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Escaping Princess From the Marriage

Escaping Princess From the Marriage



  He was the supreme king of the Southern Water Country. He was calm and wise, but he was afflicted with a strange poison. Within a month, he would become a woman within seven days. She, Dongjing Country's distant princess, has been studying under an otherworldly expert since childhood. Her martial arts are superb, and she is both a strong doctor and a strong poisoner. A sudden war had tied the two of them together. On the night of her wedding, she left a note and stole his treasure. When they saw each other again, he became a delicate and touching young girl. Yet, she bought him with one big wave of her hand. With a shake of his body, she became his master. After spending many days in the same bed, she finally discovered his secret and slipped away again. She ran, he chased, she ran, he chased, he chased, she ran, he chased. Finally, she looked at him helplessly and said, "What do you like about me? Can't I change it? " He placed her against the wall and said in a domineering tone, "Woman, not only did you know my secret, you also stole my heart. Don't ever think about escaping from me in this life."
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East Mirror Country, Hou Mansion.

Yan Xiao Tian brought a group of people to kneel on the ground, waiting for the imperial edict to be read out.

According to the decree given by the emperor, Yan Xiao Xi is bestowed the title of princess Jing'an and will one day marry into the South China. The Great Inner Manager closed the bright yellow colored imperial decree and respectfully passed it to Yan Xiao Xi.

When they heard the two words "distant marriage", the servants looked at each other, their hearts couldn't help but worry for the Miss's fate.

Just half a year ago, when Emperor returned from the Sacrificial Ceremony, he started a war against the South China without any forewarning and lost. Both sides negotiated and chose to tie the knot in exchange for a temporary peace.

However, everyone knew that this nominal marriage alliance was actually the suppression of the hostages.

Those who went were doomed.

It was precisely because of this that the Emperor did not allow his own sister to marry to him, but sacrificed their princess instead.

"Ridiculous, this old man wants to find the Emperor for an argument." Back then, he, Yan Xiao Tian, was an influential figure on the battlefield, with a reputation that spread far and wide, even the late emperor had to pay his respects.

He did not expect that would bully him after he had just handed over the military authority and retreated for half a year.

How could he bear with this anger?

"Master Hou wants to defy the decree?" The Minister raised his voice with a hint of warning.

"Isn't the princess still in the pavilion? What right do you have to make this old one's daughter marry someone else? " Logically speaking, the marriage between two nations was between members of the Imperial Family. No matter what, it wouldn't take the place of a princess with another surname like theirs.

"Didn't the marquis know that the princess had married the great general of the hussar yesterday? You should also know that there is only one princess in East Mirror Country and other than her, only one princess is fit to be a princess. " In regards to this, the Minister of Imperial Household couldn't help but express his admiration for the Emperor's brilliant moves. He had expected the Marquis to ask such a question and had made him prepare a response in advance.

Yan Xiao Tian clenched his fist, the veins on his body bulged, and he turned around as he rushed to the door: "This old man will enter the palace right now to find Emperor and inquire about the details."

It was intolerable. There was actually no news of the princess' wedding yesterday, without even needing to think to know, Emperor had already planned for this long.

"Father." Yan Xiao Xi called out to stop Yan Xiao Tian, preventing him from leaving.

Yan Xiao Tian turned his head, looked at his daughter, whom he had only returned to the Palace for a month, and said solemnly: "Rest assured, father will not allow you to marry into the South China."

"Wait a moment, daughter has a question to ask." Yan Xiao Xi rolled his cunning eyes, as if he was thinking about something.

"Alright, go ahead." Yan Xiao Tian had always doted on Yan Xiao Xi and his demands on her had always been at a level where they had to obey his orders.

"Is my future husband handsome?" This question completely stunned everyone.

Yan Xiao Tian nodded, he still did not understand this strange daughter's personality.

As Yan Xiao Xi's body was weak and sickly since young, he had no choice but to send her to a foreign expert's place to practice martial arts and become a doctor. The number of times he saw her was extremely few.

As a father, Yan Xiao Tian naturally had the responsibility to protect his daughter well.

"Wow, that's great. Daddy, you don't have to go to the palace. I'll marry you." Yan Xiao Xi clapped excitedly. Beautiful men and delicious food were her favorite.

When he thought of marrying, hugging a beautiful man while eating delicious food, just thinking of that scene made him drool.

"Miss?" Xiao Cui could not help but touch Yan Xiao Xi's forehead and test his own temperature. There was no fever, so why is Miss saying such nonsense?

"Xi Er!" Looking at Yan Xiao Xi's smiling face, he did not look happy at all. Yan Xiao Tian also felt helpless.

When the head eunuch heard these words, he of course applauded and cheered. He hurriedly replied, "Princess, you are truly righteous. We will go back to report to Emperor right now."

With that, he disappeared in the blink of an eye, disappearing from everyone's sight. His speed was so fast that it made others sigh.

Seven days later, the wedding procession officially set out.

Yan Xiao Xi wore a custom—made red phoenix coronet and gown, the peonies embroidered on it were extremely lifelike, with tens of thousands of black hair tied up into a bun.

She sat in the palanquin, leisurely nibbling on an apple. From time to time, there would even be some crunching sounds. It was sufficient to show that she was in quite a good mood.

Xiao Cui followed the procession and walked along, her face filled with suspicions as she looked at the red sedan, she was truly confused about her young miss' actions.

Could it be that Miss has never been aware of her current situation? This was not as simple as marrying someone. If she wasn't careful, she might lose her life, yet she was still this happy.

"Xiao Cui, how much longer before we arrive?" Yan Xiao Xi opened the curtain and threw away the apple core.

"We have reached the border of the South China and will soon enter the city." Xiao Cui answered truthfully.

"Great, we can finally eat meat!" This was a huge torment for Yan Xiao Xi. She was a carnivorous animal after all, and not giving her meat would be no different from killing her.

Xiao Cui stared dumbstruck at Yan Xiao Xi, unable to recover from his shock for a long time.

The escort team, without any obstructions, quickly arrived at their destination.

Inside the Prince Lin's Mansion, there were lights and decorations, it was a joyous occasion.

At the door, the butler was already waiting. He respectfully welcomed Yan Xiao Xi and the group into the residence.

"Princess, please rest for a moment in this room. When the auspicious hour arrives, there will be someone to lead you to the main hall." With that, the butler prepared to leave.

"Wait." Yan Xiao Xi covered his head with his hands, but as a martial artist, she could already feel the butler's footsteps.

"What other orders does the wangfei have?" The butler looked at Yan Xiao Xi in astonishment.

"Prepare some food for me, I want some meat." Yan Xiao Xi rubbed his shriveled up stomach, gulping down his saliva, she was really extremely hungry.

"This old servant will go prepare it now." The butler was stunned and left the room.

Very quickly, all kinds of food were placed in front of Yan Xiao Xi. Crystal Shrimp Dumplings s, sweet and sour fish, Red Braised Meat, Drunken Duck, Flowers Chicken, everything was available.

"Xiao Cui, don't just stand there, let's eat together?" Yan Xiao Xi said vaguely as she held the chicken leg in her hand, her entire face covered in oil.

At some point in time, Xiao Cui had already adapted to Yan Xiao Xi's strange actions. Shaking his head, Xiao Cui took out her handkerchief and wiped the filth off the corner of her mouth.

"Miss, slow down. Don't dirty your clothes." Xiao Cui carefully cleaned up the remnants of the bridal dress. On one side, Yan Xiao Xi was still eating food nonstop.

After they had drunk their fill and eaten their fill, the auspicious hour had arrived. The Duke Palace's maidservants brought Yan Xiao Xi to the place of worship.

The main hall was bustling with noise and excitement.

The moment Yan Xiao Xi walked in, there was complete silence.

Under the guidance of the servant girl, Yan Xiao Xi received the red silk. On the other side of the red silk was his husband, Nan Gong Lin.