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The Devil CEO's Conspiracy

The Devil CEO's Conspiracy



  Three years ago, because of the betrayal of her fiancé and best friend, she got drunk in a bar and met this enigmatic president of the devil. When she fell in love with him and became pregnant with his flesh and blood, she discovered that their marriage was nothing more than a conspiracy. Three years later, she returned with her child, but she didn't want to meet this man that she didn't want to meet again in her entire life …
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Xing Ru Shi had just finished showering and was sitting on her bed, reading the plan that the wedding planner had given her.

She and Xiang Jian Ping were only one month away from marriage, and thinking that this hard—earned relationship was finally going to come to fruition, her heart was filled with gratitude.

Before he took a shower, Xiang Jian Ping had called him and said that he would work overtime tonight.

Looking at the time, it was almost midnight.

He probably wouldn't be back until 2 or 3 o'clock. He had been returning at around 3 o'clock for the past month.

But he never spent the night out, which was a good habit.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, his phone rang. Caller ID — Hubby.

Did he come back earlier today?

She pressed the answer button. Just as she was about to speak, she heard an ambiguous conversation coming from the other side of the phone.

"Oh ~ You're already getting married, why are you still looking for me?" The girl moaned as she gasped for air.

"I... I miss you. I found I couldn't leave you, and I just wanted. "I just want to be with you …"

"You're really bad. If you want to be together with me, then don't marry her. What's wrong with us sneaking around like that?"

"Qianqian, why are you mentioning her now?" Should he spoil the mood? Qianqian, baby, hurry, I want you! "

As soon as they said that, their breathing became even more hurried.

The voices of this man and woman were just too familiar to Xing Ru Shi.

The female was her best friend, Huang Qian Qian!

The man turned out to be a builder … Jian Ping...

Hearing the voice of the man who slept by his side day and night, Xing Ru Shi felt the sky turning dark, and his heart feeling as if it had been ruthlessly cut open, forming a bloody hole.

The two of them were panting and moaning, causing her to blush a little. However, at this moment, the blush on her face stemmed from the anger of betrayal and deceit.

Breathing was like being pressed against a rock, almost suffocating her.

After staring blankly for a minute, she went crazy. She yelled at the other side of the phone, "Fucking bastard!" before throwing away her phone.

She didn't know how to get out of their bridal chamber and run around the streets. It was like a kite with a broken string. The world was big, but he didn't know where to go.

After so many years of being her best friend, she was now in bed with a man she had been in love with for eight years!

At this moment, besides pain, there was only anger. Endless fury was like a raging fire, as if it wanted to swallow her whole being.

She needed to tell him about her endless pain and anger …

Ye Zichen wanted to take out his phone to see who's phone he could call, but he found that his phone had already been split into two right in the middle of the room.

Xing Ru Shi clenched her fists and muttered with a pale face: "Even this lousy phone is going against me?"

Feeling the despair this world gave her, she muddle—headedly dragged her dead body as she slowly wandered the streets …

After an unknown period of time, she inexplicably stopped at the side of the street and walked into a bar by the side of the road.

… ….

… ….

At this moment, the bar was bustling with noise and excitement.

In the past, this kind of place was always a place that Xing Ru Shi hated the most, so she didn't normally like Xiang Jian Ping going to.

It was the first time in her life that she had come to a bar and ordered the most expensive bottle of wine.

What the wine was called, she didn't know. She had no idea what the concentration of the wine was, she only knew that it was extremely hard to drink.

However, the pain in her heart had long numbed her sense of taste. She drank strong wine like a turtledove, crying and cursing alone in a corner:

"Eight years. A whole eight years. You and I have known each other for eight years. From high school to university to now."

"I will give you everything, Xiang Jian Ping, you are just a scum!"

"Xiang Jian Ping, you are not human, wuuuu, you are not human!"

She never thought that Xiang Jian Ping would do something that would let her down, and would unconditionally trust her.

For the sake of this scumbag, she even gave up the opportunity to go abroad to further her studies.

Hehe, what a joke!

After crying, Xing Ru Shi felt that she was too funny. Tonight, she was still foolishly dreaming of marrying Xiang Jian Ping, loving and loving her friends …

"Wine, I want to drink!"

She shook the empty bottle and shouted to the bartender, "Waiter, and. Another bottle, I want to drink! "

Bottle after bottle, it was unknown how long she had been drinking for. At this time, she could only treat the strong alcohol as a memory that was as beautiful as Xiang Jian Ping's, and poured it into her stomach like trash.

The noisy bar did not lack drunkards or female drunkards, so no one cared about the scene in the corner. Red men and women were still immersed in the clamor of the bar.

Suddenly, a flirtatious voice sounded clearly in Xing Ru Shi's ears:

"Oh, isn't this Mu Ran? I haven't seen you in a long time. "What, do you need me to accompany you today?"

As soon as her coquettish voice faded, a woman in revealing clothes staggered past her.

Boom! *

The woman tilted her body and bumped into a seat, then accidentally tilted her body and landed on Xing Ru Shi's.


The woman was still holding onto the half bottle of wine in her hands. She accidentally poured everything onto the card holder, and at the same time hit Xing Ru Shi's body.

Xing Ru Shi's actions when she was drinking had also accidentally entered her nose due to her carelessness.

However, the woman acted as if nothing had happened and stood steadily, wanting to continue befriending the man in front of her.

Xing Ru Shi's heart had already sunk to the bottom of the valley, she thought of the phone call that Huang Qian Qian had made that day.

She was furious. This woman had insulted her, but she was not apologetic.

All of her hatred accumulated within her. She stood up, grabbed the woman, and fiercely slapped her.

"Fox spirit!" Xing Ru Shi scolded the woman fiercely.

She had never been as crazy as she was today, especially when it came to slapping an unfamiliar woman.

It could also be that this woman's voice and actions had made her very angry, or that the alcohol had caused her to become extremely noisy.

That kind of coquettish voice kept lingering in her ears, making her feel extremely disgusted.

She seemed to be shocked silly by Xing Ru Shi, and was stunned in place for a moment. She covered her face, unable to say anything for a long time.

The bar also started to become quiet, all of their gazes were focused on the crazy Xing Ru Shi.

By the time the woman had fully reacted, her eyes were bloodshot.

He waved his arm and struck towards Xing Ru Shi, although Xing Ru Shi was a little drunk. But she was still not an easy target, and treated the woman in front of her as Huang Qian Qian.

The two of them soon started fighting. The crowd started to jeer. What these people loved to watch the most was two women fighting.

In everyone's opinion, these two women were fighting because of a man.

And this man, was Li Mu Ran who was standing at the side watching the show.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol outburst, but Xing Ru Shi's consciousness started to become muddled. The woman suddenly gained the upper hand and slapped her in the face.

She felt a burning pain on her face. She didn't even have the time to resist as her body felt weak.

The woman's hand was about to land on her face again, but a pair of powerful hands grabbed it.

"She is my woman now." He looked with interest at Xing Ru Shi's miserable state. He walked over, and without hesitation, he pushed the woman away and brought her away.

She couldn't drink, and every time she drank more than a few minutes, she went crazy or was too drunk to wake up.

This was the reason why Xiang Jian Ping didn't let her come to this kind of occasion, and also didn't let her drink.

At this very moment, it was unknown whether she was sober or drunk, but she kept scolding the cheap fox girl man.

The man looked at her seriously and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly. He put her in the car and soon the car was gone.

In the morning, when Xing Ru Shi woke up, she felt a sharp pain in her head. When she opened her eyes, the dazzling sunlight shone down on the entire room.

She stared at the scene in front of her, stunned for a moment. Then, she abruptly sat up from the bed.

The hotel room was not hers, and the bed was a mess. The floor was littered with her clothes, and on the table beside her was a stack of money.

She pulled back the covers and realized that she was naked. She immediately understood what had happened and tried to recall what had happened last night. She seemed to have some impression of it.

But no matter how he thought about it, he could not remember how he was taken away. She sat blankly on the bed, looking at the money on the table with a slight frown on her face.

Xing Ru Shi was supposed to wear her clothes and leave, but after looking at this presidential suite, she went to the luxurious bathroom and soaked herself in a rose bath.

At that moment when she was bathing, she was somewhat regretful. After all, she had only slept with Xiang Jian Ping in the past few years, so her thoughts were still relatively conservative.

But once she thought about how Xiang Jian Ping had betrayed her so long ago, she didn't need to protect him like jade. There was actually a trace of pleasure in his heart. It was the pleasure of revenge.

It was just a relationship with a stranger that she did not know. This made her feel a little resentful.

Thinking about his past happiness, Xiang Jian Ping treated her like a treasure in his hands.

Her tears couldn't help falling out of her eyes at the thought of how she had to buy medicine for her for a few streets in the middle of the night when she was sick.