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Her Sweet Trap

Her Sweet Trap



  Under the dim and ambiguous light, he bent down and pressed down, causing Mu Wen's face to turn red. He gripped her arm tightly and smiled. "This is also one of my wife's duties." Due to the betrayal of his family, Mu Wen was forced to sleep in Gu Yuanfeng's bed. Gu Yuanfeng chased after him step by step, while Mu You tried to escape, but he couldn't escape the sweet trap he had set. In the brightly lit banquet hall, he reached out his arm to hold the panic-stricken little woman beside him. "Mu Wen, I regret it now." He let out a deep laugh as his slightly hot breath sprayed onto Mu Wen's exposed neck. His pair of dark and deep eyes were as bright as the stars. "This game is considered my loss." "Because I'm in love with you."
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The transparent mirror reflected Mu Nuan's fair skin that was like a baby's, exquisite makeup, and the hair stylist's meticulously weaved brown hair. Even though there was not a single trace of emotion on his face, it was still extremely beautiful. The woman in the mirror wore a pure white wedding dress that accentuated her snow—white skin and picturesque appearance.

Mu Nuan looked at herself in the mirror. Obviously, this was the most joyous time, but there was no happiness in her eyes.

"All of you, leave."

Looking at the arrogant woman standing by the door, ripples appeared in the depths of her eyes. She then retracted her gaze, and with a disdainful smile, she said, "A rare guest, a rare guest. I thought I wouldn't see you today!"

She didn't expect that she would dare to come, because of her "good sister".

"Humph!" Remember, this is something you promised, don't resist. " Mu Qing's eyes widened, warning Mu Nuan not to play any tricks, if not she would not be able to bear the consequences.

Looking arrogantly at Mu Nuan, Mu Qing tsk—tsked as she shook her head: "My good little sister, don't you think that your expensive wedding dress looks good? Is there anything you aren't satisfied with? "

Mu Nuan smiled, a cold intent flashed past her eyes that looked at Mu Qing. She sneered, "Since you like it, then marry me!"

If there really was something good, would Mu Qing think of a way to get her to marry him?

Was she, Mu Qing, a fool? Do you not watch TV or surf the Internet when you grow up? If that nominal husband of hers did not mention this matter, everyone would know about it. Therefore, once she married into the family, she would be a widow, otherwise how could the dignified Gu family possibly think highly of their Mu Family.

"You!" Being choked by Mu Nuan, Mu Qing glared at him and gritted her teeth, "Mu Nuan, you aren't thinking of reneging on your promise, are you?!"

"Why? Can't I?" Mu Nuan laughed complacently as he looked at the extremely corrupt Mu Qing.

She helped her elder sister get married. She felt very wronged in her heart. How could this woman appear in front of her so righteously? Since she appeared, so what if she went back on her word?

Was he really going to make her obediently marry a man who didn't do anything?

Mu Qing's eyes widened as she looked at Mu Nuan. Her heart sank, and a ruthless look flashed past her eyes.

Then, Mu Qing took out her cellphone from her chest pocket and played a video for Mu Nuan to see. In the video, a weak little girl was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, her body filled with all kinds of tubes, looking very pitiful.

When Mu Nuan saw the video, her face immediately changed. She raised his hand and was about to snatch it: "Mu Qing, are you crazy? This little one is also your little sister, just what are you doing!? "

Looking at Mu Qing in disbelief, Mu Nuan felt that Mu Qing had really gone mad.

I am not only her sister, but also Mu Qing's sister. How could she imprison her own sister in a hospital?

"Mu Nuan, you can marry her to me peacefully, I will not worry, I will find the best doctor for her, you better not play any tricks, if not, I really cannot guarantee that this little one will be able to live on in peace." Mu Qing looked at Mu Nuan, kept her phone, and said coldly.

Mu Nuan's body went limp and she looked at the enchanting Mu Qing in front of him in a daze.

In fact, just by looking at her appearance, she was far inferior to this woman. It was no wonder that the person who was going to become her husband wanted to marry her sister!

But she still didn't expect that Mu Qing would be so merciless that she could even use her own sister. That's right, wasn't forcing her other sister to marry someone else?