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Maid or Bride

Maid or Bride



  After that dream game, she had become a woman who could sell everything for money in his heart. In order to save her mother, she sought him out. "I'm willing to go home with you tonight!" The man sneered and threw the cheque in his hand onto her face. "Right now, you're only fit to be a lowly maid." Guarding the night sun, lavender fragrance, she will become whose bride.
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Night …

Was originally the embodiment of silence or loneliness.

However, the night on Nanhua Street was extremely noisy as if it were Nightless Street …

A great number of neon lights flashed with a noisy atmosphere. It was pleasing to the eyes, and the shouts and laughter of the wine guests intoxicated one to their heart's content. "Hahahahaha!" "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

This street was a famous fireworks area in the city. There were many beautiful women wearing extravagant clothes, passionately recruiting customers.

"Earthly Paradise" was the most famous place in the city for entertainment. Because customers covered all sorts of powerful characters, it was a club system. If a person didn't have money or status, they wouldn't be able to set foot in this golden house.

A young lady who could work here naturally had an extraordinary beauty.

And she.

Han Yi Er, an immature beauty, had come to this nightclub and been a Miss Wine Master for only a month and had already become the number one.

It wasn't because she had the wrist, nor was it because she served her guests well. She had never accompanied a guest out on stage before, and even if a guest touched her, she would still refuse.

What made her exceptional was her untainted and extraordinary temperament. Her unparalleled appearance was like a fairy descending to the mortal world. As long as the customers here could get her smile, they would be satisfied.

As the saying goes, you can only watch from a distance and not play with it. Of course, some of the customers weren't that easy to talk to …

"Yi Er, room number eight." The Mother Sang of the hotel called me from outside the dressing room.

"Got it."

"Hehe, even if you don't want to do this profession, you're still reduced to it now …"

I kept telling myself not to sell my body, much less my soul and heart. The only thing I sold was my fake smile.

I don't like to laugh, I don't even know how.

A month ago, I was forced to come to this nightclub. Every day, I have to squeeze out a smile in front of all kinds of customers.

Pushing open the door of room number 8, three men sat on a large sofa. Their faces revealed a vicious expression …

"Yi Er? It truly is worthy of being a red card. I wasn't waiting for you for nothing! " The man's words were full of vulgarity.

Facing this, I could only laugh, because the current Han Yi Er is no longer the Han Yi Er of a month ago …

I slowly sat beside the man. My heart was trembling, and my hand that was pouring the wine seemed to be unable to control itself.

Compared to when he first arrived here, his current performance was much better.

He raised his glass and forced a smile as he passed the wine to the man.

The man smiled obscenely, then patted my thigh. "Yi Er, how much money are you willing to come out?"

All I sold was a smile. For the next month, there were customers who offered me a place at any price. I rejected all of them.

At work here, I will only return what I should have, surplus money I do not want, not to sell my body.

"Apologies, sir, but I'm not going on stage." My attitude would change whenever I faced the guests. It didn't matter if some of them called me arrogant.

He opened the man's hand and frowned. He fiercely grabbed my arm and said, "Then let's settle it here!"

The man forcefully pressed me down on the sofa. The two men who accompanied him had evil looks in their eyes.

No one will save me even if I scream for help in this place. I'll have to rely on myself.

"Sir, please show some respect!" Ye Zichen kicked the man's crotch, then quickly sat up from the sofa, then opened the room's door in an attempt to escape from the man's grasp.

"Damn, I didn't hear wrong, right? sommelier still wants to say respect? " The man grabbed my long hair from behind me and shoved me down the hallway.

The people coming and going were just watching, because I was used to being beaten by the guests.

The man raised his hand high in the air. When it was about to fall …

A Cayenne limousine slowly headed towards the "Earthly Paradise".

The car stopped and a middle—aged man got off first. He then lowered his head and opened the door of the car.

The door opened and a man in his twenties stepped out of the car …

His brows slanted upwards, and his black clear eyes, his straight nose, thin lips that gave off the feeling, and his entire face seemed indifferent and cold. He only stood there casually, but his entire body emitted a cold aura, and his entire person was like a sheathless cold sword.

Looking at the man's suit, watch on wrist and shoes, they were all world—famous brands.

His appearance had undoubtedly attracted the gazes of those fireworks women. They were able to tell at a glance that this man was a rich financial backer! They all went over to pay their respects, but the ice—cold man completely ignored them.

"Cloud Total, Director Li is waiting for you inside." The middle—aged man politely said as he entered the "Earthly Paradise" with Cloud Total.

Cloud Total did not like coming to this fireworks place. His eyes were extremely cold and indifferent, completely disregarding all the beautiful women who were dressed in clothes that gave the impression of being related to him. However, he had no choice but to brace himself for the company's customers meeting in this sort of place.

In the corridor, the three women pushed against each other. They looked like they were watching a good show as they pointed in the distance and said, "Look, that arrogant little demoness got beaten up again."

"Yeah, she's in trouble this time, she offended the boss of a gang."

When their whispers reached Cloud Total's ears, he looked into the distance and saw a fiendish looking man grabbing onto the long hair of a thin and weak woman.

"Hahahaha, I think Yi Er should still be beaten to death this time."

Yi Er?

Upon hearing this name, Cloud Total's ice—cold eyes were immediately filled with excitement and anticipation.

When he was about to reach the place where the man and Han Yi Er had an argument at, looking at Han Yi Er's outer appearance, the look in Cloud Total's eyes, which was originally filled with anticipation, became dejected …

She was very beautiful, so beautiful that people couldn't shift their gazes away from her, and especially so when they saw her eyes that were as clear as water, they were unable to extricate themselves from Cloud Total's gaze.

Her temperament was so gentle and graceful that even the noble ladies found it difficult to contend against her. Her disgusted expression and her sense of purity were like she didn't like the current environment and was even more out of place with this sort of place.

Of course, there were too many women in this industry who used tears and stories to deceive men who volunteered to pay for their money. Perhaps the woman in front of him was just trying to attract his attention.

With a "pa" sound, the malevolent man ruthlessly slapped Han Yi Er on the cheek. "Fuck, why are you acting so noble? "You're just a woman made of wine."

Han Yi Er didn't cry when faced with the man's abuse and insults. Her expression was as calm as still water, like a fairy that didn't belong to this world.

She was already used to being beaten and humiliated for the past month. She could only hope that the fierce—looking man would not come with force.

The nearby Cloud Total wrinkled his brows, as his ice—cold expression darkened.

When the man swung his second slap, Cloud Total grabbed the man's wrist, and pulled Han Yi Er's small body into his embrace.

He didn't know why he had to care about such matters. Just looking at her eyes made him feel a sense of familiarity, and he seemed to have thought of something …

His tall, handsome face and her petite, gentle beauty seemed to match well, and they undoubtedly formed a beautiful landscape in this crowded corridor.