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The Adopted CEO's Love

The Adopted CEO's Love



  The Wen family had a treasure named baby Wen. Warm baby five elements lack water, hence named hot spring stream. The hot spring stream was long and long, but it was eventually taken away by a person called Dan Jiang. The CEO of the entertainment company's giant HAGER was also the sole heir to the company. Under his cold appearance, he was the only one who doted on the Wen family's baby. One morning, when Hot Springs Creek woke up, they saw a certain beautiful man lying naked beside them. They angrily picked up their pillows and threw them at his face. Dan Jiang looked wronged, "You obviously threw yourself at me last night!" Hot Springs Creek thought about it for a moment. It seemed that perhaps it was indeed like that. Before she could finish her thought, she was pounced on by another man. Hot Springs Creek shouted, "This time, it was clearly you who pushed me down!"
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"You are Wen Quan Xi?" The middle—aged woman in front of him was imitating the appearance of a noble lady. She picked up the cup of coffee in front of her and took a sip, pretending to be dignified.

"Right." Wen Quan Xi pretended to nod her head obediently. But in reality, she was not a good person.

Zhang Feng started to size her up, and then couldn't help but curl her lips. With her watery eyes and pink lips, it was no wonder that her own son liked her. Her appearance was both pleasing and cute, but if one had to blame someone, they could only blame her for giving birth to the wrong person.

Therefore, Zhang Feng leisurely picked up the coffee and took a sip. Her attitude was obviously condescending, and said with a tone of contempt: "You, do you think that you are suitable to be with my family?"

Seeing Zhang Feng like that, Wen Quan Xi dared to come to beat the both of them up. In her lifetime, she would still be able to put on a female lead in a TV show.

However, Zhang Feng still didn't know, she had long wanted to find an excuse to see Lu Pei Lin again!

"Auntie, what are you trying to say?" Just say it directly! " Wen Quan Xi did not want to beat around the bush and said directly.

"Do you think it's appropriate for you to be together?" Zhang Feng stressed the issue again as he rolled his eyes and said in a strange tone, "Let me tell you this, my son, Prosecutor Lu Pei Lin, is a well—known genius in A City. Do you know how many women push their brains out every day to be with us, Pei Lin? The daughter of the bureau chief of XX Bureau, the daughter of Wen Yue supermarket, some rich girls and so on, they all want to marry my family, marry my family's Pei Lin! To tell the truth, if you're like this, I don't even want to see you. My meaning is that we should not state it any further! "

The lady's words came like a machine gun, leaving no room for rebuttal.

"Auntie, I understand what you mean." Wen Quan Xi smiled and said: "But, does Lu Pei Lin think the same?"

Actually, Wen Quan Xi had already wanted to break up with Lu Pei Lin a long time ago, and she hadn't found an excuse to do so. Lu Pei Lin had graduated from A University, and was studying at A University. The two of them had gotten to know each other at a gathering of alumni. Lu Pei Lin's suit and leather shoes were the style that Wen Quan Xi liked. Because she had lost a bet with her classmates, Hot Springs had taken the initiative to pursue him, and the two of them started to talk about love. However, after their relationship, Wen Quan Xi realized that she didn't have any feelings for Lu Pei Lin, so she wanted to break up.

"Don't be delusional. Until now, he has never disobeyed his parents' wishes. " The lady glared at her and said with a threatening tone.

She knew that Wen Quan Xi and her son had only talked for two months and had not gone out much, so she wanted to use this opportunity when her feelings were not deep to quickly chase this girl away.

However, Zhang Feng was afraid that this girl would pester her to ask for money, so she hoped to scare her off without spending even a little.

"That's good!" Wen Quan Xi could not help but become relaxed after hearing this. She mischievously said to Zhang Feng: "Then let Auntie quickly introduce a girlfriend to Lu Pei Lin!"

"I don't need to introduce them, those rich girls will come and stick to my Pei Lin." The lady's tone was extremely confident, as if she was the richest man in the world.

Wen Quan Xi could not help but shiver. Lu Pei Lin's mother was simply a weirdo. It's no wonder that even she didn't feel that Lu Pei Lin was good when he got along with him. On the surface, he appeared gentle and refined, but in reality, he was extremely proud of himself.