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A nectar collector's life

A nectar collector's life



Merlin thinks she is the one who found her love at very first time to George. Things takes a big turn when she gets to know a massive truth. Life moves on lifeless to her. But never thought she would be a doting wife of a mysterious yet a kind hearted Businessman Patrick.
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  "Do you know why I like your voice, Merlin? Because it is as sweet as honey". These were the words which flash in her sense whenever she feels about George.

  Now, where did he leave? It is like just an intuition. Years before they both were about to get wedded, no one will ever believe that he has parted his way with her.

  Thinking of this in the present makes her feel painful. What mistake did she do so that he made this big decision to leave? Or is there anything else like power, money or status.

  While she was sunk into her own thoughts, there was a sudden ring from her phone. It was her boss, she was daydreaming again. This is not the first time she commits this mistake.

  This daydreaming started when two of her colleagues were having a romantic talk. She shook her head and went to her boss cabin. As a marketing executive, she was always aware of her job.

  When she enters the room her boss was checking his laptop and he took a glance on her. She was cute with a slim figure and a usual height. Her hair was brown in colour which she had done as a ponytail.

  Today she looked very beautiful as she was wearing a white shirt with a black half slit skirt along with a high heel.

  On being mesmerized on her beauty he quickly cleared his throat and said" Merlin what about the quotations which are to be sent by the evening to our clients"

  Merlin was not only a marketing executive but also his personal secretary. Hearing about the quotations she already forgot to send the mail to her boss. She smiled awkwardly and said "boss check your mail I have sent it, I think there might be an internet problem. I will send you again if you didn't get it."

  After saying this Merlin rushed to her desk and quickly sent the mail to her boss.

  After a sigh of relief, she confirmed with her boss about the mail and came back to her room. Time passed by and came the evening. All the employees were leaving for their home.

  Only she was there and so do her boss. He was busy working on his laptop. He quickly took a peek from his cabin mirror. Merlin was in her chair waiting for her to reach home like others.

  Suddenly a bell rang it was her boss. Merlin rushed to his cabin to hear that you may leave to your home. He saw her and said " Merlin, it's getting late. You can leave. If it's late and you won't get a taxi means I can drop you to your home."

  Seeing her boss generosity Merlin smiled and said "it's ok boss I can go by myself. Thank you for your kindness."

  It's not his kindness but actually, her boss was in love with her. He was not able to confide her. As he was deeply thinking about her his personal phone rang. "Christopher, where on Earth are you. Just don't tell me that you are still in your office." A middle-aged woman was on the line. It was his mom. She was not yelling at him deliberately. She was remaining him that he should not get late for his sister's birthday party.

  On hearing her call he came back to his sense that he should not miss this year party as by next year she will be celebrating it with her husband.

  He said "mom I will be there in next half an hour. Tell Sisiliya to wait for me." He said these lines and hung his call.