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Why Do I Love You

Why Do I Love You



After Clara's boyfriend died, she has to pay his debt by working in a brothel. That's where she has an encounter with the President's son Rodman. After a bit of introduction and sometime spent with each other, Rodman knows her more than Se thinks. Oh Yes! He was exactly the cause of Clara's boyfriend's death. But love sometimes exceeds boundaries. Find out if Clara will find out about and still want to be with Rodman
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  *Why I Love You*

  "Help! Help! Promise please help me!"

  These were Clara's words as she barged into their dressing room in the secret PORA brothel where she and her mates had to work as prostitutes. Promise and Edith locked the door firmly immediately Clara entered panting with bloody bruises all over her body. Promise walked frustrated up and down and knocked the chair down.

  "That Hidelgo is a scumbag. Look at what he did to you. What happened?" Promise asked

  "He found out that I managed not to make clients touch me since I started working here". Clara said. She shivered and laid her head on Edith's lap.

  "We can't do anything Promise. We've been locked up here and it's forever" Edith said.

  "Only if my boyfriend wasn't knocked down by a car that day, we wouldn't be here. All this is my fault". Clara said.

  "No it's not. We are in this together. One day, we'll definitely escape out of here and find that person who knocked down Jay, and we'll crush him together" Promise assured. Thinking that they were safe for the night, Hidelgo broke the door and grabbed Clara.

  "No, please Hidelgo. Where are you taking her?" Promise asked

  "She is here to have sex with clients. Well I have a client for her" he answered looking into Clara's face.

  "You better behave. Because today's client is the president's son. He needs a good service. Don't you ever fool otherwise I'll kill your friends. Get to your room and dress. He'll be directed to your room by me" he warned.

  Clara nodded with shivery and ran into her room. Hidelgo looked at Promise and ordered Edith to go out.

  "No, I won't" Edith yelled.

  He pointed a gun at her and said

  "Get out, or else I'll shoot". Edith walked out of the room backwards looking at Promise.

  "Don't worry, I'll be fine" Promise assured her. Finally when Edith shut the door, Hidelgo took off his shirt and said.

  "Let's do this quick. I'll have to show the president's son to Clara's room"

  Promise stood right in front of him looking at him in the most disgusting way possible. Since Promise decided not to strip naked, he walked to her and tore her clothes and turned her around and made her face the mirror. Promise cried silently as Hidelgo made his way through her with force.

  Clara gazed at his late boyfriend Jay's picture and cried.

  "Only if you were alive" she said. She turned her back towards the door and looked in the mirror. There she could see Hidelgo showing Rodman the president's son into her room. When Rødman shut the door, Clara began to strip naked with sobs.

  "Turn around" he said. Clara refused to turn around. She took of her blouse wiped her tears. Rødman walked to her and touched from behind.

  "Why are you scared. Is it your first time?" He asked.

  Clara's silence and sobs said it all. Rødman took off his suit and covered her with it.

  "I'll turn around so that you can dress back"

  Clara looked at Rødman after she got dressed.

  "Wipe your tears. You'll make me cry too". He embraced her a saw a picture of a young man in front of the mirror. He didn't see it clearly l, so he ignored it and looked at Clara.

  "Talk to me. I'm all ears. By the way, I'm Rodman Lebron" he said

  "I am Clara Herman. Pleased to meet you".

  Rødman stretched his hands for a handshake received another hug instead.

  "You're way beautiful and cultured than my so called girlfriend" he said in his thoughts

  "I'll get you out of here. Just a matter of a day or two. But I'll get you out of here because I like you". Rodman sincerely said.

  Clara took a deep breathe and told him that they are a package of three. He had no problem with it.

  Rodman's nosy girlfriend Marina parked her flashy car in front of the the presidential mansion and pressed the doorbell. After Oye the maid opened her, she rushed into Rodman's room. She later walked into Rhoda's room and asked

  "Where is your brother?"

  "Where are your manners?" Rhoda asked.

  "Don't you think it's about time you told my brother about the truth? If you don't, I will"

  Marina looked at Rhoda and was amazed at how a fifteen year girl could threaten her.......