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My secret love

My secret love



Finally day of marriage arrived, people say that, actual life starts after marriage. But for Aditi her journey to marriage had lot of hurdles, which made her forget that, her only childhood dream was to get married and live the happily ever after type of life which was shown in every movie in the end. But dreams come true only in stories not in reality. Even if they come true, the aim of the dream will be lost. That’s how Aditi finally meet her future would be hubby karan.
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  Aditi lived in small city, happy go living girl. After a long struggling of 6 months, she finally got the job.

  Aditi got call, Ms. Aditi Sen today is your joining, hope you're on the way.

  Aditi reply with ease , sure madam, I will be present at 9 o clock.

  Aditi was so sure that she planned accordingly to go to office and she has taken bus to office, in bus as usual she was a care free person, she took out her headset and started listing to music she loved the most. Romance which she loved the most.

  Opposite side one boy was continuously looking at her. In next stop aditi has to change the bus as per her office root.

  She got down the bus, opposite side that boy also got down bus. Aditi notices him but ignore him thinking that maybe coincidence.

  Next bus came after 15 mins and aditi plan was almost failed to reach on time.

  As the bus was empty, that boy came and asked for site beside aditi

  Hi, my name is Ricky.