hotel?

"Are there any surveillance cameras in front of your hotel? I want to find the taxi driver who brought me here last night! "

Swish! She remembered that she clearly told him about the address of her district but actually sent her here. This time, she must report him to seek justice for her.

Hearing this, Manager Wang was stunned.

How did Mubai become a taxi driver in her mouth?

"Cough cough cough, you don't need to watch the surveillance. To tell you the truth, the person who sent you here last night was our CEO's child …"

"Who is it?" Ye Zi Su looked at the time impatiently.

"... It's Mubai Mu Shao Ting! "

"Give me his cell phone number!" It wouldn't be too late to settle the score with him after the engagement party was over.

Rushing out of the hotel, he breathed heavily as he got into the taxi. Ye Zi Su unceremoniously greeted Mu Shao Ting's family members in his heart.

The 10,000 yuan that she had saved up with all her effort had gone to waste just like that.

Furthermore, she didn't even know him. Why would he want to harm her?!